Meizu Pro 5 review: The Prodigy

10 November, 2015
Meizu did such a wonderful job with the MX5 that we were pretty certain a Pro edition wasn't needed this year. As it turns out Meizu thought otherwise and is giving us a bigger and faster Meizu Pro 5, with refined design, blazing-fast chipset and better camera sensor.

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hx105, 11 Jan 2016PHONE OF THE YEAR 2015!!! Those who said Pro5 as iPhone cop... more... iphone first appeared in 2007...

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    • AnonD-649263
    • Nny
    • 02 Mar 2017

    I won't to no how to remove keyPaton plz

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      • AnonD-402621
      • pqC
      • 27 Aug 2016

      Hello guys,

      Can you please tell me if this phone is "dual sim full active"? When you use the phone in dual sim mode and you are talking on "line 1" and someone is calling you on "line 2" do you receive the call or the phone is busy?

      I'm planning to buy the 64G version 4G RAM and the answer is very important for me.

      Thank you!

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        • hx105
        • KhH
        • 11 Jan 2016

        PHONE OF THE YEAR 2015!!! Those who said Pro5 as iPhone copycat, chech the older Meizu MX3, which released one year earlier than iphone. So if copycat is mentioned, it would be APPLE!

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          • AnonD-98399
          • tZ4
          • 10 Jan 2016

          by looking at the wifi test + video test , 3000mah is very good result . if really tat energy effecient , why all Samsung user sure have 1 unit power bank. Really dont understand why manufacturer not add battery capacity instead of let us carry additional 1 unit powerbank (200g) daily.

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            • Ztealth
            • 2FA
            • 03 Jan 2016

            Anyone having issues with audio stuttering when switching between apps while music is playing? It's really annoying and I don't know what's causing it.

              Anonymous, 23 Dec 2015Do you mean apple and Samsung should fire their designers o... moreIf Mezui have great designers, they should know what is neither fish nor fowl and what is symbolic and stylish.

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                • Anonymous
                • 3LZ
                • 23 Dec 2015

                Do you mean apple and Samsung should fire their designers of course? Apple copy Meizu not vice versa

                  Meizu should fire their designer. the spec is high and expensive too but the design is copy from Apple & Samsung, it is nothing unique can say.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • iba
                    • 16 Dec 2015

                    It is too much shadow from Iphone 6s and Samsungs, are this 2 company corporate to make a China's phone? Just like the China's dramas copy everywhere.

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                      • awi11
                      • txj
                      • 27 Nov 2015

                      This is indeed an excellent phone with the price. The top phone maker (Apple, sony, samsung and lg) better watchout for Meizu!

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                        • darshan.godbole
                        • dZS
                        • 19 Nov 2015

                        Is anybody using this phone? Want to know about the battery backup?

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                          • AnonD-466071
                          • 4mA
                          • 15 Nov 2015

                          zeeBomb, 11 Nov 2015The deca core Helio X20 is promising though. I really would... moreThere's an article out by android authority that starts pinning the next-gen chips against each other if you care to look.


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                            • 15 Nov 2015

                            Anonymous, 11 Nov 2015It is but they should have gone with just an oct-core and p... moreI think that Helio x20 will be a great SoC but I have seen that it supports LPDDR3 RAM which I feel is gonna require a lot better software RAM management optimizations than a lot of OEMs will probably give.

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                              • 15 Nov 2015

                              Areyoujk, 11 Nov 2015Who would buy a phone that looks like a cheap iPhone copyca... moreI must admit the resemblance to an iPhone 6/ 6s Plus isn't favorable but I think that it may only not be good for you. You clearly care more about people's outlook on your phone more than the experience you're offered (nothing wrong with that). But I do feel that once you have the phone the similarities to the iPhone fade because no one looks at the bottom of the phone and the lock screen Meizu uses in the picture makes it more iPhone 6/ 6s Plus like than I believe it will feel. The button arrangement on the sides is not the same and the back looks like the HTC m7, not to mention the home button favors the Samsung galaxy S6/S6 edge/ Note 5 look. That leaves the 2.5D screen (aesthetically pleasing for any phone), the body design (not denial there), the layout on the bottom (again no denial, however Samsung's new line also "copies" this) and possibly the ear piece/ ambient sensor layout (that part is a stretch). Again, I do believe they are pretty heavily influenced by the iPhone 6/ 6s Plus design language but don't let others unenlightened opinion (apologies if that was harsh) deter you from a stellar phone.

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                                • Simon
                                • 0x8
                                • 14 Nov 2015

                                This is incredible and unbelievable, but the Chinese just made the best of all worlds smartphone that tops the flagships and competes directly with the best, the Samsung phones, topping them in several fields. Wow. Judging by that pace, the Chinese will have saturated the global smartphone market within just a few years.

                                  Adi.Ilie, 13 Nov 2015This is a great phone but this days almost anyone can manuf... morexiaomi......

                                    This is a great phone but this days almost anyone can manufacture a good quality phone.
                                    Still none wants/can make a fairly cheap quality phone. The only exception was OnePlus One, but they got greedy with OP2.

                                      AnonD-72449, 12 Nov 2015Apple might of took the placement of the antenna bands from... moreits the other way around, meizu made mx3 a whole year before iphone 6 came out......
                                      meizu mx3's design was the basis for mx4, mx4 pro, mx5 and meizu pro 5......
                                      so it was apple who copied the design

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                                        • uqx
                                        • 13 Nov 2015

                                        Michael Ryan, 13 Nov 2015All in all I can't help but think this is what the Note 5 s... moreIn fact, Meizu PRO5 do have ufs2.0 inside