Samsung Galaxy S6 Active review: The triathlete

24 June 2015
Once again its June and time for Samsung to present us with a rugged version of its latest range-topping smartphone. This year, once more exclusively for AT&T, it is Samsung Galaxy S6 Active that enters the spotlight with camouflage livery, gobs of tech...

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  • SDKforLumia

Looking at the battery test, I was thinking, what if original S6 had arrived with the same battery and thickness???

  • AnonD-22824

Now this is what i want with 6" screen with 4500 mah battery and 64gb, 128gb versions.but 1 thing for sure this phone is a TANK , sad that it is not available globely .plz samsung launch it soon in INDIA.

  • Anonymous

The battery life

  • Anonymous

That battery life

  • aria

16h web browsing.18h video.bravo sami