Samsung Galaxy E7 review: Easy touch

24 April, 2015
In a bid to bring the A series' new-found premium design language to the masses, Samsung's E-lineup has managed to maintain the same looks. Lower-grade hardware and entirely plastic build have helped keep the price down, but if you don't look too hard it's still an upmarket smartphone.

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  • Anonymous

this phone is not for 4g only for 3G

  • reet

No usb connect. .... no lollipop

  • AnonD-443110

karthick, 01 Aug 2015This phone have gorilla glass 4 protectionI think no

  • AnonD-443110

Anush, 08 Aug 2015Samsung galaxy E7 or J7?? Please suggest...........Buy j7 best than galaxy e7

  • rizwan

AnonD-416860, 15 Jul 2015is dis phone support 4g network??when i saw on gsmarena net... moredis is phne not support 4G

  • venky keeth

please updae galaxy e 7 as soon as poosible as..
we are waiting for e 7 update from past 3 months..
thank you!!

  • HHH

Windows is the best OS , its million times better than android . Windows phone doesnt lag or hang as software is optimised and due to which the battery life is also way better than android . And even windows has thousands of apps and games which are very useful . Android has such poor ram management and due to which after few months the phone memory gets full which is never happens with Windows .

  • frank!

tutul, 14 May 2015I am using e7 but skme apps is not supported in this device... moreim using Samsung E7 too,and I've experience that also when im playing Clash of Clans sometimes it works fine and sometimes it runs slow.i've just noticed that if you have good network signal it works fine..then I researched it in google I found out that the matter is in the clash of clans game.because the device has good specs.i have a lots of many online games and it works fine such as:BOOM BEACH,TAICHE PANDA,LOL and etc..
SUPERCELL replied about the issue I've encountered and they said that they are fexing on it right now..
so bro tutol no need to worry for that.

  • Shiva

I have purchase my new Samsung e7 it's a very good phone but there is some heating issue coming when I use Facebook or download some songs video etc.

  • sammy

chandan, 05 Aug 2015Is there any gorilla glass protection??? Which model has s... moreyes it has Gorella glass..just checked the review of this phone there is an update by gsm arena few days ago

  • Anonymous

i think it's a decent phn ever no hanging problem, non other issues so great phn i give this 4 stars out of 5

  • Sandeep rai, 0810820

I purchase this mobile from Reliance electronic shop sakinaka. I found very problem on this mobile, it's a very cheap & Third class mobile of Samsung this mobile always hang it's back keypad many time not work. In this mobile in one time you insert one sim card & one memory card second sum have no options. Always hang.

  • jony

AnonD-413378, 05 Jul 2015Samsung is better in accessibility..but Sony is better in Cameras Lol who said sony camera better ..plz first compare sony and samsung camera ...plz chck first c3 camera worst camera ever samsung alwayz number one in mobile camera..anotherwise dont fake

  • raees

brst fone eva.......................................

  • appi

This support otg pendriver usb cable

  • Anush

Samsung galaxy E7 or J7?? Please suggest...........

  • chandan

Is there any gorilla glass protection???
Which model has support NFC & where it found???

  • AnonD-425135

PUNIT, 02 Jul 2015I am using E7 since feb and have a great experience. So for... morePlz tell me samsung e7 camera and battery

  • Raj

Optional double sim is main disadvantage on this series of phone

  • karthick

This phone have gorilla glass 4 protection