Motorola Moto G 4G review: Going fast

31 August 2014
The Motorola Moto G was so close to perfection - beautiful design, reasonable speed and performance, excellent display, capable camera and the pure Android experience at a bargain price. And we mean the...

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  • AnonD-209094

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2014I agree about the chipset part.They should really put in snapdra... moreMaybe we have to view this one solely as a budget device and not as a cheaper alternative to more expensive phones, as i did in my previous post. Then the chipset is good enough and so are the rest of the specs too, actually above average due to the 720p display and LTE support, even the Xperia M2 let you have only one of the two.

  • Anonymous

BloodBlister, 31 Aug 2014It's a shame that even though the Moto G is getting old now, it'... moreI agree about the chipset part.They should really put in snapdragon 410.I also think they should include a higher battery and 1.5-2 Gb memory.As for performance,the xiaomi Redmi 1s gives the same performance,has higher specs and at 1/3 rd the price. According to reviews both the quality and after sales service of both the companies are on par.I'm a motorola supporter,but if there is no added incentive then I prefer xiaomi as I can then change my phone 3 years in a row with latest specs and equivalent price and better performance despite the moto updates. I dont expect to use a moto g for more than 3 years in any case.

  • Li Chang

Nice phone, if it was 2011.

  • AnonD-209094

[deleted post]On the other hand its good that region locked devices arent taking up valuable space, improves chart readability when irrelevant phones are removed.

  • AnonD-209094

Depends on the final regional price, which always is considerably higher than US prices, and 8GB is kind of bad even if there is card slot this time (16GB is a no go, except from iPhone/iPad the higher storage options NEVER come here, or to most of the world for that matter).

Cam is kinda adequate, will do i guess, im more worried about the weak chipset and the size, its both longer and wider than Z1 Compact (which will drop seriously in price very soon) and considerably thicker as well, so one just have to ask: IS IT worth it to spend just a little extra for a real chipset in a smaller device? And then one is already spending more and just as well decide to go for Z3 Compact. Ok so Moto G LTE is cheaper but is it worth the savings? I dont think so.

  • alfamale

Hands down the best phone in the world at this price point, nothing even gets close..

  • Anonymous

Non-user-replaceable battery = fail!

  • BloodBlister

wut, 31 Aug 2014This is exactly the same as the older Moto G except the LTE I reckon.Did you not read the review? LTE, SD card sot, screen is same resolution be improvements to brightness and outdoor legibility. Battery life is also better than Moto G

  • wut

This is exactly the same as the older Moto G except the LTE I reckon.

  • BloodBlister

It's a shame that even though the Moto G is getting old now, it's still not really beaten hands down by any other phone out there. I expected something to be much better by now.
The LG G2 and other comparable phones at the end all have some compromise still (the main one is even though they have bigger screens, the resolution is lower).

I hope the moto G2 is not a huge phone like the rumours are saying, I would be happy with the same screen and RAM as the Moto G 4G, just with the next gen chipset and a camera improvement. If Motorola/Lenovo do that for the next Moto G model, I will be happy