Huawei Mate 8 review: Checkmate

27 January, 2016
The Huawei Mate 8 has dropped the Ascend badge, but it offers all the key pros of the Ascend Mate7 and then some. Coming a year after the Mate7, it was only expected that the Mate 8 will show maturity and address its predecessor’s shortcomings, most notably the poor graphics performance and the less than stellar camera output.

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  • AnonD-698812

How do I roll back to Marshmallow, Andriod 6, from Nougat 7.0
I bought HUAWEI Mate 8 on Andriod 6, however I upgrade to 7.0, which I regretted. My region is UK.
Assistance is urgently needed.

  • Anonymous

Any 3rd party app were I can get more options for the apps available in Multi window?

  • Anonymous

my mate 8 is now 1 year and 4 months old but still performs just like before and recieved an update for android 7 nougat hooray,but it's battery drains 15% overnight due to battery wear and tear sad,but still a great phone :)

  • Jk

Huawei mate 8. Was excellent phone.I am using this phone..but its battery was very fake..because it drains very in that orice mate 8 is not a good phone

  • leema

the memory is not good enough, I have space left but is telling me not enough space

  • AnonD-528944

I got with 3 weeks ago and everything works "fine" ("fine" means 95% or 98% like all Android stuff... I'm a Android and iOS programmer :D ).

But today I found a problem wit Motion Control (flip, pick up, Raise to ear), none of them are working.

I have not tried hard reset or whatever cuz I will lose guarantee.

My screen can rotate in all apps. I tried check phone’s gyroscope or accelerometer with: *#0*# but it didn't work.

Any idea?

  • AnonD-65736

king, 01 May 2016I think Knockon feature was first introduced by nokia by ca... moreYou could be right, both Nokia and LG apparently introduced it the same year. I don't know who did it first, maybe Nokia had it a few weeks before, but the point is Android (among other ecosystems) actually lives and evolves thanks to the innovations brought by non stock versions.

And it's kind of cool when you're unexpectingly able to discover how creative some manufacturers can be.

  • Multitasking?

Still no WEB browser available for multiwindow? Any reply?

  • king

AnonD-65736, 09 Feb 2016Maybe stock Android allows you to do screen recording "now"... moreI think Knockon feature was first introduced by nokia by calling it double tap.

  • AnonD-305262

AnonD-503700, 18 Feb 2016I tried several adhaan apps on mate 8, but no one is activa... moreI've had the mate 8 for a week. My adhan is intermittent and had a mind of its own. Did you shove your issue ?

  • Rafique

AnonD-506099, 22 Feb 2016I am proud owner of mate 8 Excellent battery timing Ligh... moreWhich third party apps

  • Anonymous

Proud owner, 12 Mar 2016Guys, this phone is amazing. I'm loving it. Little more tha... moreHow Much Screen on Time u getting?

  • Proud owner

Guys, this phone is amazing. I'm loving it. Little more than a month after purchase.
Please ignore the speaker negative comments. It's very loud. I guess they had nothing to say about the phone, so they created that issue from their imagination.
Battery life is out of this world. 2 days normal use or 1 full day of very heavy use (hours of gps with screen on + hours of video playback and hours of anything else..) easy. Charges super fast also. 30 minutes will give you around 65%.

Buy this phone. It's awesome.

  • Anonymous

best phone ever .

  • Barleyman

Low resolution? >350dpi? Come freaking on. Even Apple doesn't think you need any more than that.

From the department "let's complain about unnecessary things so we can keep on introducing new flagship features, whether or now they give you any benefit". Better upgrade would be OLED with 1080p for example.

  • omid46

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  • abhi

Nice phone.

  • AnonD-507775

I am feel different than Note 5 because I use Note 5 more than five month only disappoint it's display but manageable, I wondered it's buttery life, sound, ......

  • Anonymous

AnonD-505533, 22 Feb 2016Hi i was wondering if anyone else has experienced magnetism... moreThat's for the flip case.

  • AnonD-506099

I am proud owner of mate 8
Excellent battery timing
Lightning speed processor
Good Camera if u use third party software
Most important is that it's signal sensitivity is far better than iPhone 6S and other sets