Apple iPhone 6s review: The more it changes…

1 October, 2015
It’s how the saying goes. And you know, it’s not about Apple and the iPhone at all. It’s where the industry has been heading for a while now. In the race for screen size and processing power, the major makers’ flagships are like pro athletes finishing within milliseconds of each other...

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  • Cedric

COO COO, 05 Nov 2020this is such a stupid phone it runs out of battereys The battery run out very quickly. Am very disappointed.


this is such a stupid phone it runs out of battereys

  • Richie James

Great phone

  • Ratsom

Anonymous, 06 Jan 2016Sorry I am laughing.. It's 2016 and I look at screen resol... moreHaha 😂 I am laughing on myself
Its 2020 and still i am using my 6s don’t know why
And I don’t have a single thought in my mi d of changing it
I don’t know how long i keep it

  • Nemskee

Wow I love this phone very very smart

  • moses

i love it

  • Rad

Rico, 19 Nov 2019Back when you could have a decent apple iPhone. I think eve... moreI agree with you

  • Rico

Back when you could have a decent apple iPhone. I think everything went cleverly downhill after the launch of the 6 and 6/s. Reasonably priced and provided you with what you need. And I don't mean all the fancy garbage that comes with the latest models. You spend 1500-1800 in some cases on certain models and you cant get decent support or instant help. I'd expect the phone to walk me home check in on me every morning with breakfast in bed. Nice looking but thats about it. Just fyi , i was suddenly locked out of my own phone not long ago asking me to provide me icloud login details. As i couldnt remember my password and my 2fa was set with my previous number which was defunct i was not able to log in. I got an email from apple stating i would be provided assistance 3 weeks later. Is this the amazing instant apple support ? when you dish out under 2 grand on a phone. I think not. In a nutshell i recovered my iphone. If you're going to have solid security make sure you back it up with solid 24/7 support that can actually help you at least fairly instantly.

  • tanvir

its good

  • anonimos

Really good phone

  • Anonymous

AnonD-362866, 02 Oct 2015Better display that NEVER comes in handy? That the games ca... moreSo logically nothing matters to u..u will justify apple no matter what .even if they gave bricks instead of fones

  • Anonymous

theo, 09 Jan 2017Iphone 6s 32 GB or Iphone SE 64 GB ? which better ?6s

  • hermon

It's nice and l like it

  • Swoosh

I just got my 6s 32gig brand new it's so lovely and am really enjoying it big time .... this simply the best ever also the battery is very strong I charge once daily . Good stuffs

  • AnonD-642255


I have planned to upgrade from iphone 5s 16gb to iphone 6s 32 gb.....
Please share your opinion about the battery charge
My iphone 5s 3G data sucks my battery charge so i just want to know about the battery charge in iphone 6s


  • march-siyyarti

theo, 09 Jan 2017Iphone 6s 32 GB or Iphone SE 64 GB ? which better ?Choose Nokia father of a Lamp

  • theo

Iphone 6s 32 GB or Iphone SE 64 GB ?
which better ?

  • Anonymous

mir, 27 Jun 2016With the price they're asking, it should be at least 64gb o... moreThen don't buy

  • Blair Waldorf

Ahmad, 29 Apr 2016Having an iPhone is fun, but no regrets if you don't have o... moreHell Yeah! Tried using an Android and an Apple already and both are actually good but I prefer Apple more. And yes, you just have to be contented of what you have and just enjoy it!

  • Blair Waldorf

Greg, 15 Nov 2015I am sick of people spitting Apple only so they can hype ou... moreOMG so damn right. We should respect each one of us. Not minding other people's business and point of view or perspective on something is really a must. PS, Hell Yeah! It's their money anyway