BlackBerry Passport review: Ticket to ride

15 October 2014
Canadian manufacturer BlackBerry looks to bring its no-nonsense smartphone approach in a form factor that is…unusual, to say the least. It’s a company that's no stranger lately to being in the red for quarters on end and the Passport is yet another attempt by...

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  • AnonD-505448

I have been using android phones for about 5 years now. My first one was a Sony Ericsson. Before that I had a BlackBerry Curve 8520 which was a very bad BlackBerry. When I got hired at my present company I was given the BlackBerry Q10. I hated it for about 10 days. Then the mere speed and accuracy of its working amazed me. I bought the Samsung note 5, HTC one m9 as well. I wasn't happy with it and I had to get the BlackBerry Passport.

I am a BlackBerry fan now. I hate the priv because of the keyboard being too small. I love the BlackBerry Passport. People might say that its a bad phone but I absolutely adore it. The three day battery backup with moderate usage is quite fulfilling for me. My new note 5 never lasted over 18 hours. The full keyboard with the touch enabled feature is to die for.

The speed at which this thing moves is amazing. Yes there are lack of apps. But I don't use many. It's like an old Nokia phone on steroids.

I also got the one year extra insurance from the dealer so that they would replace the phone for any damage caused by me or repair it or if they can't replace, gimme the money back for the present value of the phone. So I'm quite happy.

If ur into apps it's not a phone for you.

These are the things u can expect from a BlackBerry passport.

1. Seamless dialling. No need to wait for the dialer to pop up like in android. U can run 15 BlackBerry apps and it will still popup without a question.
2. Everything in one page. The BlackBerry hub.
3. Emails very easy to access, low data usage
4. Social stuff

If u only do this everyday then u can buy this.
The camera is not very good. But if u buy the camera pro app it will work well. The inbuilt software ain't good enough to manage the hardware

I have almost 20 android apps running on this phone thanks to the BlackBerry 10OS

So I don't miss the android phone.

If you have read this thank you for reading. It's to help anyone who wants to buy this phone and to think twice about buying it.

  • omid46

Dearest gsmArena friends,followers,and readers.Besides GsmArena complete review,and Z3,I don't know much about the BlackBerry!!About things passport smartphone,beside design,performance and features,it is a lovely high ends smartphone that works with different OS that is a privilege for a today's smartphone.Other specifications are satisfactory and price is satisfactory for those whom can afford and enjoy the qualities of other brand rather than the very famous brands of nowadays to try it...I myself like having both passport and Z3 in my grand dream virtual museum!!Thanks GSM.I wish the better and the best uprising good future for BlackBerry and feeling sad of 200 gone on vacation!!!?Justice Rights.Omid12omidvar.

  • Muzz

AnonD-476383, 14 Dec 2015Bought the BlackBerry Passport Silver edition. It's just Su... moreIt's camper to iPhone 6 it's better ? I also want I have iPhone 6 but still I'm crayz blackberry passport silver edition plz tell me it's worth ?

  • AnonD-476383

Bought the BlackBerry Passport Silver edition. It's just Superb piece of instrument. The performance is mind blowing. It's far superior to a iPhone or a Android device. Camera is excellent even in total darkness. The feel is very good, and the keypad is very responsive. Once you are used to it, its hard to even think of any other phone. Yes, it has lesser apps then others but most of the popular apps are available. And Yes its not for the masses, its exclusive.

  • avi

i wnt to buy bb passport . gv me some features about it !!!

  • Shahab

Hi I have winfi problem with my passpoert silver It disconnects several time and it is not distance from my wi-fi modem is about 1 meter but WiFi range is low disconnects several times.but my HTC one max is ok and works very fine.has anyone have this issue with his passport?

  • AnonD-172416

[deleted post]Black Barry With Android OS:

  • Hiti87

Hi I m planning to buy BB Passport. Please suggest. How is this phone and support.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-114756, 16 Oct 2014Whoever comments negatively about the passport or any BB10 ... moreDo you know what to do when a new battery is needed? Since it's non-removeable obviously it has to be taken somewhere. Would that be to your wireless carrier, and can they change it while you wait? I can't find any info on this at the BlackBerry site, or how much the battery would cost. Appreciate any info you have!

  • babak

in iran we cant use everything blackberry brought to us but still I dont know even I have the money to buy g4 I still love my passport. its not about multimedia its because its really stylish and the os is easy to use
if rim would let us access to blackberry world it would be really great

  • AnonD-274535

If there a colaboration for note with s pen and the button keyboard capasitive will be great. Greatest if it with friendly price.

  • AnonD-274535

I wonder why blackberry calculator always have 8 digits only without separation of the 3 zero. This is very kinky of blackberry. But in samsung we cannot write a long name.instead in blackberry we can put a long 1 page of first name and last name

  • M

I used a bb z30 for a year and gave it to my sister since my s2 hand me down gave in sadly, I made the switch back to Android and I have to say I Miss the blackberry. The battery life was amazing and the camera quality was much better. The os to me was so smooth despite the outdated hardware. I'm upgrading in a few months and will get the passport most probably since I prefer the quality and a user friendly device

  • aMi

Can not wait to upgrade from my q10 to this beast!

  • AnonD-249740

The Camera is Awesome, The pictures i take come out just need to get use to the Focus, tap on the screen till the focus is in place, and there you go an awesome Picture is taken...this phone is not meant for trolls...if you are one of them use time wisely, and if you do have a passport, there you go i have told you what to do...Peace

  • AnonD-349116

dula, 24 Dec 2014Can you get instagram in passportYou can sideload Instagram, but I prefer the native BlackBerry app iGrann.

  • dula

Can you get instagram in passport

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  • Bulwark

Just a comment concerning 4K video recording, the Passport doesn't record 4K purely as a software constraint, not because the camera isn't capable of doing it. Blackberry has been reportedly working on getting the device 4K-record capable for the 10.3.1 OS release.

  • AnonD-39334

BB really wanted to be different with this one....ridiculously different

  • Anonymous

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