OnePlus 2 review: Bounty Hunter

24 August, 2015
So, another flagship killer means a) the original left some unfinished business or b) OnePlus ran out of smart taglines. It would’ve made little sense to OnePlus to revise the job description but, while the OnePlus 2 is clearly superior it lacks one thing the original had, the benefit of surprise...

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  • Gaji

One plus 2 is useing a volte option...?

  • Oneplusfan1683Nxnx

OnePlus 2 = One+ 2 = 1 + 2 = 3 ? Just kidding. Its a joke.

  • Bharat sudani

One plus 2 phone update on mobile phone message not open on mobile phone

  • PVRao

Sir, my one plus 2is getting heat, kindly give me a solution

  • Parth

Its the best experience with the use of this phone..It has been upgraded with VOLTE as well.
Only problem is heating sometime when charging.But problem resolved with usage of application that cool down phone.Camera result best..Better to go for this phone if you are looking for good camera , best music and good network and display in this price range ..Only redminote 4 is having comaparble result with this phone

  • Bharat

Looks good but my device is having software problem with respect to portable with find hotspot. It does not connect other devices.

  • Rishu

Bhushan , 16 Nov 2016Purchase this phone yes or notYes

  • Anonymous

Does it support jio welcome offer

  • Bhushan

Purchase this phone yes or not

  • Altaf

can I connect a otg pendrive to one plus two and if yes how

  • kapil juneja

How much bt features are very nice

  • Samvit

AnonD-485292, 07 Jan 2016Can we use OTG with this mobile?Yes off course

  • AnonD-584534

good but not the best

  • Niil

What are uses of IR sensor.
And how i can use it.

  • Sai

Please don't buy one plus2, it will get heavy heat, no battery backup, screen lock not work properly, software issues are there.

  • Sheshasayee

I really enjoy using the mobile. Very sleek and stylish design.excellent performance. Camera good. Thanks

  • vickylovely99

Is this op2 mobile really good? Fr use...or any disadvantages??...please suggest me..

  • vickylovely99

Is this op2 mobile really good? Fr use...or any disadvantages??...please suggest me..

  • Surya Reddy

Hi I am using one plus two since JH January 2016. Recent update make me very disappointed. My phone is not ringing when I get the calls. Also I had a watsapp problem,somehow I managed to fix my self.
Pls suggest me what should I do .

  • Kumar

Don't buy one plus 2.. Service is not that good and they are not at all bothered about our issue. here find the major cons of this device.
Heating Issue.
Application hang issue.
Loud speaker also not that good.