Samsung Galaxy S6 Active review: The triathlete

24 June 2015
Once again its June and time for Samsung to present us with a rugged version of its latest range-topping smartphone. This year, once more exclusively for AT&T, it is Samsung Galaxy S6 Active that enters the spotlight with camouflage livery, gobs of tech...

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  • jesus lorenz garcia

my phone s6 active lcd is damage how to order lcd and how much?

  • Cat

I l love my phone but when I'm talking to people they say they can barely hear me whether I speak up or louder than they say I'm muffled. The battery does run down quickly I thought maybe just because I have a lot of apps where I use the phone all day and also I just downloaded the most recent updates and I was on Facebook everything was good and this Samsung Galaxy sign came on and phone just shut down and won't come back on. What should I do?

  • Rebecca

I have had my phone for only a year and I have so much trouble out of it. First the speakers go out all the time, or sound scratchy. Second, the screen goes black (the phone is still on.) I can still hear things, but the screen back light goes out. Third it shuts down all the time. I love Samsung, but this model has not been my favorite.

  • Steve

Last year I put a load of laundry in the washing machine and my phone was in the laundry.I wash it pulled it out and it works great. I don't any other phone out there would still work after that

  • Jackie

the only problem with th samsung galaxy s6 active is the battery will drain quickly after charging the phone for 8 hours at times and other times it is ok. Is there a possibility of overcharging.

  • jabutee

Anyone tried the 64 Gb version yet?

  • pixel

in facts is it better than the s6 and the s6EDGE

  • bill b

I really like the Samsung products especially the actives that they've have made recently having had a 4s active and had no problems with it I decided to try the new 6 active only to have multiple problems within the last 3 months of owning it within the first month the charging port failed, and now after receiving the replacement problem with the Google software, is there anyone else out there having the same time problems

ButtonBoy, 15 Sep 2015Worst of all, it has an encrypted bootloader, making it impossib... moreDoes it any any root method available?

  • AnonD-324300

Major miss: the review doesn't mention anything about being able to operate it under water. Yes, submersible at 1.5 m for 30 minute, but can you press the buttons without flooding the unit?

  • ButtonBoy

Worst of all, it has an encrypted bootloader, making it impossible to install a better kernel.

  • Jagganatha

One day some bright spark will decide to use a transparent unbreakable material instead of a transparent breakable material. This phone has easily the best image quality of any cellphone camera I have seen. Easily> Look at the samples and imagine a future in which these machines are used commercially all the time, because judging by the results here- and if the S6 etc is tough enough, I would expect to be able to illustrate books and magazines using just this phone.
At base ISO they are gallery quality, amazing!!

Of course, IF the screen cracks all the time, no use at all...... use perspex instead?

  • Muhammad Saeed

Very good and beutyful fone

  • Anonymous

MakkaCha, 23 Jul 2015Instead of getting the Active, you can get a galaxy s6 and buy t... moreThats true but that case is quite clunky and still leaves you with the 1000mah smaller battery

  • MakkaCha

Instead of getting the Active, you can get a galaxy s6 and buy the x-case for it. The x-case uses gorilla glass for front panel and is dust, water and shock resistant. With the case you won't lose the fingerprint sensor and you get what ever memory model you want.

  • Anonymous

sandy, 20 Jul 2015good oneOK?

  • sandy

Anonymous, 28 Jun 2015Chill? Lol. I made a simple point.good one

  • AnonD-225316

Anonymous, 25 Jun 2015Honestly, why didn't they put this battery in the S6 and S6 Edge... moreBTW how is z3 compact??

  • AnonD-131311

AnonD-246723, 15 Jul 2015UHS II micro sd run faster than most of the internal storage =/Get a micro usb flash drive for movies.

  • AnonD-246723

Anonymous, 28 Jun 2015No the problem if that the lag and slow downs are exaggerated li... moreUHS II micro sd run faster than most of the internal storage =/