OnePlus 2 review: Bounty Hunter

24 August, 2015
So, another flagship killer means a) the original left some unfinished business or b) OnePlus ran out of smart taglines. It would’ve made little sense to OnePlus to revise the job description but, while the OnePlus 2 is clearly superior it lacks one thing the original had, the benefit of surprise...

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  • dom

AnonD-516626, 20 Mar 2016Im currently using moto g2 nd planning to buy a new phone b... morego for 1+2. trust me. if not refund it

  • AnonD-540292

AnonD-516626, 20 Mar 2016Im currently using moto g2 nd planning to buy a new phone b... moreNever Buy a Samsung Phone...
Otherwise buy anyone but not Samsung.

  • Superuser

I've owned opo and two, the first one was undisputed champion till it's gone bad and unfixable.

the opt is a little less glamorous for its price but I still like it a lot with one complaint which if it would really bother me is easily fixed that is less than great battery... Other than that it's hard to beat. Root, kernel and 3rd party bat saver and you're fine.

  • AnonD-516626

Im currently using moto g2 nd planning to buy a new phone but confused between LG G4, oneplus2, samsung galaxy S6, S7 and LG G5......
I dont like samsung UI so S6, S7 are out.....also G5will be costly..... :P
So left with G4 and 1+2 ....which one should i go for?
If there is any other gud phones do suggest but they should get updates....

  • AnonD-512398

All these reviews you can find online say positive things about this phone because they are written after playing for a short while with a brand new phone.

I found out the hard way that there's more about a phone than just the specs. In my case: the support provided by the company, or better said the lack of support. It seems that it's common knowledge that OnePlus has horrible support (it's even mentioned on the Wikipedia page about the company), but I wasn't aware of this when I bought the phone.

At the moment I am being ignored by their support team after more than one month since I asked for their help. If I open new tickets to ask about the status of the first one they are immediately closed with a standard template response that someone will get back to me. And they never do.

I wish at least one of these websites would mention this about OnePlus, maybe others like me will be "saved" from making the mistake of buying a product from a company that doesn't offer support. Don't get me wrong, it's a pretty decent phone, but you would buy it at your own risk. The moment you start having a problem with it you will realize nobody cares.

  • AnonD-486163

I am using this phone since the last 5 months and overall i am happy with the phone. The only concern with the phone is battery life. For me it lasts hardly 18 hours which is a disappointment with 3300mAH and it indicates the lack of deep OS optimizations as achieved by Sony/Samsung.....

  • Anonymous

My One plus two gets constant heating problems. Anyone out there with same problem? Whats the solution?

  • Tamiz

I buy one plus 2..3 month back.but now i think moto x play is good one.i am fully confused please give me any suggestions which one is beat smartphone one plus two vs moto x play ...

  • Abuadras

I boug ht oneplus2 three months ago and it seems great but I found it so difficult to take photos by its camera at darkness. I couldn't use the camera flash because there's no options to use it within the phone camera modes?!!!! Will anyone be kind enough to guide me through camera flash usage at darkness?

  • Anonymous

Why 1 plus 2 is not having headset. N really confused about its purchase

  • AnonD-20358

AnonD-477326, 17 Dec 2015i am planning to buy one plus 2 mobile, i believe its gud s... moreIf you plan to buy a steady and tested OS, better customer care with a far better camera and more regular updates - go for Moto X Play. And oh - I forgot to say a Micro SD Card slot.

  • tirumal

Poor battery backup.over heating

  • AnonD-485292

Can we use OTG with this mobile?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-477326, 17 Dec 2015i am planning to buy one plus 2 mobile, i believe its gud s... moreme also plan to buy one plus 2 ,is tere gud spec

  • Flo

Ok so. One plus one owner for 1 year here. Oneplus two owner for 1month here. Proud owner of Note5 now. So to put it short there.s your answer - don.t get opt. switched sooner but had to wait on shipping for the note5. To detail abit, after getting sick af of opo's bugs (mainly the ghost touch which despite them lying is a sw issue it is 100% hw), the opt came packed with an incredible lovely bug - the home button was bugging out (and the fingerprint with it). Add to that a keyboard that randomly and quite often refuses your input(lags teeeeeribly) and few other tiny bugs. So yeah, I got sick of opo's bs, with no support and all. Despite the fact that note5 is running touchwiz, this phone is amazing if you "nexify" it. But anyway opt stepped down with not having cyanogen. The only good thing in opt and x is the notification alert slider. One more thing. The bs level in marketing is incredible. The one was the year's flagship killer. The two is released in 2015 but it.s the 2016 flagship killer. Just stop oneplus. Note5 is so superior in build quality, looks, amazing screen, amazing camera, has fast charge plus wireless charging (to be noted, wireless FAST charge). And stupid me bought all the styleswap covers. Oh what a fool i was. The bamboo one makes the phone so bulky, despite it.s amazing looks. Steer away from oneplus people. The note5 is almost perfect, only if it had pure android. To be clear, i ordered a nexus6 too (opt just drived me crazy), but didn.t even unpack it. Guess the 6p is the only superior choice, and only in terms of performance. Yours, a phone freak. P.s. just recalled - haven.t checked what gsmarena says but opt's screen seemed to have lower brightness than the one. And one more important thing - the metal edges of opt vs note 5 are EXTREMELY sensible. Drop it a phone height and you.ll have your visual reminder for sure.

AnonD-477326, 17 Dec 2015i am planning to buy one plus 2 mobile, i believe its gud s... moreHow is possible that Moto X Play doesn't have giroscopy

  • AnonD-477326

i am planning to buy one plus 2 mobile, i believe its gud spec. but after reading this spec i am totally confused. pls help me out whether i can buy or not.

How is moto x play...? my alternate option

  • Rowie

Dinesh P, 16 Sep 2015It is not mentioned weather this phone a single sim phone o... moreIt is dual sim

  • Anonymous

Poor battery backup... with over heating on using mobile data and while charging. Not worth for the money

  • roseline

I want to buy the best phone for less price, please suggest me the I decided to buy one plus two but after seeing the comments I am most confused with my option.