Huawei Honor 6 review: Virtue in disguise

9 March 2015
High-performance hardware meets low-key design in the Huawei Honor 6, at a price that’s frankly hard to beat. In a market segment where budget matters, the Honor 6 is offering some top-of-the-range specs to raise itself above the crowd.

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A foreigner here in China, an expatriate.

I used to have Samsung Galaxy S2, and S4. Was waiting S6, not until i broke my S4 screen, which prompt me to buy a china made phone while waiting for Galaxy S6. (well, im not buying S6, Samsung you did it all wrong)

Well, Honor 6 does the trick, imho, the best China made phone for those who doent want a phablet, but a 5" phone.

Good octa cores processor, its benchmark surpasses Galaxy S5. Very responsive GUI.

Very good battery life, which would last me for 1.5 days of regular use. An option to reduce screen resolution to 720p to churn more juice out of the battery, instead of 1080p.

A very big bang for bucks.

  • AnonD-374722

My search for a good phone finally ends with honor 6. I believe its best. Initially i was facinated to buy mi3. Researched many but was apprehensive of buying another lagging phone. Used/checked many (galaxy, htc, karbonn, micromax etc) but found they all start lagging or get battery problem if more apps r used. or they get slow even for taking or making calls. theh i started looking for a 3GB RAM phone and short listed MI4. Tired up waiting 3 month for mi4 and inefficiency of my phone, bought honor 6 half heartedly. But to my surprise very good. Probably best. Paying 65k for highend phone is just rat race. They are no way better. I hv used htc 1 & i phone too.I like
1. Its touch, very smooth
2. Vivid Display
3. Camera
4. GUI very efficient. Small details are efficiently worked on.
5. Multiple app use. Can kill any or all.
6. Email and calendar. But not yet found way to sync outlook.
7. Speed, RAM
8. Memory 16 GB is a bit less but can be extended to 64GB.
9. Screen sharing
10. Cost i bought in 19999 but now even less.

  • H60 lover

Im proud of having this phone, its does not lag at all its speed is still good even after more than 1 month of heavy use

  • erikv

awesome spec for price but kirin processor and non removable battery put me off. I prefer redmi 2.

  • AnonD-371586

AnonD-307318, 12 Mar 2015It is kind of sad that they do not sell the Honor series in... moreI agree getuie honor is warm en I smaak it

  • gab

this phone will be in big trouble once the xperia m4 aqua goes on sale. they'll retail with practically the same price, but look at what you'll be getting in the sony.

  • AnonD-307318

If that is real, that will be really good for the company. A good Huawei Nexus will mean more people buying Huawei phones and maybe other manufacturers will source HiSilicon chips. It is about time OEMs move away from Qualcomm chipsets like Samsung.

Some people do not like that EMUI does not have an app drawer but I am okay with that, you can always add your own launcher. Though I prefer using the homescreen for apps.

  • AnonD-142922

AnonD-307318, 12 Mar 2015It is kind of sad that they do not sell the Honor series in... moreHonor 6 plus will be for sale in UK that is good news

  • AnonD-142922

Guys don't worry new things coming this year..

  • AnonD-307318

It is kind of sad that they do not sell the Honor series in South Africa. They just sell Y, G, P, Mate. hopefully, D. Honor is really good, better than Y series.

  • jackaus

I own one of the 32GB version of the device but I installed version 3.0 UI on it, which dramatically reduced its battery by as much as 10 hours! However, the new UI provided way better usage of the high resolution as it give 9 icons in each folder instead of 6.
The 3.0 UI lacks the theme customisation though but over all, I found it much better in presentation than 2.3.
The phone is very nice for a 5 inch device, if its battery were interchangeable, it would be perfect.

  • MyDeSTiNaTe

AnonD-307318, 12 Mar 2015Sorry you are right, I read wrong about which Kirin it has ... moreYea, hopefully there'll be improvements in their GPU department to be kept updated with today's standards. From their past record, they tend to implement a less core version and keep it for years, which is not a very appropriate policy to me. If they can keep the hardware up to the standards and ensure a timely updates (at least 2 major updates I hope), for sure my next device will be a Kirin-powered Honor series. Affordable pricing, great package, why not?

  • MyDeSTiNaTe

AnonD-307318, 12 Mar 2015No, I also like Huawei. That is why I work for them. They a... moreThe decision to bring Lollipop to Mate 2 is a welcomed move ^^ And yea, Alpha is bad in battery life because of the low battery capacity, not due to the SOC, thank you for highlighting this dude!

  • AnonD-307318

MyDeSTiNaTe, 12 Mar 2015Honor 6 is using Kirin 920. Its brother Honor 6 Plus is the... moreSorry you are right, I read wrong about which Kirin it has and I forgot about Sampling Availability dates. So maybe the GPU is still relevant in the Honor 6 at that time, since it is Kirin 920.

However, they are still using the same Mali-T628 MP4 in the new Kirin 930 and its Q1 2015. I hope that the Kirin 950 uses a new GPU. I am looking forward to the Huawei D8.

  • AnonD-307318

No, I also like Huawei. That is why I work for them. They almost got in trouble in US with Ascend Mate 2 for not getting Kitkat. Fortunately, they corrected it giving users Lollipop sometime this year.

I am talking about Kirin 930, it still uses Mali-T628, which was in the 920 and the 925. They should use a more recent chip like the Mali T628 MP6 or Mali T760 MP6.

Btw, when did I mention anything bad of the Honor 6?

Galaxy Alpha's battery doesn't do the chipset any justice, it is 1860mAh. It is kind of obvious it is not going to last long.

  • Gert

Hi Guys. I'm wondered about the next.With emui 2.3 I had a antutu score of 42.000. With emui 3.0 I have a antutu score of 32500. Anybody know how this can? Huawei cheating the score?

  • MyDeSTiNaTe

AnonD-142922, 12 Mar 2015Well that is wrong I like huawei ? U work for them and u s... moreBoth the Mali 628MP4 and 628MP6 shared the same architecture, other than the number of cores. Hence, the Mali 628MP4 in Honor 6 will be weaker without any doubt, with the positive effect in battery life.

  • MyDeSTiNaTe

AnonD-307318, 12 Mar 2015Clearly, you are a Huawei fanboy as I can sense butthurt. I... moreHonor 6 is using Kirin 920. Its brother Honor 6 Plus is the one who uses Kirin 925. For your information, no matter it is Kirin or Snapdragon, the latest stuffs will not be implemented into devices until a few months later after they were being announced, to plan and manufacture. By the time S5 and Honor 6 were debuted, Mali 760 was not ready to be implemented into devices yet. At that time, even the Snapdragon 801 which was used in most of the flagship earlier that year was still using A15 architecture, and Exynos 5422 was using A15+A7 CPU architecture and a Mali 628 (6 cores variant) as its GPU. I agreed with you that the Mali 628MP4 is behind Adreno 330/PowerVR G6430, but it is not because Mali 628 is not capable, but due to the fact that the variant with less number of cores were being used. The Mali 628MP6 served its purpose well in Galaxy S5.

  • AnonD-142922

AnonD-307318, 12 Mar 2015Clearly, you are a Huawei fanboy as I can sense butthurt. I... moreWell that is wrong I like huawei ?
U work for them and u sounds like ; ooh shiit I must work for this craap company OMG .. working in sales , annoying ppl ,forcing them product..
Looks like u hate it,but I know IT IS A JOB generates income.....

To the point..
it is a bit Huawei's fault that they don't open business in EU properly..
And don't worry I know what businesses is
And u say they should use Mali T628 MP6
I had galaxy alpha and it was one the worst phone and had that above mentione GPU.. DO U HAVE Idea how long battery stayed last? Not even a ONE proper day my friend!
So if u own G7 and has qualcom so what now ? I don't know what business is ??
PS; I wud work for Huawei but not boring sales but I wud work as assistant inr design division
I have some visions of slim smartphone chassis design..

  • MyDeSTiNaTe

AnonD-373962, 12 Mar 2015But ONEPLUS 1 and Mi4 dont have expd memory only 16 GB vari... moreIn fact, Honor 6 is slightly stronger in CPU but weaker in GPU (Mali 628 MP4 is near to the performance of Andreno 320 in Snapdragon 600) if compared to One Plus One and Mi4. However, in many regions that did not have the option for 64GB variant, Honor 6 with expandable SD slot is a better option as 16GB (with only approximately 12GB available for users) may not be sufficient to some of us. The rest of the things are quite similar among them.