HTC 10 hands-on: First play

12 April, 2016
The HTC 10 is like a great remix of all your favorite songs - the new flagship brings back UltraPixel and BoomSound, but nostalgia is mixed with a much-improved performance. Updated with more content!

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  • Lia

Does it has LED indicator for different events?

  • Anonim

I understand the M7, M8, M9 owners waiting so long for a new design from HTC and their enthusiasm at this point where finally HTC 10 comes with a new look BUT
If another 50-100 USD (or so) is no concern you should really consider the S7 edge which is in a totally different class of smartphone:
1) It is 5mm longer but same width and slimmer yet it has a much bigger screen and a much bigger battery.
2) HTC 10 looks outdated (at least the front) compared with S7 edge (same can be said about S7 non edge, G5, Iphone ... they all look outdated).
3) The battery on the S7 edge it's amazing --> What ever you do with the phone it lasts a day (you just can not compare 3000 mA of HTC with 3600 mA) --> keep in mind that no battery can be completely drain so you actually use something like: 1500-2000 mA vs. 2100-2600 mA
4) Being 9mm vs 7.7mm thick --> What happens when you add a case ?
5) I will not mention water resistant or boom sound --> I'm scared to put my phone into the water (being that expensive) and I never listen music on a tiny mini small speaker. Probably the G5 with B&O have better sound than HTC anyway but it's not relevant because it's a phone and not a HiFi audio system.

I understand that for any Samsung / HTC / Iphone ... fanboy it's hard to change the brand but today any phone on the market looks a few years older than the S7 edge IMHO. When you hold it in your hand, when you see the extra thin bezels, weight vs. screen size vs battery size .... well it's just no competition here. IMHO it worth at least 200 USD over HTC 10 / Galaxy S7 non edge / Iphone because it offers so much more.

  • AnonD-525767

Can't wait for HTC 10 VS HUAWEI P9 VS MI 5 (128GB edition), can GSMARENA help to review and choose the best phone ? XD

AnonD-409174, 13 Apr 2016Actually if u ask me having bezel has its own advantage. It pre... moreCool. Mentioned in another comment, I use a Huawei P8 as my main phone, an HTC One X as secondary, and recently (since Monday) a Note 4 as my work phone. Never thought about it from a mobile gamer's perspective, since my usage patterns revolve around e-mails and Skype (work) and casual web browsing, music, youtube and some netflix for fun. But I do see how thin bezels can be a problem. However I also had an iPhone 5s before replacing it with the Huawei last year, and those bezels were ridiculously big. :)

Anonymous, 13 Apr 2016The problem is the capacitve keys I mean this is not android 4.... moreI neither agree nor disagree. I use a Huawei P8 as my main phone, with on screen buttons, HTC One X with capacitive buttons, as secondary, and as of Monday, a Note 4 as a work phone. And I'm pretty much comfortable with all of them.

  • Marco

I'm a bit worried for performance comparison between eMMC (HTC 10) and UFS (S7)

ahmed, 13 Apr 2016hey..s7 is 72.1% when it comes to screen-to-body-ratioSorry about that. Got my info from a rival site :)

Anonymous, 13 Apr 2016If we're discussing bezels why not include the S7 edge at 76.03%Because we're talking direct competitors here. The 5.5 inch Galaxy S7 edge is still categorized as a phablet, and until the Note 6 is out, it's in a class of its own. :D

can't wait to see this thing's battery life test.

  • Anonymous

htc should win this year BEST ANDROID PHONE EVER !
Congratulation HTC

  • sachi

Forgot to list other great but unique to HTC features that M 10 has :
1. Dedicated amp powered dual loud speakers.
2. headphone output
A. powered by dedicated amp.
B. Seperate 24 bit DAC
3. Usable headphones, from an aufiophile perspective.

It's a Audiophile dream. No complaints over there. If anyone cares about headphone audio, just go with HTC M10, no brainer choice.

M just happy that HTC is going to stay in business, because the smartphone market is filled with douchebags who doesn't care if the screen is of sufficient contrast, if the loudspeaker is audible, u know basic stuff.

HTC is the only brand which guarantees a display which is of high contrast and it doesn't burn in (excludes all amoleds). Sony screens, pure joke, washed out displays.

I owned Xperia Z and it was a disaster. Speaker audio is shit. Headphone audio is shit. I wanted to return immediately but can't because there has to be something wrong with it, like dead pixels, even though a 700$ phone screen looks like a washed out color photo, it's not considered a defect.

Samsung, notoriously quiet audio over headphone. If anyone who owns a Sammy and wants to listen to music they better buy a dedicated music device.

LG same story, basically the DAC s in SD820, EXYNOS, Apple A9, Mediatek are all either volume level below average or average, ok A9 might be above average.

LG jokingly did something with V10 but no visible result in headphone audio output in GSMA review !!!

G5 is a joke , with crappy headphone output and the crappy looking friend adapter amplifier is not even universally available.

So live on HTC but scrap the Lifestyle version or call it HTC one M10 Mini or something...

  • milestone

That sounds sexy and I must admit that HTC has thrown everything in making a winner. Well done. Now some idiots will complain that this phone is not able to fly and land in their hands. Sleepy people !

  • AnonD-454153

now its fight between htc10 and s7

  • AnonD-502217

Huge HTC fanboy here. Dont get me wrong , i lke the S7 and G5 but THIS phone ROCKS !
The best phone in years ! I m still using the ONE X (4 years + now) and its still have one of the best cameras out there. THE 10 got everything that i was waiting for so many years. Best Design and Camera , Amazing sound, Very Good Battery + usb-c 3.1 very nice option ! I m sure ITs gonna be the phone of the year ! And what it is not water and dust proof : S7 is and if you use it a couple of times the speaker gonna fail for sure. This is a phone NOT a Go Pro for underwater photos !!!!
VERY GOOD JOB HTC !! Thanks and take my money !

  • Anonymous

sachi, 13 Apr 2016I own an M8 and genuiniely feel that M10 is the right upgrade. ... more2.5k

  • Anonymous

Don't be surprised if one of the 10 variants which will certainly come out in the next couple months has some combination of IR, water/dust proof, FM and removable battery.

  • sachi

I own an M8 and genuiniely feel that M10 is the right upgrade.

HTC ticked most of the boxes :
1. Screen area increase : even though its 0.2 inch compared to M8, moving away the software keys out of screen real estate means it's almost 0.4 inch screen increase. I always felt 5inch with on-screen buttons is less.

2. 2k screen, fingerprint sensor.

3. 12MP OIS rear cam with 4k video rec. Laser autofocus.

4. 3000mah battery.

But having a Lifestyle version is a joke.
2k screen with Adreno 510!!! What was HTC thinking.

The bigger joke is letting Lifestyle replace the top dog in certain regions. It just doesn't make sense.

On what grounds the Lifestyle is even capable of representing HTC as a flagship ? Wake up HTC.

There should be some rules which prevents company from releasing a flagship and using the flagship name for every humpty dumpty shit phones it produces.
HTC should name the Lifestyle as HTC M10 Mini or HTC M10 Handicapped. In facg They shouldn't name Lifestyle as M10 and get away with it...

  • AnonD-409829

gws89, 13 Apr 2016HTC, why you ditched FM radio?!Good question budy, I like this phone its very nice. Should they have included the radio, they would have kicked S7 with the last kick of a dying horse.

  • Anonymous

gws89, 13 Apr 2016HTC, why you ditched FM radio?!Because most expensive flagship owners can live without FM radio.

  • Anonymous

"1 week in extreme temps from -20°C" ahahaha. -20 is quite regular winter temperature in northern countries, not extreme. -40 is extreme