Huawei G8 review: Elegantly relegated

16 December, 2015
Huawei may not be a full member just yet but it’s keener than most to follow the club’s dress code. Elaborate exteriors are the thing that defines the brand and that’s not limited to the premium line of devices. If it is refined design and elegance you are after, Huawei’s phones are consistently on the shortlist.

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  • Emmanuel
  • t7X
  • 25 Apr 2016

Just would like to ask if the field of view of g8 in picture and video mode are different. I just noticed that picture mode is wider compared to video mode which is like zoomed. Is it a sensor (hardware) or firmware (software) issue. Thanks guys.

    • e
    • esmaeil
    • dQF
    • 09 Apr 2016

    I g8 phone about 2 months ago Khrydm.dr mid-range phones and at this price is really excellent in every respect. Very good camera and 3GB of internal memory and 32 I think is right. Games with good graphics and high volume runs without problem without having to get hot.

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      • ahisma66
      • IVW
      • 20 Feb 2016

      I've a broken screen, where to get replacement? will it effect the current function.

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        • Me
        • rAw
        • 17 Feb 2016

        I have had my huawei g8 for two weeks and it gets very hot and it cuts out when I'm talking on the phone,don't recommend them they crap

          • G
          • Goran
          • S6Z
          • 07 Feb 2016

          Non removable battery again... I WILL NEVER EVER buy a phone that has non removable battery. I will go for LG G4 just for this reason

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            • AnonD-10031
            • uNV
            • 02 Feb 2016

            anyone can suggest me for buying a best android og HTC or HUAWEI for around 250-275 US$ plzzz...

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              • AnonD-483900
              • pYI
              • 03 Jan 2016

              Iv put in my mini sim card into my
              nokia 130 And theres no signal

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                • AnonD-466789
                • iwp
                • 30 Dec 2015

                Hiawei g7 plus and g8 are they same ? I mean is it same device ?

                  • v
                  • vijay
                  • m1P
                  • 21 Dec 2015

                  Does it have gorilla glass ??????

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                    • AnonD-476243
                    • thu
                    • 20 Dec 2015

                    middlefinger, 19 Dec 2015save money and get any other phones out there - one plus 2 ... morejust moto x style can beat huawei g8 design and quality i think while the galaxy series just same all design its really boring in this money of course g8 best choice

                      • m
                      • middlefinger
                      • Bct
                      • 19 Dec 2015

                      save money and get any other phones out there - one plus 2 (requires no invitation now), nexus 5x, moto x pure, moto x play, samsung A5, samsung A7, one plus x

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                        • AnonD-476243
                        • tht
                        • 18 Dec 2015

                        huawei g8 just really beautiful design go huaweiiiiiii

                          • D
                          • AnonD-447414
                          • 0TL
                          • 18 Dec 2015

                          Huawei need to make its UI more like Android and less like IOS.....
                          Great review btw, unlike others (PA)

                            • m
                            • middlefinger
                            • Bct
                            • 18 Dec 2015

                            When i read "No material design" i just jumped straight to screen shots section and looked at them and said " Yeh no wonder there is no material design as it is running ios 9.2" .... damn that is the cleanest OS which is cloning ios nearly as close as 99%. the folder layout, background blur, everything. Shame on huawei and google should ban them next year and search for some new manufacturer for nexus may be HTC as they need some help right now.

                              • S
                              • SDKforLumia
                              • KIA
                              • 17 Dec 2015

                              Kyle K., 17 Dec 2015Hello. 1. Yes, you can switch your primary storage to be... moreThanks Kyle K, really appreciate your reply. :-)

                                • D
                                • AnonD-377464
                                • IWU
                                • 17 Dec 2015

                                AnonD-307318, 17 Dec 2015G6, G7, G8. Every year it seems Huawei devices are becoming... moreI think you are right..

                                  • D
                                  • AnonD-377464
                                  • IWU
                                  • 17 Dec 2015

                                  What da can No Lollipop Material design to be found became a disadvantage... Funny...i think the chipset doesnt support for 4k m4 aqua lg g4 beat moto x play..they used same chipset and does not support 4k cant say such things carefull with disadvantages..

                                    • ?
                                    • Anonymous
                                    • ELZ
                                    • 17 Dec 2015

                                    Why don't they just use the robust SD 805 chips (or 801 if cheaper is the goal)? It's good, and I doubt mid-rangers need all of the 64 bit stuff anyway.

                                      SDKforLumia, 16 Dec 2015Hey GSMArena team, no mention of my queries? I asked does ... moreHello.

                                      1. Yes, you can switch your primary storage to be your SD card and apps will be installed there automatically. After switching the storage you will be granted the ability to move apps to the SD card as well. Note that switching to a Class 8 card made the G8 experience a noticeable lag.

                                      2. The chipset indeed heats the phone a lot when put under pressure and sometimes throttling occurs, though the phone doesn't overheat. But since the G8 is made of metal, it gets really hot sometimes, on the verge of unpleasantly hot description.

                                      Hope these help.


                                        • ?
                                        • Anonymous
                                        • 98P
                                        • 17 Dec 2015

                                        Personal experience with 615: Gets really hot, fails on GPU department...