Sony Xperia Z5 review: Finely tuned

19 October, 2015
With the Xperia Z5 family, Sony has definitely piqued the interest of the public, delivering not one, but three flagship devices. The Z5 Premium is the world first 4K screen phone, while the Xperia Z5 compact is a powerhouse device with a small footprint...

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Not a big fan of Sony, but big thumbs up for including a lanyard eyelet. It's the only phone on the market that I know of that has one. Before that, there was also Lumia 1020, but I don't remember any others recently.

And Dxomark had the nerve to crown the Z5 as the best in overall image quality. They don't know what they are talking about!

  • AnonD-206412

Bezels Humongous , No stero spekears. . no offscreen buttons. . .old boxy design. . .



ithehappy, 20 Oct 2015Every year a Z series flagship review is put up on GSMA, I am li... moresony is bad...bad bad leroy brown...

i love sone for bieng so innovative....nice!!

  • aeromay

Top and bottom bezels are too wide. Sony didn't utilize screen space to fullest like ZL.

  • AnonD-355165

all benchmark score of samsung was chear and lie.

Every year a Z series flagship review is put up on GSMA, I am like, oh yes, this must be something really exciting, and every year after reading the review for 15-20 minutes I am like, oh dear, same old, same old.

Sony is consistent. I think its time for Mr. Bond to switch brand. I am sorry to Sony Mobile is nowhere near to be an exclusive brand any more, nowhere near.

  • Anonymous

Best Smartphone of 2015 Sony Z5. At last i can sell my iphone 6. Thank you SONY !

  • Anonymous

My Christmas present 2015

  • Anonymous

Cant wait to see the day when Sony smartphone division merge with HTC to form one super mediocre company.

MDR-NC750, GSM arena forgot to mention, not just high resolution headphones with digital active noise cancellation

  • Anonymous

AnonD-5666, 19 Oct 2015At 50% brightness, Z5 is very dim. Only 90cd/m2. This is serious... moreyes i notice it too
since battery life page is the first thing i jump to after introduction.
and it is still 73 endurance rating
conclusion ---> mediocre result

  • Anonymous

Based on the overall review, I think they tried to be positive and objective as they could, though some copy paste items were not checked. I'm a Sony fan and I want to agree w/ what GsmA say in their conclusion. It could be the marketing to blame after all, as for the pricing, to me it's just justifiable given the offerings, some similarly priced competitors have less to offer, I think some here know what I'm referring to. Am iRight?

I just wish that Sony reads reviews and learn from them for future refinements. I love Sony and if there is a need for them to polish things like software, then so be it. They will surely benefit from CONSTRUCTIVE criticisms.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-45647, 19 Oct 2015im i the only one here who noticed that the sample pictures look... moreMe either! It's hard for me to find fault with the cam samples. I checked them and the description seems to be wanting for an absolute perfection. Tho I also want to understand gsmA side; again maybe they want an absolute perf, quite similar to that of what a pro-level sensor can give.

  • AnonD-234961

I really don't understand Sony. They make great camera sensors and great cameras in general, yet when it comes to smartphones their own camera really suc*ks. Why would you blindingly increase the resolution, decreasing the pixel size, when the low-light pictures look like a bad joke...this is something I can't understand.

  • dd

I am not happy with gsmarenas camera test.
They say low light imaging is not good. Well i don't think so.
dxomark is very trustable source for camera quality.
S6 had an excellent camera. But it was imx240.
Z5 has imx300 it definitely has to be better than the s6.

Vic, 19 Oct 2015Sadly, like a rule of thumb, all newer generations of smartphone... moreThey may not be much better. The way early 64-bit qualcomm and Android have worked so far is that standby is not so well. The phones would score much higher if the standby was up to kitkat level. This should be alleviated in 6.0 though.

Personally, I'm waiting for the Z7C, and hopefully Sony will go with either a 1080p 4.7" screen, or a 720p 4.7" that is actually QHD when rendering media. It can be done...and it'd he a nice last hurrah

  • Aaa

Is there
Double tap to awake ?
Water resistance touch sensitivity as in z3 plus?
Gsmarena plz review completly

  • Greg

AnonD-5666, 19 Oct 2015At 50% brightness, Z5 is very dim. Only 90cd/m2. This is serious... moreAhhh.... Sony. WE love you so much but you don't love us so much. You're killing us with prices. And i hoped so much for Z3C to be mine and to be about 450 euros. Careful... walking on a thin ice is worth of every respect but could cost you a lot.
- Big fan