LG G4 review: Sharp and shooter

22 May 2015
Flagships get better with every generation but some of last year’s are as good as reborn. The LG G4 improves on the three best features of its predecessor: design, screen, the camera – and does so decisively. It adopts a G Flex curve, but makes...

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  • Chris

I am on my second one (2017-today). Still working fine, runs a bit hot in summer. The batteries tend to bloat after a year. Camera has a slow shutter, but photos are really good. Friends with new phones still get impressed with the photos. Headphone jack, classic micro-USB, FM Radio and IR Remote are nice to have. Never understood why the other companies eliminated them, and hiked up prices with no real innovation.

First one (2015-2017) died of bootloop, but I managed to revive it by deactivating the two big processors with software only.

Final verdict, want to switch to Samsung Galaxy S, but I MUST have headphone jack. No other option.

I will come back to give you updates.

  • wekesa

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2018Maybe you have bootloop problem?please give me the update of its availability

  • Anonymous

Adewumi, 24 Jul 2018Pls my husband send me LG G4 H812 phone I only use it for o... morechange your husband!!:)

Hopefully my used LG G4 H815 will last longer ever since I bought it on July 15 to replace/substitute my used Nokia N86 white, and also to be fitted companion for my LG V30+ ThinQ Raspberry Rose!!
That's why I put this word on my LG G4 locked screen that says, "임마누엘 †"

  • Anonymous

Adewumi, 24 Jul 2018Pls my husband send me LG G4 H812 phone I only use it for o... moreMaybe you have bootloop problem?

  • Adewumi

Pls my husband send me LG G4 H812 phone I only use it for only 2days and ever since then it will just put on the screen LG as if is booting and it will not display anything.please what should I do with it

  • Anonymous

Aside having a terrible battery, every other thing is perfect.

  • Khan saeed

Lg g4 problem ram again n again 3rd start problem n very hot automatic restart,, plz solve porblm

  • flgirl

Had boot loop issue, fixed by LG (two weeks without phone). Getting IPHONE 8 after years of not drinking the cool-aid regarding all things Apple. My whole family has iphones, they just work better. LG G4 isn't good on voice calls (have to hold the phone practically in your mouth when speaking to be heard), camera is not that great, shutter really slow. All the hype was just that.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-620416, 13 Dec 2016Hi, Lot of people (nearly 10,000) got affected with LG phon... morein sum: stay away from LG at any cost. Worst disappointment ever with g4

  • AnonD-528139

AnonD-620416, 13 Dec 2016Hi, Lot of people (nearly 10,000) got affected with LG phon... moretrue

The Dolby mobile sound enhancement inherite at this model performs surprisingly well.

  • Samurairex

G4 is GREAT .... at First. But has the worst chipset! Never will I go back to buy LG Phones. Bad after sales service. Bad choice of chipset.

  • flat2

Do not buy this phone there is a bootloop issue now my g4 is useless thanks lg..l.

  • AnonD-618376

AnonD-434510, 02 Nov 2015I'm using since it's launched. Battery life is EPIC FAIL !!!HI, you say epic fail... but its a 3000 mah ?? and its only a 5.5'' ,,, I have the G4 Stylus and its 5.7" .... also a 3000mah... I use my phone for 3 days, not like 24 7 on it but, I whatsapp and instagram ... I don't use it for photos, is it the camera that drains the battery ??

  • AnonD-625537

I bought this one a year ago. First I had problems with the battery not lasting a lot of time. For a 3100 Amh that it said, it looked more like a 1800 amh to me. The second problem was overheating. Also i had problems with charging. Then after eleven months and a half of usage it died from bootloop. I've been told that mos of the LG phones have bootlooping problems, so please don't buy from this brand anymore. 400 euros that I invested in this one didn't even last a year. I've moved on to a Samsung Galaxy C5 now. The only thing I would change on this one with the LG i had is the Camera, but for the other things I think this one is way better.

  • AnonD-620416

AnonD-124678, 27 Mar 2016Hii friends....I bought my LG G4 (H-818N) with too much exp... moreHi, Lot of people (nearly 10,000) got affected with LG phone models G4 (may be with LG G5 & LG G6), and it is referred to as BOOTLOOP hardware manufacturing issue from LG. Me too got affected with the same problem and now I'm in huge loss.
Whoever purchased LG G4 most of them are having manufacturing issue called BOOTLOOP issues just after purchase of 6 months to 1 year time, now LG ACTS like calling back all those mobiles for free service, but it IS NOT.
Hence we must never buy any costly mobile phones from LG instead it is good to go with Samsung or iPhone or any low cost Chinese phones in order to avoid huge money loss with LG. LG PHONES FROM G4 MODELS ARE BIT QUESTIONABLE AFTER 6 MONTHS TIME AND THEY ARE NEVER RELIABLE. There is no guarantee that LG would replace or repair it. Even LG repairs, it would be in doubt how long will it survive.
Important thing is: DO NOT GO WITH INTERNET REVIEWS FROM THE WEBSITES, For e.g. trustedreviews, techradar, pocket-lint, hdtvtest, whathifi who all may be good but they have not used the newly released models of smartphone at least for an 1 year, only the buyers got affected in this. I had gone through these websites before purchasing LG G4, but my money 300GBP (which is the cost of LG G4) is gone in just an year because of cheating fraud people like LG who released the LG G4 with manufacturing defect called BOOTLOOP.
I never say you do not buy LG smartphones, but be conscious for not to lose your hard earned money as LG smartphones like LG G4 (may be LG G5 or LG G6) is never trustable and they proved not only me, nearly 10,000 people who affected. Please go through websites for more evidences. LG looted customers money a lot on this.

  • Jeff

Hi am frm mauritius island.i bought the lg g4 dual sim h818p in january this year.im very please overall with the mobile.it got everything.great camera.removable baterry.card slot etc...but after some use..found baterry life is just average.overheating probs.and screen is far too dim in auto mode and sunlight..and now the most cruel part ..the famous BOOTLOOP prob in december.not even 11 month use.to get the mob for repair here is a real pain...i had almost a physical fight with vendor to make him understand the bootloop problem.now he is sending the phone abroad for repair .dont know how much time it will take or if the phone will come back alive but still ihave to pay my credit for this phone...NO MORE LG FOR ME...BACK TO SAMSUNG NEXT TIME.used s2 to s5 some even for 2 years and the s2 is still alive from year 2012 !!NO MORE LG.

  • godwin

My g4 is getting hot after playing a simple game

  • zelda

Mads, 14 Oct 2016this phone sucks...less than a year and the main mother boa... moreno like