Motorola Moto G 4G review: Going fast

31 August 2014
The Motorola Moto G was so close to perfection - beautiful design, reasonable speed and performance, excellent display, capable camera and the pure Android experience at a bargain price. And we mean the...

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  • Anonymous


  • Tuione

I have been using this phone since Feb 2015. For the price I paid (NZD$230), I am very happy with this phone.. Best display in this price range, really loud speakers which gives good quality sound. Fast update to Android 5.1.2 in NZ. Everything else is very decent. The only thing I am not sure about is the camera, but hey, I am damn happy with my Moto G 4G.

  • AnonD-50641

Had been using it for almost a year. With every tuning possible. This phone can only achieve SOT 3 hrs max with just only 25% Brightness (brighter than most rivals).

  • Anonymous

Mo, 29 Jun 2015I love my Motorola Moto 4G until I went into settings not sure e... moreSearch on Youtube how to disable the Talk Back for the Moto G 4G.

  • frodude

Who is the author of this review as I would like to cite the audio testing for my project for my acoustics diploma. Thanks

  • Mo

I love my Motorola Moto 4G until I went into settings not sure exactly what I switched to ON (think it was for users with
hearing problems) anyway I cannot switch it back to off then lost the ability to go into settings or any apps as I now have a voice telling me what I have tapped I can no longer access contacts,phone, or settings all I have is a voice who keeps repeating every I touch. Can anyone help me out in putting this back to working order? Thank you.

  • Vibu

Ram is only 1gb

  • AnonD-20306

AnonD-235493, 01 Nov 2014Well everyone telling that the rear camera are bad but what abou... moreYou can use the front camera for Instagram and things like that, but really, it isn't that good. Just good enough. The rear camera isn't too bad if you have good lighting and take your time. Crappy at capturing moving objects. I use this device for Facebook all the time, but I'm not big into taking pictures. I also own a Samsung Galaxy S3, and the camera an video recording are the only areas I feel the S3 beats my Moto G LTE on. If you are really looking for a good camera, front or rear, look elsewhere. Otherwise, this is a fantastic device.

  • AnonD-235493

Well everyone telling that the rear camera are bad but what about the front one? Is it decent enough to post in instagram? If its bad then I'm looking forward to galaxy alpha then...

  • Jean Paul

The phone is simple and great, and I don't have the time to complain about it. If the camera is the problem, look at the good side of the phone compare to older generation instead, then take your time to know it. Do you all complain about people around you this way? Enjoy the phone you've as if it was your last. Motorola moto g 4g LTE, golden you with this simplicity.

  • Fir

I just got this a couple of weeks ago, and its brilliant.

One brilliant thing that cannot be oversold is the fact that its almost pure stock Android, which is a delightful experience, in my opinion.

I've used a Motorola Defy and Samsung S2 the past couple of years and always had to have a third party launcher because of how ugly I find the UI is for most phones at stock. No such problems here. Absolute steal at the price being its being offered at.

As someone who doesn't care about taking pictures with my phone, this comes highly recommended.

  • AnonD-20306

ed, 15 Sep 2014BEST ever PHONE. I hate people that complain just to be noticed.... moreCouldn't agree with you more. The things it doesn't have I don't use anyway (NFC), so it doesn't matter. I do wish it had a removable battery because I like that option, but regardless, battery life has been good.

  • ed

BEST ever PHONE. I hate people that complain just to be noticed. How can you beat this very handsome, stylish, thin, lightweight even curved to fit the palm better, it has everything a $600 phone has yet this beauty is only $100, hell CRICKET will even give you a rebate.
I have had it for 4 months (it was going to be temporary until IPhone 6 but now I am not sure I wanna spend so much more money when I have one of the best phones I have had yet!, you can overlook minutia easily when you think it cost you next to nothing. TRY it for yourself and please don't you dare bash it. It is a GOOD Phone..I can.t find any flaws.

  • AnonD-20306

've had the Moto G LTE since it came out and I love it. Everyone says the camera isn't good, but for me, it's good enough for my needs. I found if I take my time and am in decent lighting, the pictures are fine. If you are big into photography, get a good camera. Oh, and for everyday use, it's plenty fast. It makes my Galaxy S3 look like a turtle speedwise.

  • AnonD-306091

Testing this phone now as a loaner for a water damaged iPhone 5.

The camera is atrocious. It's significantly worse than the one on my iPhone 4 which is now... 4 years old?

The rest, considering the price, is pretty much perfect. Android works well enough, screen is good looking, handling is OK. This would be a really good phone if it wasn't for the camera; It makes me wish there was an option to spend another $50 or whatever a decent camera sensor costs because that would make it into an actually great phone for a great price. As it is - pictures are important to me, and I am not recommending this.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-43136, 31 Aug 2014Zenfone 5 has no 4g so is not a competitor to 4g moto g. Uses In... moreThere is a zenfone 5 LTE version with the same processor as this moto g 4g.

  • AnonD-302673

Are you LYAO at the review moaning about it, or are you LYAO at the retail package itself? The whole idea behind moving to standardised micro USB connectors was for exactly this purpose - i.e. so that we're not wastefully manufacturing and shipping needless chargers when the vast majority of people already have one. Personally I'd be happy to cut out the cable as well - I've got the bloody things coming out my ears.

  • AnonD-301009

hi there...

here I paid 175E for it !!!! a very nice phone, fast gps fast wifi cnx, nice screen , not so bad picture, if you want more take a 20MG pixels lumia, cool sd card extension, battery life around 2 days, so at that price almost a dream ... for the 4G ... not available everywhere in the world so I don't care

  • lesbefriends

Very fast phone I would recommend it!!! Shipped to your door for about $239.47

  • AnonD-83364

You listed that camera should have been updated. My kids love the camera's in their Moto G LTE's. You didn't even mention anything about the slow motion video capture on these devices. A feature normally only found on more expensive devices. They are water resistant as well, another great feature for my kids. One has already asked about a micro SD card, so they can install lots of music on their phone. Kids :-)