Nexus 6P vs. LG V10 vs. Galaxy Note5: Jumbo joust

13 January, 2016
We've gathered three of the best Android phablets with a 5.7" screen. All three hail from the East but instead of Zen calmness they epitomize the latest and greatest in mobile technology.

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  • Anonymous

I don't think it's tremendously fair to knock the V10's battery performance so much when you can actually get a full charge in under a minute... by swapping in another battery, something you absolutely can't do with the other two. That deserves points IMO.

  • coftedy

LG V10 tc better than Google nexus #IG

  • AnonD-551984

Absolutely awesome review, appreciate the time spent here.

Two things I'm bothered by, one even in final conclusion when speaking of battery you forget to point out the LG V10 will allow you to insert another battery with very little trouble. Then going well further then the other two phones with out any charge.
Two, and pretty huge if you ask me, when doing audio you fail to even mention the LG V10's DAC setting. Which once you use on plugged headphones blows the other two away with ease!

  • AnonD-78022

Though I must say, I'm torn between the V10 and Sony Z5 premium.V10s battery is :(

  • AnonD-78022

AnonD-458996, 17 Feb 2016But it looks ugly, Nexus 6p and Note 5 ftwThe LG V10 looks stunning in person. It beats the Nexus actually in terms of looks. The note5 looks vulnerable. You need cases for Nexus and note5 to preserve the build. unlike the V10 which you can use as is. Try it.

  • Anonymous

Author chickened-out of picking a winner! :-)

  • Anonymous

Note 5 is best

  • AnonD-527852

AnonD-134045, 19 Jan 2016Just for the fact that LG didn't go the "Apple" way and sti... moreFfs people! Samsung did "the Apple way" cuz majority of the people didnt liked the plastic build of samsung's high-end smartphones. Majority of the people cared more about the looks and not about the performance the samsung high-end samrtphones are offering. And now, they made a premium build but wtf. Majority of the people are complaining about the lack of the sd card slot and the removable battery whereas majority complains about the non-premium build samsung was building. And cuz of that, they went wiser and "reimagined" (or remake) the phone by making the s7|edge. The phone has a premium build, a sd card slot, its ip68 dust and water resistant but many are still complaining. Im loosing hope for humanity rn.

On lg'd part,

  • Pacman808

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2016Looking at the photo comparison tool, no phone has beaten t... moreIt does! It's funny. I use it to snap photos and then use NFC tap to transfer to Android phone (LG V10 currently).

  • nemaca

"It even rivals the iPhone 6S Plus."
Let me fix that for you: "It offers everything the iPhone 6s Plus does, and a bit of extra, at a lower price."
iPhone nowadays is just a fool's phone, an "I got moneys" symbol, present in US and UK, widely unknown in the rest of the world.
Sheeesh... Media nowadays.

  • AnonD-303125

AnonD-458996, 17 Feb 2016But it looks ugly, Nexus 6p and Note 5 ftwI like more than Samsung look, and I prefer a lot the polycarbonate freedom.
It's a smartphone, not a a museum piece!

  • AnonD-303125

Great smartphone, I love it! It still on FREEDOM "world" with features of android world (microsd/battery removable), and the great camera.
I don't like aluminium trend... it's ridiculous to me.

  • psychok9

I love it! I hope that EU version will have a better battery!

  • AnonD-458996

AnonD-462139, 28 Jan 2016V10: 1-64Gb Built in Memory. 2-Removable Battery 3-Mem... moreBut it looks ugly, Nexus 6p and Note 5 ftw

  • AnonD-462139


1-64Gb Built in Memory.
2-Removable Battery
3-Memory extension slot
4-Hi-Fi Sound
5-Double Gorilla Glass
6-Unbeatable Cameras
7-Unique design and not copy(or refresh) of old models or apple phones.
8-Lag free multitasking with second screen

  • AnonD-486683

P, 18 Jan 2016If i were to make a top5 best phablets of 2015... 1. Edge ... moreLooks about right to me and im & LG fan im about to grab the v10 I've got the g4 now and i love it cant put it down

  • Coochie Coo

S6 All the way. Awesome 3D screen

  • Anonymous

minded, 14 Jan 2016Like the V10 the most but battery life is way to bad. Desi... moreV10 has the best battery simply because it is removable.

Battery life when removable >>>> 10000 MaH phone any day.

3 reasons:
1) You can carry a spare
2) Instant recharge, as you can have your spare charging while using the phone
3) When one of your batteries starts dying (less charge) you buy a new one.

"10000 Mah" phones:

1) It probably carries more charge, but one's out, it's out. You have to recharge it, so in total it holds less battery than a phone with less MaH + Spare

2) Even with Fast Charge you have to wait at least one hour to charge

3) When the battery starts dying (holds less charge) you're done for. It's very expensive to change sealed batteries

V10 All the way, better battery life, better camera and better build quality.

  • AnonD-395930

AnonD-491808, 22 Jan 2016Check out camera expert site- Sony, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+... moreTo be completely honest. I don't agree with the results from the site you mentioned. The actual real-life experience is different. 6p's camera is super excellent in low light, and its also good in normal circumstances.
I have some friends who use note 5. And I always compare the images they produce (note 5 vs 6p) and without any bias, I can say that 6p's image results are better both rear and front cam, especially in low light conditions (wherein u can really see their difference since the condition is extreme.) for the the software. Ireally like Google nexus 6p. The default OS version (6.0) is super smooth. Plus it gets update first, always. (Ha-ha) ram optimization is also very good. 3gb (6p) vs 4gb (note 5), I never get any lag from my nexus 6p. While my friend, after some time, he ecperiences lags after few months of usage.
It terms of battery. My friend claims his battery life span (note 5) lasts for an entire day, which I find excellent. But my 6p's fast charging just makes everything easier.....

  • AnonD-491808

Check out camera expert site- Sony, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note 5 gets Top ranking (camera) on DxOMark