Huawei G8 review: Elegantly relegated

16 December, 2015
Huawei may not be a full member just yet but it’s keener than most to follow the club’s dress code. Elaborate exteriors are the thing that defines the brand and that’s not limited to the premium line of devices. If it is refined design and elegance you are after, Huawei’s phones are consistently on the shortlist.

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  • AnonD-307318
  • fXu
  • 17 Dec 2015

G6, G7, G8. Every year it seems Huawei devices are becoming more premium as well as expensive. Yet, people still compare it to other Chinese goods that are inferior and security risk.

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    • Shobby
    • sSy
    • 16 Dec 2015

    Hugely disappointed. I was looking to buy this one but omg u guys saved me frm buying this crap fest.

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      • SDKforLumia
      • KI3
      • 16 Dec 2015

      Hey GSMArena team, no mention of my queries?
      I asked does it have same overheating problem related to Snapdragon 615?
      Also, can we save Apps and Games on SD Card?
      You didn't answer any of the 2 clearly, although you guys did mention Call quality, and thanks for that. But my other 2 questions?