LG G4 review: Sharp and shooter

22 May 2015
Flagships get better with every generation but some of last year’s are as good as reborn. The LG G4 improves on the three best features of its predecessor: design, screen, the camera – and does so decisively. It adopts a G Flex curve, but makes...

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  • Pettiness

I want to share a repair story concerning L G to the more activist users. I purchased an LG flex which I loved .The digitizer became faulty somehow. The bottom of my screen was unresponsive. I contacted LG for repair in May of 2016 I bought the phone on July 5 2015 the warranty was still in effect .I submitted a copy of the receipt from HSN who the phone was purchased from on the portal they provided. Please no jokes about HSN shopping. Then I sent in tbe phone as thay asked with thier shipping labels.They stated the receipt was not enough I contacted HSN who provided veeification that I purchased the item. They sent it back to me stating start again .It should be Ok . I sent it in again they stated sorry its out of warranty. They will fix it but it will cost more than I paid for it. They wasted more than 2 months of my time back and forth to UPS and countless phone hours just to run out the clock. PETTY!!!

  • Rickydale

This phone is a beast fast great video capacity battery life is is good .I wish I could say great and it has a great look all dressed up in leather. When I want to up the game I snap on my red Pierre Cardin back for some real "swag". The competition is relegated to the nerd herd . Yes, I kinda like the phone.

  • Nikito

Maybe its just me but low light shots in g4 looks blurry and lack of detail.

  • AnonD-124678

Hii friends....I bought my LG G4 (H-818N) with too much expectations in June-2015. The phone is having an excellent camera and the performance of the phone was also descent as it didn't slow down and worked with the same speed as on the day-1. But, it is very unfortunate to write the following serious issues in this post about LG G4 :-

1. The phone is just too weak in catching network. All my other smartphones (Samsung Galaxy S6, iPhone 6S plus & even my old Samsung Galaxy S3) when used with same Operator/ SIM card at same place provide better signal strength. I suppose this is the inherent problem with LG G4 having design defect.
2. The phone motherboard was crashed two times and I had to replace the same. I was lucky enough that the phone was covered under warranty. But, my precious data was lost which could not be recovered.
3. Since, the phone motherboard was changed second time, the OS and UI had developed too many bugs and I have been left with only a camera worth 48,000 INR. The LG service center people are also not able to provide an effective solution to the problem.

In view of the above 3 points, I am feeling cheated by LG. It is really a very horrible experience of buying such a crap item. I would never buy LG smartphone anymore.

We pay our hard earned money for such a high value product with a hope of getting premium level satisfaction from the same. But, this sort of experience is highly disappointing. LG & all other such brands must think over this aspect while designing their high valued products. One can cheat someone with aggressive marketing technique only once, but this can not be done repeatedly. Apple is no-1 only because their customers are attached to it & their premium valued products also keep such type of feelings to their buyers.

  • mobileInspector

I did upgrade from LG G2 to G4 and I was perfectly satisfied until I had to go to its service center in Pune (I think there are very few anyways) for some charging issue.

Horrible experience thereafter. They kept my phone for 7 days saying that they changed the motherboard. When I enquired a bit deeper, after seeing IMEI numbers are same, they said it was just software upgrade. C'mon, they took 7 days just for software upgrade. Bad customer experience. Not acceptable.

I am going to change this loyalty soon.

  • Anonymous

First one froze up after 5 months second one didn't last a Month i can't connect to WiFi junk took phone to service they totally wrecked it. had to get new one this one can't connect to WiFi anymore. I'm still paying for a new phone but they send me reconditioned phones. Something's wrong with this senerio

  • MS

LG G4 is got better camera than samsung s7 when it comes to details, more natural photos, and best manual mode currently.
Battery is average, heavy duty i got 3h 30 min Screen on time.
And after using it 7 months i am really satisfied.
Price is very good, if you compare with other brand flagship phones
So i would say it's a very good purchase

  • AnonD-516626

Im currently using moto g2 nd planning to buy a new phone but confused between LG G4, oneplus2, samsung galaxy S6, S7 and LG G5......
I dont like samsung UI so S6, S7 are out.....also G5will be costly..... :P
So left with G4 and 1+2 ....which one should i go for?
If there is any other gud phones do suggest but they should get updates....

  • AnonD-500186

Hi Evan Kypreos, Have tried posting my comment yesterday but not sure it really went through. First of all good comprehensive review.

I agree that the Camera in LG G4 is the best in the market at this price range have also seen it on fanreviews.co I liked the comparison of LG G4 & Galaxy S6 in a video review here.. https://fanreviews.co/mobiles/lg-g4-2015-smartphone/lg-g4-vs-samsung-galaxy-s6-comparison gives lot of visual details. Though Arguably you can say Galaxy S6 Edge & iPhone 6s Plus are the best as of today.

Do you think it is still relevant among all the new launches late last year?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Dec 2015LG G4 has so amazing camera, the performance is pretty good... moreWifi blinking is the hardware problem .Contact your customer care

  • Akhil

Me and my brother using lg g4 threse two phones have mother board problem. But bord changed with in the warrenty period.And the phone rear camera touches on the surfaces and scraches occured in the lens.That is the main problem.

  • nick

anyone giv me some advice..lg g4 or huawei honor 7 is better?

  • AnonD-436505

Don't have a V10 but for me G4 phone of the year. Have S6, Z5, IPhone 6+ and Lumia 950xl but it's the G4 I keep going back to. Looking forward to the G5.

  • Anonymous

LG G4 has so amazing camera, the performance is pretty good, battery life is great & charge time is really quick. But now, I dunno why the sign wifi keep blinking on & off.. and I can't connect to wifi. I'm already factory reset, it still not work. I ask to LG service centre whats the problem? And they told me there's broken on my hardware (esp wifi chip) and I have to change the machine.. Feeling so sad..
How can? I just bought my LG G4 around 2 or 3 months ago..

  • rad07

if the G4 battery dont last as you expect to comply your needs such as games and surfing whole day rather choose/ buy computer.

  • AnonD-476452

Brentz@20, 09 Sep 2015I had a S5 and now its a decision between the LG G4 and the... moreI had S5 also. Awful front cam, awful fingerprint sensor, used to freeze once a week with no reason, also bezels were a bit wide. G4 is 10 times better, trust me. Note 4 is old device, skip that

  • AnonD-476452

AnonD-460342, 28 Oct 2015Have anyone owned LG G4 model 815? had any issues since the... moreBattery is so-so, can't last a full day, but that is the case with iPhones, Galaxies also. Besides that great phone. I has G2 before and G4 is much improved. Much better cameras, better quality, sd card and removable battery.

  • AnonD-476452

Taghi GH, 16 Dec 2015Guys! I want to buy this Model but Im worried about battery... moreI have G4. Battery is my only problem. Moderate use-1 day. Hard use-half day, you need to recharge. But, all modern flagships last a day. My friend has iPhone 6s Plus same thing, I had earlier Galaxy S5, also same thing. G4 has no issues, works fast, does not lag and has amazing screen. Rear camera is top and selfie camera best on the market

  • AnonD-479105

Do we have a Marshmallow update on H815?

  • Taghi GH

Guys! I want to buy this Model but Im worried about battery!!!! Please Some that has it, give me some information about battery life?