Camera shootout: Six enter, only one leaves

17 July 2014
If you have been following us throughout the years, you probably know that cameraphone shootouts are somewhat of our specialty from back when there were no iPhones or Androids. Now, it’s been almost...

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  • 20 Dec 2020

arj.king, 14 Jul 2015Bro i I think u don't know abt oppo coz I've compared oppo ... moreIphone’s 12MP camera is far better than least oppo f17 pro’s 48MP lol. Just check by yourself.

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    • anastmet
    • xyK
    • 19 Dec 2015

    wow awesome review! so much detail in every aspect finally i made my decision! thank you very much

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      • juls
      • t7V
      • 29 Nov 2015

      try now, they have updated the 5s into iOS 9.1 , i saw in youtube there's an incredible difference between the previous OS in terms of camera.

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        • arj.king
        • tUp
        • 14 Jul 2015

        AnonD-256143, 06 Dec 2014If you take a shot in a 5MP Samsung, 5MP Apple, 6MP Sony, 8... moreBro i I think u don't know abt oppo coz I've compared oppo 3mp camera its equal to Samsung 5mp camera lol.. now am using iPhone 6plus I think oppo is the better than Samsung. Sony camera is cool n I don't know abt lg camera sorry..

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          • Huehue
          • y$c
          • 14 Jun 2015

          superstar Pat, 10 Feb 2015Hi GSM arena :) can you make a latest version of this now t... moreYeah I agree

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            • Rg
            • 2@k
            • 22 May 2015

            Anonymous, 19 Jul 2014I guess thats what uneducated people thinks and says. Sony ... morehow can u even say thT ABOUT sony,i kn u all samsung fans r loosers like ur samsung has got one of the best phones out their in market leaving samsung in dust.And u also would have read about the comments on samsung in the real world

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              • HBK TANVEER
              • fBh
              • 13 May 2015

              Hi friends i am using galaxy s5 active and i like it

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                • Tamaki
                • 6Pa
                • 29 Apr 2015

                My Sony Xperia Z2 Can Produce Way Better Photos Than The Garbage You've Shown Gsmarena..
                Three Of My Friends Own An IPhone 5 And 5s And Others Got An Galaxy S5 And When The Pictures Are Compared Together My Xperia Has Much Better Colours And Results.. -__-

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                  • jamie kazzaz
                  • 84q
                  • 27 Apr 2015

                  I have a problem with my camera it doesn't work till i restart my phone ? Please give me a response

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                    • kasim jamadar
                    • U{X
                    • 27 Mar 2015

                    Hi guys
                    Iam using oppo n1 and in this phone is superb
                    Because his camera is good
                    I love this phone and features

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                      • AnonD-376047
                      • tt8
                      • 19 Mar 2015

                      Sony has the best camera if used in the manual mode as samsung and iphone buy camera sensor from sony so cant overtake sony.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • kg3
                        • 28 Feb 2015

                        Lumia 930 and 1520 with Denim update should be third best camera after Pureview 808 and Lumia 1020.

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                          • superstar Pat
                          • X}s
                          • 10 Feb 2015

                          Hi GSM arena :) can you make a latest version of this now that ASUS offers a great camera. Please make a new one ASUS zenfone 2 vs. LG G3 vs. Sony z3 vs. Samsung Galaxy note 4 vs. IPhone 6 plus vs. Nokia 1030

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                            • iresh
                            • Nvd
                            • 08 Feb 2015

                            Galaxy s5

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                              • Joseph_from_Pilsen
                              • 3ZS
                              • 04 Feb 2015

                              Late comment, however next time please try to fully zoom videos when comparing maximum details.

                              I believe that if you zoom 4 times with lumia in 1080p video, the zoomed will bring more details than e. g. samsung at 4K without zoom. Lumia 1020 has no 4k support however you can record the same (and more) details just by zooming in and out.
                              Phones with worse lens will not be able to zoom lose-less like 1020 does.

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                                • monika
                                • HsJ
                                • 21 Jan 2015

                                Need to launch its cover also.....!!! Oppo phones does not hav ny cover cases...

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                                  • thenerd
                                  • Nhh
                                  • 15 Jan 2015

                                  AnonD-299124, 24 Nov 2014Welcome to Android. Shouldve got an iphone.then he would have gotten the "camera trial has expired" message

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                                    • AnonD-86301
                                    • TgA
                                    • 03 Jan 2015

                                    Journalism done right, thanks.

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                                      • Nate
                                      • LiQ
                                      • 01 Jan 2015

                                      I own an "old" S4 & S5 (3 months now) while my gf owns LG G2... IMHO I would rate automatic daylight pictures S4>S5>G2, while for videos S5>G2>S4... Image stabilisation on S5 takes too long, I don't reccomend it.

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                                        • AnonD-223898
                                        • fnr
                                        • 01 Jan 2015

                                        All this was done in automatic modes! I have Sony Xperia Z2 in manual mode I get amazing shots if I set it perfectly! In vedio the review described it correctly it is very excited for focusing!