Samsung Galaxy J2 review: Little things

04 December, 2015
Samsung is flying high on the wings of its flagships success, but it hasnít turned its back on the entry-level market. The Galaxy J2 is the latest affordable smartphone by Samsung, having its sight on strengthening Samsungís push for low-end market dominance. The Galaxy J5 and the more distant Galaxy J1 were rather successful...

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  • SamsungGalaxyJ2

How do you take screen capture?

  • RAJE

Anonymous, 19 Dec 2015any idea for a best 100$ phone, coz J2 seems average one, at lea... moreGJW0

  • naseer

How to receive what's app notifications

  • chama

Where is the original samsung j2 made by? And how to find it is a fake one or not when we get buy it?

  • cris

Do you have solution of low ringtone volume of samsung j2 phone?

boosook, 07 Dec 2015"Competitively priced in the Asian market"? Really? Do you know ... moreseriously never been hearing real samsung users saying "my samsung is getting slow after a few months" anymore,they reworked the UI.and if it stills lags use package disabler(no root needed).its helps.

bavaji, 28 Dec 2015Samsung j2 to take screnshot. ......hold the power button and home button together for 3 seconds

  • bavaji

Samsung j2 to take screnshot. ......


sqamsung j2 is best mobile ...because i have alredy use thise mobile any hangging pro,,,
shubham gore.,,.,..,,.

  • AnonD-479890

can u name few models... which u are referring to

  • Jb

Can you openline my samsung J2(SM-J200GU)???

  • Anonymous

any idea for a best 100$ phone, coz J2 seems average one, at least from comments here. I have horrible experience of hanging with Tab 7 though.

  • shoj

Correction, 07 Dec 2015You have problems with the phone. That why it has a warranty!Bro I can't get any hang problems since 4 dec

  • Anonymous

bought it 2 days ago working nicely
gsmarena recheck wallpaper change my phone is showing themes 4 one indian one classic one animals n deafult touchwhiz maybe u used older sv version

  • Anonymous

not very intresting mobile from samsung

  • Suresh

J2 is extra ordinary phone simply super

  • AnonD-323646

Delimiter, 10 Dec 2015What about wireless charging? Is the J2 Qi-compatible? No it's not support wireless charging

  • Delimiter

What about wireless charging? Is the J2 Qi-compatible?

  • boosook

"Competitively priced in the Asian market"? Really? Do you know what you can buy for $125 in the Asian market? You could buy a phone with a 5'' HD screen, 2GB of ram, 16GB of flash, a 12/13mp shooter and better cpu... and not only in Asia, but in western markets too... this phone is a joke, and only people who enter a shop and ask for a cheap samsung phone without knowing anything about smartphones will buy it, only to discover that it becomes painfully slow as soon as they install a couple of apps more.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-149126, 05 Dec 2015Wow 4.7" is best screen size for me....with Super Amoled Display... morewhy u add extra 0.1" ?