Sony Xperia Z5 review: Finely tuned

19 October, 2015
With the Xperia Z5 family, Sony has definitely piqued the interest of the public, delivering not one, but three flagship devices. The Z5 Premium is the world first 4K screen phone, while the Xperia Z5 compact is a powerhouse device with a small footprint...

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  • Vic

Sadly, like a rule of thumb, all newer generations of smartphones ( Sony, Samsung, HTC) have got significantly worse battery endurance that predecessors... And to be honest I don't like it... It seems - only Apple has managed to squeeze more battery time from it's hardware/software combination. Will see what new Lumias have to offer.

  • AnonD-45647

im i the only one here who noticed that the sample pictures look way better than the description !


  • AnonD-85136

Great. I love Xperia z5 series.

  • AnonD-5666

At 50% brightness, Z5 is very dim. Only 90cd/m2. This is serious cheating by Sony and makes the batterylife tests useless.

6S is 148, Note 5 is 183, S6 is 208. So Sony is literally like half bright at 50% compared to other phones, which makes this batterylife test completely useless.