LG V10 review: Time-saver edition

10 March, 2016
LG issues a serious challenge to other makers on the camera and audio battlefields with the V10. The phone is also LG's first to feature a fingerprint reader since 2009's GW820 eXpo (not counting the Google-designed Nexus 5X).

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  • melex
  • Ng{
  • 28 Mar 2021

I have used it for a year but now its battery dead without any precaution. what can I do?

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    • joeZ
    • rRU
    • 05 Nov 2019

    some talk about screen burn thru ..
    close all open windows ...
    as you kinda see them back there ..
    When you open more ..

      • M
      • Marvin
      • Lxf
      • 21 Oct 2019

      I bought this phone in 2018 in December three months after the phone blacked out and its no longer functional the same thing also happened to the LG g3 I had getting the v10 lg products are gud though am forced to keep away from them because they always v issues with softwares and blacking out

        • O
        • Oneway
        • XF9
        • 23 Sep 2019

        I like this phone lg v10 64 how can i buy it please help me

          • J
          • James
          • GKh
          • 01 Dec 2017

          This phone is a piece of shit. I liked it then it went in a boot loop and I lost everything. I cant even get on it it stays on the lg screen forever it pisses me off. I will never buy a lg again period.

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            • God First
            • fsT
            • 09 Aug 2017

            I want to buy a new phone, should I buy lg v10?

              • A
              • Ana L
              • 4%V
              • 10 Jul 2017

              Really, really fed up with phn battery! I hate this LG v10 phn. It won't charge to 100%. It won't last the entire day. I just hate it. When I have the extra money, I'll buy a different phn. Save your money & don't buy this phn (if they're still selling this POS phn).

                • S
                • Shannon
                • I82
                • 10 May 2017

                Save yourself the money and hassle from this God awful phone. Worked great when I first bought it about a year ago. About 6 months in the phone decided to just completely lose service on me, conveniently the same day I had to get on a plane and travel 4 states away from home with my daughter. It took so many hours on the phone and in the store for them to finally send me a "new" phone because mine would not pick up service anymore. Luckily I do have insurance and was able to get it replaced for free but they sent me a refurbished phone and the screen shattered on it within 3 days of having it, WITH A CASE ON. I called the store to report it and I have to pay a $150 deductible to fix the screen. Seriously?? My phone is still managable with the screen spider webbed but just recently my camera apps out of nowhere decide that they don't want to work and as if that's not bullshit enough now I can't even connect to Wi-Fi. I click to turn it on and it says it's on but won't show I'm connected to my Wi-Fi, so when I hold the button down to show the connections it literally won't even turn the Wi-Fi on. Just shows that it's turning the Wi-Fi on and never does. I know it's not Verizon's fault this phone sucks so bad it's not a service issue, it's the phone itself. I will never EVER again buy an LG phone. Definitely not worth the money. Double thumbs down, zero stars. This phone sucks.

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                  • Ginger
                  • FED
                  • 30 Mar 2017

                  We have 2 LG v10 cell phones. A few weeks ago mine froze on boot loop. Phone shut down while talking on phone. Tried to turn back on all that would happen is the LG screen would come up and it was froze there. I was unable to boot the phone back up. Lost all my pictures and was not able to do factory reset before mailing back for warranty. Today my husband's phone did the same exact thing. Luckily both phones were under warranty. My concern is it going to happen again. From what I read there are many issues with this phone. But LG will no admit to the problem. We pay good money for these phones. Its not fair that they don't stand behind them and issue a recall. We were the lucky ones with a warranty. So many out there have not been so lucky.

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                    • AnonD-644075
                    • 7Z%
                    • 12 Feb 2017

                    It is most unfortunate for both readers (and potential buyers), and for the vendor LG, but this reviewer has not grasped the fundamental core feature with the built in HiFi DAC in this Smartphone. It makes it the best sounding smartphone ever. Message to reviewer: This review is not trustworthy at present and should be updated at your earliest possible convenience. Please learn yourself about ESS SABRE 9018 hifi DAC etcetc

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                      • AnonD-629956
                      • 47j
                      • 08 Jan 2017

                      I have LG V10 since July 2016. Phone started out fine. Over past 3 months the phone does not pickup gps signals so my locationin google maps works sporadically. My location for weather channel feeds is always incorrect.
                      Now the touch screen & volume has gremlins doing weird things.
                      The camera s are not as good as advertised.
                      CAN'T WAIT TO GET RID OF THIS P.O.C.!

                        • K
                        • Kashif
                        • sSx
                        • 25 Dec 2016

                        We need super alomated capatative tuch screen

                          Anonymous, 29 Jun 2016What weed do you smoke? V10 has terrible battery life. Yes,... moreThe more times they charge the phone the more quickly degrading to the battery.

                            The standby power draw is fairly low, but that's with the second screen off. Turning it on brings the LG V10 down to 46 hours endurance rating. This is nice!

                              • ?
                              • Anonymous
                              • 0U3
                              • 29 Jun 2016

                              Aaron, 21 Apr 2016battery life is wonder good. More time better Samsung Note.... moreWhat weed do you smoke? V10 has terrible battery life. Yes, you can change it . That is the only benefit.

                                • D
                                • AnonD-550341
                                • KIU
                                • 18 Jun 2016

                                LG g4 or lg v10 which is better for gaming? Which should I buy?

                                  • A
                                  • Abron
                                  • the
                                  • 12 Jun 2016

                                  This v10 is a great phone and only i dont like this phone is on its lcd problem. Screen burn or image retention appearance for a long time of use.

                                    • D
                                    • AnonD-528277
                                    • U@9
                                    • 29 May 2016

                                    This phone was awesome and also gave a very premium flagship feel in hand. The rugged back was also very good. Built quality is best in class which was missing in lg g5. A very good phone as compared to others in its segment. Snapdragon 808 might not be the best processor in market it surely resolved the problem of heating as in most of SD810 devices. Camera wise lg has always been flawless. Battery is also not that bad.

                                      • T
                                      • Thirubaby
                                      • Hkt
                                      • 18 May 2016

                                      I like this mobile

                                        • A
                                        • Aaron
                                        • 0xG
                                        • 21 Apr 2016

                                        ljames, 13 Mar 2016disappointing battery life as expected of the "innovative" ... morebattery life is wonder good. More time better Samsung Note. And is great, because battery is removable!!! Charging is fast!