Asus Zenfone Selfie review: Vanity light

6 November, 2015
The Asus Zenfone Selfie has got to be the company’s most straightforward attempt at product naming. Sure, it does have the mandatory 7-symbol alphanumeric model string at its tail, which means zip to the uninitiated, but unlike the piles of different Zenfone 2’s, in this case a simple Selfie will suffice to describe the specific model.

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  • Anonymous
  • 2SD
  • 01 Jun 2018

Hari, 22 Sep 2016Does it has infraredno infrared

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    • nithin
    • 2SD
    • 01 Jun 2018

    Good phone with very bad battery life. 1 star rating is also too much for its battery. 99% Asus phones fails to make battery life atleast average. Gaming also too bad.

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      • Anonymous
      • Dkc
      • 18 May 2018

      this is the worst phone i have ever seen with cost of 14000 Rs. (at launched time) except camera department all other is does not mean that camera is very good at all, picture quality is fab..but processing time is very poor...and customer service at service centre is very very irritating....

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        • AnonD-725537
        • 7ka
        • 24 Dec 2017

        I have asus zenfone selfie mobile has 5 months warranty mobile having issue of software i went to service center to update software they toke my mobile and my mobile battery and tolde to come after 3 hours i went after 3 hours software was updated and my new battery which was working perfectly fine and its was replaced by damaged battery. Do not buy asus mobile phone.asus service center they remove original parts and install damaged parts to this is policie of asus mobile company to earn double profit avoid using asus mobile phone

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          • Bss
          • YQ%
          • 05 Aug 2017

          Akshay kumar, 15 Jul 2017Plz suggest me frndz which is good this selfie model or mot... moreDon't buy Asus motherboard problems arises after warranty

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            • Akshay kumar
            • KAe
            • 15 Jul 2017

            Plz suggest me frndz which is good this selfie model or moto e4 plus new model.kindly suggest frnd.

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              • shivam
              • GXp
              • 01 Jun 2017

              I recently purchased zenfone selfie 3GB/16GB. But it has only 1. 5 GHz CPU. Does it really available in this variant or I got tricked..

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                • Reefer
                • KgW
                • 19 Feb 2017

                i love the phone.. However with the last update of asus I had a boot loop issue and its still not resolved until now. Im currently thinking abot buying another one, but Im not really sur if I should...

                  • K
                  • Krishna
                  • ypd
                  • 23 Sep 2016

                  The Asus Zenfone selfie gets hang frequently

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                    • Hari
                    • uwq
                    • 22 Sep 2016

                    Does it has infrared

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                      • AnonD-544310
                      • 61E
                      • 02 Sep 2016

                      Yes. Zenfone Selfie is the best that i have. Like it! Os. 6.0.1 right now and Body is very Good for the handling.

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                        • smart
                        • Xu4
                        • 05 Aug 2016

                        am confused, in todays date there are lot more new companies launching and they all are launching lots of smrtphns, so i am confused that among from all those crowds which mobile i should purchase, i want mobile of good company,long lasting battery backup, price between 10000-20000,both camera(front+back) clarity should be from 13-8 to above that and also mobile should perform well and fast. kindly suggest all mobile experts.

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                          • nikk
                          • v{%
                          • 25 Jul 2016

                          I m using asus zenphon selfie expert phon but bttry very fast die nd nadroid 5l0 best ya android 6.0 is best m planing to updte android 6.0 so plzz tell me fast

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                            • Sana
                            • 9L{
                            • 24 Jul 2016

                            What is best to buy zenfone self I or j7??

                              • D
                              • AnonD-559104
                              • K2G
                              • 11 Jul 2016

                              Is it possible to take detailed rear camera shots like fog lights in super resolution mode as in DSLR cameras?

                                • R
                                • Raju
                                • X$N
                                • 02 Jul 2016

                                I lost clock on my lock screen, how can I get it back?

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • Hkt
                                  • 26 Jun 2016

                                  dev, 17 Apr 2016Am confused ....between Asus zenfone selfy or j7. plzz... morezefone is best

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                                    • Boy
                                    • IVS
                                    • 02 Jun 2016

                                    Sabu, 22 Apr 2016Is this phone support otgYes it does

                                      • k
                                      • krishna
                                      • vwj
                                      • 03 May 2016

                                      Battery is draining very fast

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                                        • AnonD-529770
                                        • X$v
                                        • 24 Apr 2016

                                        Very nice phone. Features 3 gb & 32 gb. . Ultimate. . I love its looking & picture quality by front and rear cam. But from last few days its front cam is creating some prob. When i click a picture then after clicking , extra more brightness come at bottem of that photo, that destroy the picture. Is there any solution for this prob?