Apple iPhone 6s review: The more it changes…

1 October, 2015
It’s how the saying goes. And you know, it’s not about Apple and the iPhone at all. It’s where the industry has been heading for a while now. In the race for screen size and processing power, the major makers’ flagships are like pro athletes finishing within milliseconds of each other...

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  • Anonymous
  • XV8
  • 03 Jul 2023

It was a decent phone when I first bought it, but its not very good anymore. Sure, 2GB RAM is okay, but not enough. Good for casual usage but was great back I. The mid 2010s. Its slow now, but I would recommend it if you are not going to put mush load on.

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    • Anonymous
    • AAX
    • 04 Dec 2022

    Not an Apple fanboy at all, but the 6S is the peak longevity of a phone that there has ever been. Released in September 2015 and ran the latest software until September 2022, runs understandably slower but will likely continue supporting most of the latest apps till 2025 so theoretically one could squeeze out a DECADE of use (with 2-3 battery replacements) from a single mobile device.

    I'm pretty sure the latest iPhone as of now (14 pro with the A16 chip) could see close to a decade of software upgrades and perhaps 15 years of app support (That is such a long time-frame that "smartphones" might be practically replaced with AR devices by then or even Apple might go out of/abandon iPhone business but who knows) but if you had to buy only and only one phone and HODL to it in the 2010's, this was it.

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      • Lal
      • Gg8
      • 11 Aug 2022

      I had bought My 128GB I phone 6S on Nov-2016. Almost 6 Years reaching. I renewed the battery in 2020 from an Authorized apple service center. Within these 6 Years my three secondary android phones I replaced due to complaints. So still i trust Apple only. This is the best alwz. I still love this phone, the comfortable use, and the perfect size. Now am going to upgrade my phone to Apple 13 or 14. 13 Mini was my fav, but it was a flop model. and 12 Mini was also a flop. So let's go for another best one as 13 or 14.

        Ahmed Hussein, 02 Oct 2021It’s 2021 and I’m still using it. I bought it in 2016 and I... moreI agree. Apart from the poor battery, this phone is the best phone released in 2015.

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          • Ahmed Hussein
          • gww
          • 02 Oct 2021

          It’s 2021 and I’m still using it. I bought it in 2016 and I can tell this phone is a legend !

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            • Joe
            • v3{
            • 21 Apr 2021

            I stayed with 12.2 for a long time and my battery was fine. "Upgraded" to 14.4 and now my battery last less than an hour at fully charged.

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              • hygi
              • r3a
              • 03 Mar 2021

              the battery is not powerfull at all

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                • Cedric
                • CGH
                • 06 Dec 2020

                COO COO, 05 Nov 2020this is such a stupid phone it runs out of battereys The battery run out very quickly. Am very disappointed.

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                  • COO COO
                  • 63M
                  • 05 Nov 2020

                  this is such a stupid phone it runs out of battereys

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                    • Richie James
                    • Nug
                    • 11 Sep 2020

                    Great phone

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                      • Ratsom
                      • H4X
                      • 27 Aug 2020

                      Anonymous, 06 Jan 2016Sorry I am laughing.. It's 2016 and I look at screen resol... moreHaha 😂 I am laughing on myself
                      Its 2020 and still i am using my 6s don’t know why
                      And I don’t have a single thought in my mi d of changing it
                      I don’t know how long i keep it

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                        • Nemskee
                        • Nue
                        • 15 Jun 2020

                        Wow I love this phone very very smart

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                          • moses
                          • fuf
                          • 28 Apr 2020

                          i love it

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                            • Rad
                            • r3H
                            • 20 Feb 2020

                            Rico, 19 Nov 2019Back when you could have a decent apple iPhone. I think eve... moreI agree with you

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                              • Rico
                              • MWW
                              • 19 Nov 2019

                              Back when you could have a decent apple iPhone. I think everything went cleverly downhill after the launch of the 6 and 6/s. Reasonably priced and provided you with what you need. And I don't mean all the fancy garbage that comes with the latest models. You spend 1500-1800 in some cases on certain models and you cant get decent support or instant help. I'd expect the phone to walk me home check in on me every morning with breakfast in bed. Nice looking but thats about it. Just fyi , i was suddenly locked out of my own phone not long ago asking me to provide me icloud login details. As i couldnt remember my password and my 2fa was set with my previous number which was defunct i was not able to log in. I got an email from apple stating i would be provided assistance 3 weeks later. Is this the amazing instant apple support ? when you dish out under 2 grand on a phone. I think not. In a nutshell i recovered my iphone. If you're going to have solid security make sure you back it up with solid 24/7 support that can actually help you at least fairly instantly.

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                                • tanvir
                                • uNV
                                • 14 Sep 2019

                                its good

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                                  • anonimos
                                  • w9J
                                  • 06 Apr 2019

                                  Really good phone

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • gM%
                                    • 05 Aug 2018

                                    AnonD-362866, 02 Oct 2015Better display that NEVER comes in handy? That the games ca... moreSo logically nothing matters to u..u will justify apple no matter what .even if they gave bricks instead of fones

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • fCK
                                      • 23 Mar 2018

                                      theo, 09 Jan 2017Iphone 6s 32 GB or Iphone SE 64 GB ? which better ?6s

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                                        • hermon
                                        • NXN
                                        • 31 Aug 2017

                                        It's nice and l like it