Huawei Honor 6 review: Virtue in disguise

9 March 2015
High-performance hardware meets low-key design in the Huawei Honor 6, at a price that’s frankly hard to beat. In a market segment where budget matters, the Honor 6 is offering some top-of-the-range specs to raise itself above the crowd.

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  • thom

aj47, 03 May 2015I'm a successful owner of huawei honor 6 (h60 l04)from flip... moreUse a cold water bag

  • AnonD-406393

AnonD-342554, 26 Apr 2015Xiaomi mi 4i or Honor 6?Never ever think of buying any Huawei product ..majority of them are defective and are not even repaired or replaced ...mine honor 6 is with the company for six months inspite calling and mailing them several times with all the necessary documentary evidence

  • AnonD-406393

Purchased this phone via flipkart in India. The phone become heated and switch off .Went to service center they kept the phone for 2 months than sent to the company Huawei .the phone is still with the company for 4 months . inspite calling several times ,mailing them several times with all the documents and purchase bill .Request to all readers these MNC cheats public and harrass common people once they spend their hard earned buying their products. I am forced to post such real facts so that others are not bullied by these big companies. Never ever think of buying huaewi products in my life again, will urge everyone to practice the same if you don't want to rub from pillar to post like I did

  • AnonD-393007

I have purchased Huawei honor 6 in India it is good phone until there is a problem with it its screen is little damaged i try my best to repair from experts but new touch screen is not available in chandigarh it is even not available with service center they said that they will arrange new one but it takes time and it worth Rs 8600 which is too much half the price of phone and also no accessories are available in local market if available it is very difficult

  • Anonymous

where wil I get Huawei honor 6 n how much

  • aj47

I'm a successful owner of huawei honor 6 (h60 l04)from flipkart.
And I got it for 16999 ruImes
Im so happy with this one
The only problem(it's much) is overheating
I cant find a solution for it?! :-(

  • AnonD-342554

Xiaomi mi 4i or Honor 6?

  • frinto

Very good......

  • AnonD-304106

GSMArena team? Wake-up!

You have wrote: "stitching was accurate with no visible artefacts."

Please, take a look a little better, you will see various artefacts, a ghost and geometric deformations that are more than obvious!

  • AnonD-380804

I am not able access videocon dth in smart control... any one pls help me

  • AnonD-380186

jainil_s, 25 Mar 2015Thinking to buy this pone but had a query Is there ny heat... moreYes little bit heating problem

  • jainil_s

Thinking to buy this pone but had a query
Is there ny heating problem while games are on as i m a gamer....pls reply fast

  • AnonD-379054

hassan, 24 Mar 2015Bought the phone replacing Sony Z3 Compact due to damn irre... moreThe international version is this one ?

  • hassan

Bought the phone replacing Sony Z3 Compact due to damn irresponsible service of SonyMobile in Jordan.
The Honor6 is sleek, great performer, and appearantly with top of list battery life (a thing that matters to me most).

One note to gsmarena, the screen behalves normally while connected to charger, so may be it was in the review unit, not the line. (H06-L04 international variant)

  • AnonD-377463

Parixit Dave , 15 Mar 2015It's average phone. I used it. What they offer I doubt on i... moreWhich website you surfing? or which APP u used? if that you run many APPs at the same time? i think every android phones if run more than 10 APPs at the same time, the tempreture is high the same.

  • AnonD-377463

Pandora, 20 Mar 2015Been using H60-L02, I find it that when navigating using Wa... moreI use google map APP in navigating and performance well, if that problems about the APP?

  • Pandora

Been using H60-L02, I find it that when navigating using Waze, the icons doesn't move smoothly, instead, it judders throughout the the whole navigation journey. Anyone experience the same thing?

  • Parixit Dave

It's average phone. I used it. What they offer I doubt on its processors. It is very slow process I try it on every six. Or while use net it becomes very hot upto 50 or 60 degree temp. So u will in trouble where u use its long time your skin related issues became dangerous.

  • MyDeSTiNaTe

CJatCTi, 15 Mar 2015Can I confirm one of the problems in your review of the Hon... moreI'm having international variant H60-L04 which is running on EMUI 3.0 Android 4.4.2. I did not experience issue 1-5, maybe you can try to do a factory reset or just apply for the warranty claim. However, I agreed that there should be an option to customize the lock screen's control center.

  • CJatCTi

Can I confirm one of the problems in your review of the Honor 6 and add to it a couple of things you missed:

1) When charging the touch screen fail to respond to touch, and when using an HTC charge the screen wouldn't go off but kept pulsing with the lock screen picture and the charge icon (and no it was in the Daydream function.
2) No sync with Google Contacts its missing GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk is missing, but once found on the Internet and installed it is OK. The may also be true for calendar, but I installed Google Calendar which may have fixed it before I noticed the problem,
3) Contacts Say all my numbers 01242 621621 as (United States) but those with a +44 are correctly set as (United Kingdom) and there seams no way of changing the default location for the calendar.
4) One of the Weather widgets is stuck on displaying shenzhen ant which ever weather/time widget you use the Weather app always comes up fist with “Outdated weather information” for shenzhen, it displays other cities fine when you add them from it's limited (when compared to HTC) list. You can't remove the initial shenzhen, but adding a 2nd one displays fine.
5) The EmotionUI can't be replaced without rooting the phone and Freezing / Removing the “Home” process, just setting the launcher to something else doesn't work.
6) The up-swipe on the lock screen brings some short cuts that can't be changed (with my eyes I don't need the mirror but the magnifier would be good) and a link to “Magazine unlock” with 7 Chinese subscriptions that can't be added too but can be disabled

As soon as I connected to WiFi I got an upgrade to EMUI 3.0 & Android 4.4.2, I like the phone but it doesn't appear on the English Huawei website & the only way to find it is via a link on XDA – strange.