Apple iPhone 6s review: The more it changes…

1 October, 2015
It’s how the saying goes. And you know, it’s not about Apple and the iPhone at all. It’s where the industry has been heading for a while now. In the race for screen size and processing power, the major makers’ flagships are like pro athletes finishing within milliseconds of each other...

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  • AnonD-375420

I don't love Apple, i don't love anyone but i have to admit how well Apple make the things to become mainstream like iphone 4 started the ppi competition where you can't see the pixel in normal usage and now we have 4k, like fingerprint sensors and now we have all over -on the back htc style, on the front samsung style, with the slow motion and now we have all over 240fps, and now with 3d touch and in 2 years all over.
I think android users will have the abilities for 3rd touch to customize what that firm press will show
Apple show the way, with smooth and natural feel, and the others make it more customisable

  • Anonymous

AnonD-1825, 01 Oct 2015This year Apple really crushed the competition, all those a... moreYou pity fool. That's because it has more than four times the resolution. The Exynos 7420's overall performance (using all its cores) is actually better than the A9 and the GPU is within 5%. That coming from an 8-month-old phone. Luckily on Android you can choose the resolution your games run on, and selecting 720p will give you the same performance. In fact, you can just use 720p all the time if you want by selecting the resolution with a simple app. We don't like Android because it is necessarily the best, but because it gives you choice. Choice to be what you want it to be, and aren't forced to comply with some status quo.

  • JD

AnonD-364786, 01 Oct 2015probably apple needs samsung software and RAM management ex... moreKeep on dreaming SamboyFanboy!

  • AnonD-364786

ithehappy, 01 Oct 2015Not interested, still asking, can iPhones do proper multi t... moreprobably apple needs samsung software and RAM management expertise to provide proper multitasking ;-)

  • AnonD-435885

Sick of looking at comments by android fan boys bashing on iPhone
Look at the chart whether you like it or not, iPhone owns every phone out there
suck it up

does this mean iPhone is the phone to buy?
if you don't have ton of money to spend = get android (much cheaper and ton to choose)
if you don't play games much = get android (much cheaper and ton to choose)
if you just want to drag and drop music and media files = get android
want to download media files directly to your phone? = get android

There are ton more reasons to get android over iPhone
just stop making dumb comments such as 'isheep' or 'android is so much better'
cause its not true

  • AnonD-235846

Samsung lovers here have real spelling issues. Don't get me wrong, I'm an android fan but these people seem uneducated. Why do most Samsung devices lag in games? Because they're too busy processing the over 70 bloatware apps in the background. Twice I've touched an S6 in the store and twice I've got it to lag pretty easily. Conclusion, get a bloatware free droid or get this.

  • JD

Anonymous, 01 Oct 2015Now. It's about equal to my note 4. It's a bit behind the n... moreKeep on dreaming SamboyFanboy!

  • AnonD-421428

Give me a decent REAL smartphone experience and I'll consider it, iOS is a glorified feature phone, I would kill myself if I were stuck all that time with the same overly simplistic ecosystem year after year after year after year...

  • AnonD-446854

but... but.. Samedung S6 got more cores! waaaa waaaaaa waaaaaaaa

Not interested, still asking, can iPhones do proper multi tasking now?

  • AnonD-1825

This year Apple really crushed the competition, all those android OEMs should go back to drawing board.

For example new need for speed no limits just got released on iOS and android, and that game lags with all samsung flagship devices released this year. Again good example that even if you buy most expensive android phone you still get crappy performance.

  • AnonD-145543

Wow, the Iphone 6s smashed the competition on those benchmarks and is more amazing that all the benchmarks are irunning at the same resolution, So nobody can argue that the Iphone has better score because the resolution is lower.Great Job Apple.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Oct 2015Now. It's about equal to my note 4. It's a bit behind the n... moreyes agreed

>No water proofing

Some teardowns and tests have shown that apple has put some degree of splash resistance.

  • AnonD-216564

Well to be honest, i hate iPhone, i hate Lagdroid... Im a WP user, and will always use WP... and love it alot, but it is also a fact that benchmark performances of this iBeast is simply undeniable...

Look at those bars, way ahead of all..... o_0
Good Job Apple.....

  • Autosan

mir, 01 Oct 2015Quantity does not always equal quality.Explanation - More cores are better for multi tasking, which isn't used at 100% of times. For a long time,what matters the most is the clock (in MHz), higher is better. That's why people overclock cpu's to play games at maximum configuration, cause most of the games usually rely on a single core, modern games should be able to take advantage of multi-tasking, and that's why for a long time you saw comments about 7-8 core ps3 would never reach its full capacity, plus it might also had been a marketing play. The O.S helps with processing depending on how it handles stuff to the processor and memory, and there is the cache memory also. So, even if android has a supposedly higher clock(which doesn't seem to be the case, they might be in equal terms or whatever), it might fall behind by how the o.s handles it or how the components architecture were built. Or in the final situation, the tests have been manipulated, but that's hardly true, since alot of people running those tests got similar results.

  • Anonymous

bobby21, 01 Oct 2015The iPhone 6s is a beast. Apple once again made the best sm... moreNow. It's about equal to my note 4. It's a bit behind the note 5 is coming in the mail the next couple of days.

  • Anonymous

appleisdabest, 01 Oct 2015Brilliant, breathtaking, perfect, amazing, mesmerizing, sta... moreThey'd have to go backwards to equal that.

  • Pukano

bobby21, 01 Oct 2015The iPhone 6s is a beast. Apple once again made the best sm... morelol no

  • Droid

for the first time i see that iphone is worth it and near to a perefect phone. ( battery pls)
and specially after google make nexus devices so expensive in europa 480€ for nexus 5x
in android world i see that galaxys and sonys the best devices
i will wait for iphone 6s price go down.