Sony Xperia Z5 review: Finely tuned

19 October, 2015
With the Xperia Z5 family, Sony has definitely piqued the interest of the public, delivering not one, but three flagship devices. The Z5 Premium is the world first 4K screen phone, while the Xperia Z5 compact is a powerhouse device with a small footprint...

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  • chiragchau1991

Ahmed , 13 Jul 2018I changed the lcd after it was broken. The problem am facing is ... moreUse earphones when calling

  • Anonymous

Ahmed , 13 Jul 2018I changed the lcd after it was broken. The problem am facing is ... moreits normal

  • WIND

the problem of the over heating is due to the power of the ba3 the phone is biger than the ba3... if they work on it and make ut about 5000mAh - 6000.... d COP coefficient of performance of the phone will be 85% excellent....

  • Ahmed

I changed the lcd after it was broken. The problem am facing is that the screen goes black when am calling. Help me out

  • myk

sony z5 was excellent

  • AnonD-756343


I have a question regardind Sony Z5, i just used 2 and half years Sony Z3+ but all the time i had problem with the phone temperature. All the time was overheated. When i watching something on youtube especially. Now the question if it's same for Z5?

Thank you,

  • Aamir Hussain

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2017Phone is very nice. Can it's supported OTG plz tell me

  • AnonD-679701

Despite the pros informed here, I find the colors and layout of in built apps of this phone very ugly, and the apps are not smart built. By ugly colors I mean flashy pink and horrible blue. What the hell, man, what about some elegance? Plus the problem that voicemail notifications don't go away. I am a little regretfull for these things. On top of all, it wasn't cheap.

  • YOYO joverson

Meek wayne, 14 Jun 2016Dose the glass of it back can be replaceable because my own is brok.Hey!! Look the back of the phone is made of Meatl or glass ?

  • Anonymous

Phone is very nice.

  • Anonymous

I did not know this until I bought the Z5. The camera in 23MP mode only gives you a 4:3 aspect ratio. To get a 16:9 aspect ratio picture (wide screen) you need to drop the camera MP settings to 20MP. SUCKS!!! Also, I did not get in ear headphones. I got a shitty pair of horrible sounding cheap ones. I have been robbed! The battery in my Z3 used to last much longer than the Z5. Why change something that was not broken??? I miss my Z3...

  • sandeep

I like you phone

  • Meek wayne

Dose the glass of it back can be replaceable because my own is brok.

  • Styllz

I dont own the Z5 as i own the Z3 but have still manage to use the Z5 for couple of days. I am a Sony fan and both the Z3 & 5 are great phones. The highlight of both phones for me is the battery because with my z3 it last me 2days with 15% left thanks to the stamina/ultra stamina mode But now that all gone out the window due to the new marshmellow update, i have not a clue what they where thinking but its actually rubbish. My phone does not even last a full day anymore because they have decided to remove both stanmina modes in the new update. The replacement battery saver mode is pointmless becasue the screen dims to its loweset which makes can't be used outdoors. Just because of this i had a strong rating of 9/10 which has fallen to 6.5/10.... Needs fixing

  • Anonymous

My Sony Z5 phone's battery got drained after using it underwater. Tried to charge it but is no longer working. The phone won't show an indication that it is charging. The red light is also not lit up. I already tried using another charger but it did not work. What would I do before going to Sony Center? It is far from where I am right now. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

not good. see chapter 8 in this review, in "image quality" sub-chapter.
it tells this:
Sony does have some spotty reputation in this department with certain recurring issues like corner softness and a lot of noise under less than favorable lighting. Looking at the samples form the Z5 we sadly see many of these issues yet again - some shots came out quite blurry around the edges and a lot of detail seems to have this watercolor like look, which is usually a result of poor noise reduction algorithms.

  • anoneemus

Lancelot, 02 Mar 2016This is a great phone. I don't know why most of you are saying t... moreI like the design of the z5 especially the green one. If they can change the snapdragon 810 to 820 then i will surely buy it. Perfect!

  • Lancelot

This is a great phone. I don't know why most of you are saying that this not a good one. I have tested all the functionality and new features of the phone and it works perfectly fine. as for the video recording. steady shot and Digital stabilization is exceptional and way too far from other brands, this is top 1 for me. If you're using a sony mobile for your photograpy, I bet for sure that you have a good understanding on how to shot great photos. Sony did not put too much processing on their camera software unlike other brands. so I believe if you want to take good photos with sony camera you have to know the basics and the dynamics of the photography. performance wise Z5 can battle with all of the top android phones around w/its SD810, heating issue is not a big deal here unless recording in 4k its expected anyway.

that's all, sorry for bad English, not my main language :)

  • Shah

I had Sony Xperia c2005 which is good mobile phone it had only one drawback that its memory was too less only 2GB but as a cheap mobile it was acceptable, its display and video quality was very good. Now I have bought Sony Xperia Z5 and thought that it will be more pleasurable but I am shocked to see its video quality which is so poor. Even unknown brands video is better or let's say similar to Sony Xperia z5, so what is the use of spending this much money for so bad phone?.I am regretting a lot and want to sell this phone as soon as possible and will never buy Sony phone again because they cheated its customers by giving so bad video and photos quality.

Anonymous, 25 Dec 2015Good luckHappy New Year! GOOD LUCK to you too:)