Nokia Lumia 830 review: Shining bright

19 November 2014
Nokia Lumia 830 is probably the last smartphone to wear the iconic Nokia logo, five letters with so much history behind. And while it might not be a model as iconic as the original 808 PureView or the Lumia 1020, the Nokia Lumia 830 is destined to go down...

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  • Shayantan Dhar
  • t}x
  • 30 Dec 2014

I going to buy this phone....luv windows...:)

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    • oyeeee
    • tDM
    • 23 Dec 2014

    Art, 20 Nov 2014i wonder how is the camera on 830 in comparison to 925 Lumia?if you looking for good camera rob a xperia Z3 user, and if you looking for smooth operating and not socmed maniak catch L930

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      • AnonD-342148
      • DW0
      • 16 Dec 2014

      Lumia 830 has a very easy damaging touchscreen. To fix a broken touchscreen, you need to replace LCD+touchscreen = 170 Euro and warranty does not apply. Gorilla Glass 3 is a totall shit. My old HTC 7 Mozart was dropped much more times, and Lumia 820 also survived more seriouse drops. Lumia 830 was dropped from about 10 cm on wooden floor.

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        • Anonymous
        • q{I
        • 13 Dec 2014

        my 830 has shut off and restarted a few time since i bought it a few months back and i have uninstalled most apps and did a reset has anyone else experienced this and should i be worried because someone else's i know did this and the problem went away eventually.

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          • AnonD-333054
          • MF@
          • 10 Dec 2014

          Satish , 25 Nov 2014Why would I buy this phone when I have option like nexus 5,... moreNexus 5? Procession?
          L830 is focusing faster while making a better shots with perfect WB

          Nexus 5 has the worst camera of all existing snap800 devices, nobody else is pairing that bad camera with such expensive SoC

          And you get TWICE more screen hours on battery on L830 compairing to N5

          That is not even comparable, L830 is beating s??t out of nexus.

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            • aviara
            • nCN
            • 30 Nov 2014

            Nokia is still number one one in the left column in the mobile version of gsm arena

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              • AnonD-333421
              • QK6
              • 25 Nov 2014

              In Canada L830 is $400 (just launched), Nexus 5 (16GB) is $500 (after 1 year in sale). Camera/video in L830 better. I have L830, memory installed 16+64GB. Processing power? never enough and depends on your habits. But overall Win OS is not so thirsty on power as Android is. L830 build quality impeccable. Next, in restaurant you eat what you do like, and don't care about food of your neighbor. From my experience with L830 it's perfect companion (considering experience with iOS and Android) because it match my needs. I hope Nexus 5 is what will make you happy.

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                • AnonD-249106
                • Tm5
                • 25 Nov 2014

                Anonymous, 20 Nov 2014Hmmm... the fall of an era. Apple, see this? This is the r... moreLumia 1020. No doubt about that. And if you can get a 64 gigs version, get it :)

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                  • Satish
                  • U$k
                  • 25 Nov 2014

                  Why would I buy this phone when I have option like nexus 5, which is way better phone in teens of camera, procession, build quality and cheaper than by 4-5k. You need to understand that the Nokia success in Asia were based on providing cheaper phones with great durability to consumer.

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                    • AnonD-333421
                    • QK6
                    • 24 Nov 2014

                    Not the best (68h) but better than Iphone 6 (61h). Close to Nexus 6 (70h)

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                      • venu
                      • 7t8
                      • 24 Nov 2014

                      Battery power was very low

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                        • windblade
                        • m{Q
                        • 24 Nov 2014

                        This is indeed nice Review. good Job GSMARENA.
                        By the way, I could not see the result of frequency Response. Can you correct it?

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                          • SmartCam.Club
                          • 0wD
                          • 22 Nov 2014

                          Impressive review as always. One small thing, the "downsampled PureView" shots from the Nokia Lumia 1020 aren't 8MP, but 5MP. Still great results though.

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                            • Indian
                            • ut2
                            • 21 Nov 2014

                            Battery Life 68 hrs........ 15 hrs Talktime : Awesome............ 10:30 hrs Browsing :- Awesome................ 10 hrs Video Playback : Awesome..............:)

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                              • jigar
                              • Hkt
                              • 21 Nov 2014

                              Best smartphone. I like it

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                                • AnonD-333421
                                • QK6
                                • 21 Nov 2014

                                Do you run Lumia Denim? It makes big difference for "Desktop" and how it looks and performs. But in general appearance it's personal taste and could be out of argues. The important things are performance, functionality, ergonomics, time to get application you need, multifunction (may be I forgot smt) and then UI that serve for that purpose. WP8.1 Demin serves this well and appearance distinctive, unique , I would say more masculine than "girlish" :) WP evolving in it own way, it is good that ppl has choice to get platform, that fit better there personality and functionality vision.

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                                  • AnonD-204164
                                  • uvv
                                  • 21 Nov 2014

                                  yow, 21 Nov 2014Still the lumia 1520 is the best windows phone yet the soft... moreAsphalt 8 is free on store from its launch, mostly Xbox games are paid version so don't confuse with that. Official instagram is available on store but 6tag can do better job...

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                                    • yow
                                    • Ibx
                                    • 21 Nov 2014

                                    Still the lumia 1520 is the best windows phone yet the software wasnt able to justify its hardware. The lack of customization and appearance of the windows os was the reason why they are lagging behind ofcourse the availability of apps too. For example: Imagine google offers asphalt 8 for free, while windows offer it for 1$.idk if they offer it for free right now cause its dated. ridiculous!and still they dont have official youtube and instagram. Why dont they bring back the windows desktop software just like before. If im not mistaken like the palms, why dont they use windows desktop And add more features! Instead of insisting this boring operating system.they want simplicity but still it looks more complicated than ios. I hope they change their os style. And not just catched up updates.

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                                      • AnonD-151127
                                      • EqE
                                      • 21 Nov 2014

                                      Art, 20 Nov 2014i wonder how is the camera on 830 in comparison to 925 Lumia?You can compare with the "compare camera tool" that has gsmarena

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                                        • AnonD-333421
                                        • QK6
                                        • 20 Nov 2014

                                        Indeed. So I've done :)