Sony Xperia Z5 review: Finely tuned

19 October, 2015
With the Xperia Z5 family, Sony has definitely piqued the interest of the public, delivering not one, but three flagship devices. The Z5 Premium is the world first 4K screen phone, while the Xperia Z5 compact is a powerhouse device with a small footprint...

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  • Anonymous

not good. see chapter 8 in this review, in "image quality" sub-chapter.
it tells this:
Sony does have some spotty reputation in this department with certain recurring issues like corner softness and a lot of noise under less than favorable lighting. Looking at the samples form the Z5 we sadly see many of these issues yet again - some shots came out quite blurry around the edges and a lot of detail seems to have this watercolor like look, which is usually a result of poor noise reduction algorithms.

  • anoneemus

Lancelot, 02 Mar 2016This is a great phone. I don't know why most of you are say... moreI like the design of the z5 especially the green one. If they can change the snapdragon 810 to 820 then i will surely buy it. Perfect!

  • Lancelot

This is a great phone. I don't know why most of you are saying that this not a good one. I have tested all the functionality and new features of the phone and it works perfectly fine. as for the video recording. steady shot and Digital stabilization is exceptional and way too far from other brands, this is top 1 for me. If you're using a sony mobile for your photograpy, I bet for sure that you have a good understanding on how to shot great photos. Sony did not put too much processing on their camera software unlike other brands. so I believe if you want to take good photos with sony camera you have to know the basics and the dynamics of the photography. performance wise Z5 can battle with all of the top android phones around w/its SD810, heating issue is not a big deal here unless recording in 4k its expected anyway.

that's all, sorry for bad English, not my main language :)

  • Shah

I had Sony Xperia c2005 which is good mobile phone it had only one drawback that its memory was too less only 2GB but as a cheap mobile it was acceptable, its display and video quality was very good. Now I have bought Sony Xperia Z5 and thought that it will be more pleasurable but I am shocked to see its video quality which is so poor. Even unknown brands video is better or let's say similar to Sony Xperia z5, so what is the use of spending this much money for so bad phone?.I am regretting a lot and want to sell this phone as soon as possible and will never buy Sony phone again because they cheated its customers by giving so bad video and photos quality.

Anonymous, 25 Dec 2015Good luckHappy New Year! GOOD LUCK to you too:)

  • Anonymous

Dual heatpipes, 20 Nov 2015Do you really have a Xperia Z2? The music player has EQ and... moreGood luck

AnonD-392441, 20 Nov 2015Just wondering - when you test the audio quality of various... moreDo you really have a Xperia Z2? The music player has EQ and also the Clear Bass setting, why don't you use it?? The Walkman (music in Xperias) is the best music player, you can make a lot of setting for personal preference. And the UI is progress in the beta test for better user experience. Let you know, I only use the basic earphone for listen music, but it can produce a very very very good sound! I wouldn't choose other brands, because they don't have DSEE HX feature and many other very good features.

Don't use the download music app from the google play store, it only show you a Samsung user.

  • AnonD-434597

AnonD-392441, 20 Nov 2015Just wondering - when you test the audio quality of various... moreYa, i guess its about the software, sony is not good in that department.
Like camera, their 20 mp phone is easily beaten by 13mp other vendor which also use sony sensor.

  • AnonD-392441

Just wondering - when you test the audio quality of various different phones, do you always use the inbuilt music app (e.g. Walman/Music for Sony) or do you download a third party app and use that same app for all phones?

The reason I ask is that I had an Xperia Z2 and G3, and always found the music performance on the G3 much better.

After a while and decided to try a new app on the Sony due to the lack of EQ bands on the stock one, and so I downloaded jetAudio Plus.

What I wasn't expecting is that once I played music using jetAudio (even without any EQ or other modifiers applied) it sounded very, very different to how it did with the Walkman App. Basically the sound quality was now on par (or very nearly on par) with the G3. The first thing I noticed is far better stereo separation.

This led me to the conclusion that the Sony Walkman software has weak audio accuracy, and is probably the reason behind the device always having issues with crosstalk in the measurements. It also left me wondering how the Sony measurements would compare if every device tested was using the same playback software (hence meaning that any difference being measured is in the hardware itself).

DenisXD, 11 Nov 2015it's not with steady shot enabled. It has the best stabilis... moreHi!
I have checked some more videos, but these ones I do not understand why were shaky. Even if it was wind, the others did perform better. The movie was not shaky.
Do you own one? In which color?

Anonymous, 16 Nov 2015I don't like this mobile,camera facility is not good. So I ... moreSamsung J is really a midphone, but Z5 is highend.
The software update? Flagship probably have a longer update.

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  • Anonymous

I don't like this mobile,camera facility is not good. So I love Samsung mobile J7 Thank you

Mobilemaster, 04 Nov 2015I wonder, why the Z5 is shaky when taking's not with steady shot enabled. It has the best stabilisation in the world atm, it's far ahead than the other mobiles stabilisation.

  • AnonD-122669

U kno sony's manufacturing units will keep making great phone but they will never make good profits because their maketing unit have their heads up their assess.
No marketing in big markets like India, no adds, no sponsorship deals, bad carrier support in USA, questionable after sales services, confusing mid-rangers, Questionable launch schedules of flagships the list goes on.
These are the areas where Samsung excels & beats everyone else while Sony, LG, HTC etc are fumbling.

  • AnonD-464084

Should I wait until SD 820 comes and can anyone tell me round bout when it will arrive?

  • Kaler

M using from week its dreamy phone
Love when u say z5 gold
Bt heat problem still i don't know when update came

Bt it's yup superman

  • AnonD-458606

My dream phone, will buy this phone after two-three years from now. Recently, bought M4 (quite happy with it).

I wonder, why the Z5 is shaky when taking videos.

AnonD-265341, 29 Oct 2015What's wrong with ps3? I fin it easy and reliable. until you use ps3's browser, which is the worse.