Camera shootout: Six enter, only one leaves

17 July 2014
If you have been following us throughout the years, you probably know that cameraphone shootouts are somewhat of our specialty from back when there were no iPhones or Androids. Now, it’s been almost...

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  • AnonD-77171
  • vpY
  • 17 Jul 2014

lumia1020& lg g3are the two best cameraphone !

sony xperia z2 is the worst flagship cameraphone

    I still don't get it. 99% of people don't have a 2160p, why so much accent on 2160p video recording? For the future archives? As of today, its just a feature we can't use to its full extent. SOmething we don't immediately benefit from. And by the time 2160p will become mundane, cameras will have changes numerous times for the better.

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      • 17 Jul 2014

      It's totally against Sony Xperia z2

        I still believe that the 808 is much better than the 1020 when it comes to pure photography and videography (sans the OIS).
        I find that the 1020's videos (and any other phone except the 808) has a load of noise, while the 808's are clean as a matte-finish screen guard (and not at all fuzzy! ).
        Please include 808 too, even though it's not on sale anymore, but still. People can get it on ebay :P

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          • pi8
          • 17 Jul 2014

          Lumia 1020 is still the king and I am keeping it till Nokia does the better camphone