Huawei G8 review: Elegantly relegated

16 December, 2015
Huawei may not be a full member just yet but it’s keener than most to follow the club’s dress code. Elaborate exteriors are the thing that defines the brand and that’s not limited to the premium line of devices. If it is refined design and elegance you are after, Huawei’s phones are consistently on the shortlist.

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  • T
  • Troubo
  • y37
  • 04 Aug 2022

Now is 5th day from when I bought my Huawei G8 but only problem is the battery runs fast

    • G
    • Gordon
    • p7A
    • 25 Oct 2021

    Conable, 19 Jul 2020My Huawei G8 has an entire internal memory of 2Gb. Please w... moreUr mobile is the low version of the G8 actually the mobile has upto about 5Gb I got the 5GB version but that one not much if a price hyke and that version has a better chipset too

      My Huawei G8 has an entire internal memory of 2Gb. Please what is wrong with the phone but I can't install apps.

        • T
        • Trom
        • XF6
        • 06 Jul 2020

        Had it for 4 years now, after updating software, could not use guest account any more

          • U
          • Usman
          • uZa
          • 05 May 2020

          How to minimize huawei g8 screen

            • K
            • Kamona
            • fu%
            • 28 Jun 2019

            I got a new Huawei G8 but it freezes and gets back to normality when restarted,what could be the problem?????

              • m
              • maan
              • uZa
              • 11 Apr 2019

              g8 bettry timing is very bad........any body try to eat vegra these mobile

                • m
                • mr.pan
                • IWd
                • 18 Sep 2018

                behind camera lens always got problem....

                got stock to repair?

                  • A
                  • ANWAR HOSSAIN
                  • gwL
                  • 25 May 2018

                  very problem face for g8 , 4th time mobile display change if not change display per day 30/40 time restart mobile so very disgusting for g8 , original display not market so it is very loss for me with pain full time pass 4 me, .

                    • K
                    • Khan
                    • 6p{
                    • 16 Jun 2017

                    It's an amazing phoNe, i haVe even uSe in mY life... now I'm typing frOm G8

                      • G
                      • G8 user
                      • t7X
                      • 05 Apr 2017

                      So dope

                        • ?
                        • Anonymous
                        • NmT
                        • 07 Dec 2016

                        i want to open security that installation block i want to dawnloa

                          • N
                          • Nangoo
                          • gEL
                          • 26 Sep 2016

                          My Dual SIM GX8 did not find any satellite with Lollipop. It was really uncomfortable to download and update android manually. However since Marshmallow runs on my phone GPS works just fine.
                          The phone also found and updated automatically once, though.
                          Looks good so far.

                            • A
                            • Anjo
                            • KgW
                            • 23 Sep 2016

                            My huawei g8 messaging theme is not working. Any help?

                              • m
                              • mir
                              • t7E
                              • 25 Jun 2016

                              Jessy, 16 May 2016I really had it for 2 weeks ago and I noticed that the pict... moreLooks like your internal memory has some defects. Better get it checked out before the warranty ends. And I advise you to back up your current and future pics on any cloud service you prefer.

                                • A
                                • Asja
                                • pXf
                                • 17 Jun 2016

                                Huawei G8 or P9 Lite ?? Ty

                                  • S
                                  • Sami
                                  • 6p5
                                  • 08 Jun 2016

                                  Me, 17 Feb 2016I have had my huawei g8 for two weeks and it gets very hot ... moreThe gets overheated. Got it 2 days ago, starting youtube for few minuted makes it vert hot

                                    • d
                                    • darwen
                                    • 7Pv
                                    • 16 May 2016

                                    Goran, 07 Feb 2016Non removable battery again... I WILL NEVER EVER buy a phon... morewhy you want to remove the battery

                                      • J
                                      • Jessy
                                      • gph
                                      • 16 May 2016

                                      I really had it for 2 weeks ago and I noticed that the pictures lost after I took the shoot...that means lost of data from the memory...I tried to search but found nothing....Plz advice..thx in advance

                                        • e
                                        • ehsan
                                        • HIk
                                        • 08 May 2016

                                        good heat..nice performance..but some times just a bit of delay on using EMU that hope to be fixed in Marshmallow..finger print and camera are excellent..fingerprint works in less than 1 second and camera take nice pictures even in dark places..
                                        go huawei...