Apple iPhone 6s review: The more it changes…

1 October, 2015
It’s how the saying goes. And you know, it’s not about Apple and the iPhone at all. It’s where the industry has been heading for a while now. In the race for screen size and processing power, the major makers’ flagships are like pro athletes finishing within milliseconds of each other...

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  • AnonD-362866

I'm putting my money on 350+ comments... Aaaand... GO!

  • appleisdabest

Brilliant, breathtaking, perfect, amazing, mesmerizing, state of art, Steve Jobs would be proud, thanks Apple for such wonderful device, again reinvented the world of smartphones, never and Android or Blackberry will come closer to this.

  • Akira

AnonD-442310, 01 Oct 2015I thought the more cores a cpu has the better the performan... moreIt's not the amount of cores, it's mostly the real estate at a given tech level. Those 2 cores, even at 14 or 16nm are huge, as is the 6 threaded GPU. Total real estate measures between 96 and 104 square mm, where as the octacore Exynos 7420 including 8 threaded mali GPU just measures 78 square mm. Different design choices, also fitting different operating systems. Even my old S2 would already have Android employ both cores most of the time, now general apps like Chrome use up to 8 cores.

  • Gvso

You can't deny that you were eagerly waiting for the latest iPhone's review!!! ;)
Happy reading! :)

  • AnonD-442310

I thought the more cores a cpu has the better the performance, the Iphone has only 2 cores while the edge has 8 cores, yet the Iphone wins at almost all benchmarks.
Any explanation?

  • Anonymous

The camera may not be as outstanding as I hoped for, esp. if compared side by side with the S6 edge or the dxo king, the Z5. Tho I think Apple will improve it more, generation by gen. just like what they did to their 8mp.

The iPhone 6s is a beast. Apple once again made the best smartphone of all time.

  • Funboy

Again it Prove that Iphone is nothing but a crap

  • AnonD-441834

Been waiting for this review