OnePlus 2 review: Bounty Hunter

24 August, 2015
So, another flagship killer means a) the original left some unfinished business or b) OnePlus ran out of smart taglines. It would’ve made little sense to OnePlus to revise the job description but, while the OnePlus 2 is clearly superior it lacks one thing the original had, the benefit of surprise...

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naap51d, 24 Aug 2015Oppo/OnePlus made way too many compromises. I think Oppo gets O... moreThat's Snapdragon 810 for you...

Oppo/OnePlus made way too many compromises. I think Oppo gets OnePlus to beta test all
their new designs, by releasing them as OnePlus. Shave off a few features to save a buck, create a lot of viral marketing & Hype, silly contests.
If the feedback is positive, they release a new Find series, tweaking it from the feedback from the OnePlus drone/fanboys. Nothing is worth standing in line for. The bickering and cat fighting on their forums is like watching a train wreck. They lie and distort the truth. Leaving off NFC, when LAST years model had it...well, a lot of people said they never used it. Couldn't tell by the number of pissed off customers! It's a shame company, that has ZERO to little support if you have a problem, and, Oppo doesn't have the manufacturing capacity, to meet the demand.

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Not a big fan of the fact that its battery life is poorer than the opo. Otherwise though, the phone looks great.