Asus Zenfone Selfie review: Vanity light

6 November, 2015
The Asus Zenfone Selfie has got to be the company’s most straightforward attempt at product naming. Sure, it does have the mandatory 7-symbol alphanumeric model string at its tail, which means zip to the uninitiated, but unlike the piles of different Zenfone 2’s, in this case a simple Selfie will suffice to describe the specific model.

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  • Sabu

Is this phone support otg

  • dev

Am confused ....between Asus zenfone selfy or j7. plzzzz which is better?? Thn I buy ...

  • AnonD-514280

Eddie, 13 Nov 2015I like your review, it's pretty explanatory and very details. Bu... moreThe J7 compared with the Selfie uses Samsung Exynos 7580 which is Cortex-A53 1.6Ghz Octacore cpu and it is a bit more powerful than Snapdragon 615.

  • omid46

My dearest and Asus followers and friends.Besides the complete excellent review of gsmArena that Selfie disadvantages can be modified by Asus updates and upgrades,the qualities of this upper midrange phablet are high in design,features and performance!Other selfie specifications,unbiasedly speaking are high too.I think the price fortthose whom like to have a good Selfie smartphone tablet are just.Hopefully,Asus with the next leaps steps into high ends ranges too.As I am experiencing,itel atoms in Asus devices are really act awesomely and amazingly.Other qualities are been written in gsm complete review that may be studied by dearest readers.As I once requested from gsmArena,the important scientific phone glossary needs urgent updates for newly smartphone and tablet terms!?HOPEFULLY HOWEVER MY REQUEST MIGHT BE READ BY ASUS,MY 3 YEAR OLD FONEPAD NEEDS THE URGENT UPDATES AND UPGRADES BY ASUS GOODWILL!?I wish good luck for those whom seek qualities and have Asus Selfie that for sure goes to my virtual grand dream musiem!!Thanks gsm,Asus,and all the readers and commentators worldwide plus....Justice Rights.Omid12omidvar.

  • Guru

Ya its good phone everything is superb bt it little bit lag when so.manny app are performing activities and only one drawback of this phone is battery battery gone only 5 hours with 100% of charge while using web browsing

  • AnonD-504073

Sana, 15 Feb 2016Is the battery removable? can i take screenshots? Please help.I ... moreYEs Battery is removable and screenshot is very user friendly.

  • Oppo lover

Sam, 27 Nov 2015Can I buy this phone plz suggest Asus selfie or Oppo r7 Oppo is a great buy! Mine is R7lite and my husband has the R7 plus and both are awesome! No lagging issues unlike other phones.. :)

  • Sana

Is the battery removable? can i take screenshots? Please help.I need to buy after i get my answers.

  • Asous1


Need to buy it now, can somebody give me advise before buying? Is it good ?

  • Omar

No screenshot?

  • Anon

Honestly, when they mentioned selfie, i thought screen at the back.

  • omid46

Anonymous, 29 Nov 2015Anyway do u suggest buying it?Dearest friend and follower of gsmAreas.To be fair and unbiased about suggesting buying any devices and prevention of being supporter of this and that brand,since none of them cooperate in sharing their knowledge with the researchers,especially Asus and Microsoft lacks of cooperations even for their own interests,in my own self opinion,studying the gsmArena buying guidelines according to your budget and expectations from smart devices are the best OPTIONS of buying devices!!!?Because GSM has the most advanced lab with upto date ddevices to even tell you advantages and disadvantages of all devices,no matter of their brand power and high,mid and low grades they belong to!!!I have to mention that some reports about the true specifications of devices are fake!!!For instance a camera of 13 megapixel is not even 8 pixels!!!So reading the gsmArena shopping suggestions are the best!!Also please test and try any smart devices before purchasing it....In my opinion Bruce selfie is a good midrange plastic smartphone with a little high pricey to be choosen now!!!In gsmArena shopping guidelines their views maybe different or they may never mention Bruce Selfie at all!!!So don't rely just on big names that some small xxxx names may make the best too slowly and silently like yyyy!!!Dearest friend,hopefully you got what I mean,since red lines prevent my further talking....Justice Rights is ours of course!Good luck all Plus their views on view is my request please...

  • omid46

Dearest gsmArena followers and friends.Thanks God that among all confusing unknown products named many Zenfones,one has name SELFIE!!!Hopefully somebody else changes the names to A1,A2,A3,A4,B1,B2,B3,B4,etc Or Dragon1,2,3,4,5,6 or to respect Bruce Lee,Bruce1,2,3,4,5,6 to remind and commemorate the great Chinese legend Bruce!!!About the device itself,it,s among upper midrange smartphone in design,features,performance,cameras,wifis and other specifibations!!!Of course snapdragon of 616 for chinse natives exclusively is much better than 615 in games and videos that an upgrade may solve the problems!!Also incredible amazing news of Upgrading to android 6 marshmallow is AWESOME in Chinese brands recently!!In short Brube Selfie is a good upper smartphone in crowded midrange brands of positive contests!Long live Bruce Lee and its selfie....Hopefully fearless brave independent gsm releases this+thanks for its complete review+no more plastic in Bruce Lee epic legendry Chinse and Jakie Joan smarts too!Justice Rights+++

  • Anonymous

Eddie, 13 Nov 2015I like your review, it's pretty explanatory and very details. Bu... moreDear Eddie And Other User who love this phone and have doubt that why benchmark shows wrong score where samsung has same or less processor clock speed and storage, RAM also lesser than asus zenfone selfie then asnwer is simply Processor itself. More powerful processor , more will be clarity of images and performance. search youtube about comparision between this two, and it tells that samsung has Exynos 7580 processor which is powerful as other qualcomm snapdragon and mediatek processors. just like Apple iphone 's processor clocked at very lowe but speed and overall it is allrounder. Display of J7 is super Amoled which makes 720 x 1280p to be equal to 1080 x 1920p.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-471661, 29 Nov 2015The camera is disappoting me. good as expected.. Anyway do u suggest buying it?

  • AnonD-471661

The camera is disappoting me. good as expected..

  • Sam

Can I buy this phone plz suggest Asus selfie or Oppo r7

  • Anonymous

Is this phone has quadcore processor?bt web said its octacore processor...pls hlp me in this regard....and tell me ph have the side key for volume ups and downs or not..

  • AnonD-467776

Smartphones ka smartphone
Super phone @ best price

  • jojy shajan

Super fone loving asus amaizing camera clarity 5.5 screen is a ggod clarity to watch video 3 GB ram is suprr and 1.7 snapdragan prosasar is very fast and not hang the is very slim and lite on a end the frd camera is 13 mp is amaising picture clarity the advantage is very good servising of asus i like asus very more than all other brands go for asus ssus come with you