OnePlus 2 review: Bounty Hunter

24 August, 2015
So, another flagship killer means a) the original left some unfinished business or b) OnePlus ran out of smart taglines. It would’ve made little sense to OnePlus to revise the job description but, while the OnePlus 2 is clearly superior it lacks one thing the original had, the benefit of surprise...

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  • Anonymous

flagship killer is more or less a marketing term to make it sound like a phone with value, because your getting an android phone that can do almost the same as a 900 dollar android phone.

that said, I can't honestly imagine why any North American or European customers will buy this phone. Customer service is lacking, and warranty issues is a huge concern unless you want to make that risk. that said, that's what you get for a 400 dollar no term phone.

AnonD-173672, 25 Aug 2015Zenfone 2 is much more a flagship killer than this. Flagship killer doesnt mean cheap. Zuk Z1, Asus Zenfone 2, ...there are many mid range devices that are affordable, but their CPU, display, camera and bezels are nowhere near flagship level.

  • Mick

Adiyel, 24 Aug 2015Sheesh, that battery life... I won't be getting anythin... moreVery true
It's kind of ridiculous how all 2015 flagship killers or hunters are preforming. After you had ur experience with a fast and good device. No one is perfect but this year I see none real improvement
I'm happy and just amusement about all this struggling for a bit better benchmarks or sharper screens.
A real performance is only smooth daily experience with excellent battery life.

  • Anonymous

the bettery life...

  • drifter77

Pretty average in my opinion. The web browsing and video playback battery times are terrible.

  • AnonD-173672

Zenfone 2 is much more a flagship killer than this.

My humble opinion is that you fialed to mention that for many people the 16gb is a no go (only 10 available) so you have to get the 400 euro version, at this kind of money i can also get a z3....

  • AnonD-292864

The ugliest phone ever. Especially the back of the phones is really ugly.

AnonD-263429, 24 Aug 2015Pretty fair review. I'm getting better battery life than th... moreWait for the battery tests on final software. Also, it seems 2 different types of display exist on the OP2. Some reviewers measure 600 to 640 nits while others measure 415-460 nits.

Something very strange. OnePlus announced 600nits. I have a measurement device -if mine has anything lower than 500 nits, it will go straight back.

AnonD-5197, 24 Aug 2015Battery is a pretty big let down... otherwise decent. On... moreThey didn't test with the latest version of Oxygen OS (2.0.1), which has all of the battery life enhancements...That's probably why they still haven't published those batter life charts.

  • AnonD-265341

Kudos guys,but no nfc and sd. Is a deal-breaker for me.if they add that, ip and a bigger battery next gen i might consider one.

  • Anonymous

Stupid invaits

Sheesh, that battery life...

I won't be getting anything SD810...this is just silly that this thing is what it is. But really, all the Chinese OEMs have poor software optimization. Huawei is the only exception...maybe. The great thing about some of these same OEMs is that they're putting midrange QC socs in their phones, so the devs will optimize or port stock Android and the battery life goes way up.

Coming from a Z3C where the phone does just about everything right, it's hard to be compelled to upgrade to anything I've seen since it's release.

  • AnonD-4254

Dear GSMArena staff,
Thank you for listening to us, and using human faces for selfie camera samples.
Please continue the good job! Appreciate your feedback handling...
Thumbs up!

Regarding the phone, everything is just great except the audio quality's second part. I wish it was good enough.... Although, its not a big deal by itself, but its worse than Oneplus One.

  • skromnia

So it is 50% brighter but the Whites are lower? That doesn't make sense.

  • ichan

one plus 2 that equals 3G Ram! great!

  • AnonD-5197

Battery is a pretty big let down... otherwise decent.

Only improvement worth mentioning are the control upgrades IMO. Hard home button. =D

  • AnonD-263429

Pretty fair review. I'm getting better battery life than this (similar to the OPO which I've had for a year) but it could be down to my usage.

I'm no great fan of the company or the marketing and invite farce but, despite the flaws, it's still a very nice device with good features (I have a 6 Plus and S6 for comparison). I'm really liking the build and changeable covers but do miss fast charging.

If you think it's not worth it, the good news is there are now more options at similar prices.

  • One+#

Got one invite today.

  • Anonymous

Even samsung home button? get a life