BlackBerry Passport review: Ticket to ride

15 October 2014
Canadian manufacturer BlackBerry looks to bring its no-nonsense smartphone approach in a form factor that is…unusual, to say the least. It’s a company that's no stranger lately to being in the red for quarters on end and the Passport is yet another attempt by...

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I love that phone but i need a better browser and Youtube is not working right, any ideas?

    • A
    • Amp
    • nrv
    • 31 Mar 2021

    Looking forward to recreating my life and sharing my thoughts and technology with blackberry.

    Canadian branded phone, Blackberry is about to put the security and freedom of choice back to peoples lives worldwide.

    Don't doubt what you don't know. Outs

      • M
      • Madmax
      • BiM
      • 22 Nov 2020

      Blackberry passport make one that can do the apps ie what’s app etc and I would by another one in an instant still love them just need to be able to work like an android or apple

        • S
        • Sam
        • fuv
        • 11 Aug 2020

        Please all of a sudden my network connection on my phone...the blackberry passport is no more been red since Sunday & I can't do anything with the phone
        Pls help me out

          • R
          • RKN1
          • IbE
          • 26 Oct 2019

          experfam, 14 Sep 2018This is the best phone ever made, not only by blackberry bu... more(Disclaimer: my hands are larger than average) Kind of agree. Love the keyboard/touchpad feature. Doesn't have the latest emojees, but I could not care less about that. Call fidelity / signal integrity 100% every time I really needed it.

            • K
            • Krishna Kamble
            • QuL
            • 25 Sep 2019

            I wish that Blackberry make more Android phone with this form factor.

              • B
              • BB dude
              • yHe
              • 18 Jun 2019

              WhatsApp still works, folks! read the CrackBerry site / info on how to install.

                This is the best phone ever made, not only by blackberry but the best of all. I wish there was an android version of the same or at least it it is able to support whats app.

                  • D
                  • David
                  • CGH
                  • 03 Aug 2018

                  Blackberry passport is good but I'm suggesting that it's could have supported WhatsApp.thanks

                    • H
                    • Hari007
                    • RK6
                    • 05 Jul 2018

                    it's awesome!!! best blackberry mobile

                      • m
                      • muditbagus
                      • Kxc
                      • 26 May 2018

                      I love BlackBerry.

                        • ?
                        • Anonymous
                        • ut}
                        • 02 May 2018

                        is it better

                          • T
                          • Tirth
                          • vQ{
                          • 29 Jul 2017

                          I will buy bb passport next week. Is all Android app running well on it?? Should I go for bb passport ??? Please reply

                            • D
                            • AnonD-651582
                            • 6ui
                            • 10 Mar 2017

                            AnonD-476383, 14 Dec 2015Bought the BlackBerry Passport Silver edition. It's just Su... moreYes my friend. I agree with you. This phone is exclusive.

                              • D
                              • AnonD-390578
                              • v3B
                              • 06 Mar 2017

                              Android version of Whatsapp. That is a sure thing. You can check out the youtubes. Many have successfully installed Whatsapp Android version on the BB10 devices. It is working fine.

                                • ?
                                • Anonymous
                                • vG0
                                • 22 Nov 2016

                                Past three years am using bb os. I want to know in future I will able to use WhatsApp in passport. Am gonna buy passport. Plz suggest me

                                  • O
                                  • Omid46
                                  • 6w$
                                  • 20 Sep 2016

                                  omid46, 08 Feb 2016Dearest gsmArena friends,followers,and readers.Besides GsmA... moreDearest gsmArena.The best sincerely thanks with the best regard to your moderators for modifying my comment!Also please confirm my comment writing trustworthiness!Thanks again.Good luck for your scientific sharing corrections..,

                                    • B
                                    • Blackberry User
                                    • PT}
                                    • 13 Aug 2016

                                    I don't think BB Passport's price is reasonable. Camera isn't good enough esp Autofocus and HDR. Keyboard isnt comfortable when use. I'd rather have Samsung S5 than this one. I regret having Passport than other smartphones. Buggy and evidently not a good phone.

                                      • P
                                      • Plover
                                      • RIE
                                      • 24 Jul 2016

                                      can this BB support whatsApp and Line?

                                        • E
                                        • Erratic balaiah
                                        • 7q8
                                        • 05 Jul 2016

                                        AnonD-505448, 21 Feb 2016I have been using android phones for about 5 years now. My ... moreThis is phone every good