LG G5 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: A rebel and a stunner

29 April, 2016
This is a battle of innovation versus refinement. LG let the designers off the leash and they went wild on the LG G5. Samsung brought in the perfectionists to polish the Galaxy S7.

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  • 29 Jan 2020

Elphythia, 21 May 2016My sis bought a S7. Less than a week the S7 crashed. We wen... moreU and ur sis might be bit different and different in how u drop ur phones and where they happen to land along with other circumstances not to mention ur downloading different apps or some in particular are messing up her phone making even to go in folder and see blank. U can have different reflexes drop ur phone on washroom tiles u name it and getting rid of candy crush could have possibly saved lots of time even me typing it and for who, who knows some Norway peeps. Gimme a break, sis might have a bad week every month i could be wrong by a tiny bit

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    • 13 Jan 2020

    eddie, 09 Nov 2017I remember "Non-removable battery" was listed in "cons" for... moreThe non removable battery is a horrible feature! On my previous S5 I was able to buy and replace the battery vs. paying a technician to replace the battery at 2-3 times the expense of me buying a battery and putting it in myself.

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      • 09 Nov 2017

      Anonymous, 29 Apr 2016I never really understood how a sealed phone is pronounced ... moreI remember "Non-removable battery" was listed in "cons" for phones a few years ago...nowadays it seems like most manufacturers have non-removable battery phones and people just go along with it...it's not right...IMHO.

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        • 09 Apr 2017

        There is 60 fps mode and there is also slow motion

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          • 31 Oct 2016

          HutHutHut, 29 Apr 2016Check out dpreview & DXO mark ... Go tell them tha... moreDXO mark is a fraud, scam site. GSMArena's comparison and the comparisons on other sites mentioned by the commenter you replied on, those sites proves that G5 has better camera than S7 / S7 Edge and dpreview and dxomark are lying.

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            • 15 Oct 2016

            Anonymous, 01 May 2016because s7 still use lagwizPeople still go on about lag? Pfft hardly any these days.

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              • 28 Sep 2016

              AnonD-540745, 24 May 2016I don't know what the policies in other countries are, but ... moreUsing power bank means more frequent charging which equals to faster battery degradation.

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                • 24 May 2016

                I don't know what the policies in other countries are, but in my country of residence (Norway), a built-in battery means that by law the battery is part of the phone, and therefore also covered by the full two-year warranty. If the battery is removable on the other hand, it is defined as an accessory and therefore only covered by a limited, six month warranty. Although a built-in battery has it's disadvantages, I'd rather just carry a power bank and retain my two-year warranty. Doesn't matter that LG has a removable battery when the battery life is that much weaker. I'm going for the Galaxy this year.

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                  • 21 May 2016

                  My sis bought a S7. Less than a week the S7 crashed. We went to samsung svc centre and all they did was a factory reset. After 2 days, S7 crashed again, gallery folder went blank. What's worst was the supposedly stronger corning gorilla glass 4 cracked badly when my sis accidentally dropped the phone. Less than 2 weeks the flaws if S7 had emerged. I'm currently using a S4 and was thinking of upgrading to a S7. Seems like S7 is worse off than S4. I never had those problems with my S4. I've dropped my S4 couple of times but not a single crack. Think twice before buying a S7.

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                    • AnonD-528277
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                    • 16 May 2016

                    Lg has brought out the concept of changing modules but this has many disadvantages. The modular touch has added a cheap look to the phone. I have been using this phone for about 2 weeks and it has becone almost impossible for me to carry the phone with all its modules in my pocket. This makes my pocket heavy and is very uncomfortable too. It would have been better if they would have provided all these extra features in their phone as in case of s7

                      i think these product makers are getting carried away with the concept of modularity..it is true that a modular phones is a dream come true, just like in pc making, but few peopl awail them, they go for pre built pcs and laptops....
                      imho...an expandable phone should have modules that latch on to it, which could trigger a tiny electromagnetic field sensore(like nfc of course) and link it up. sony had something similar going with its camera modules for xperias but they got it wrong..xperia already had a great sensor, consumer didnt want to buy another, what they wanted was a lens system for optical zoom, preferrably with its own battery...now in lg's case they could implement something simlar to the 4pin contacts seen on nexus 7 tablet for attaching their dock(iphones have 3rd party charging cases..seen them in action, not at all displeased). in this way lg can also implement waterproofing on their phones..
                      talking about waterproofing...isn't it about time that manufacturers start nano coating their boards and chipsets instead of putting silicon, rubber, wax and whatnot

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                        • 06 May 2016

                        I have a GS7 edge and had a GS6 before.
                        In my opinion, the GS6 camera is better.
                        Today, smartphone cameras relies on processing to much, and when you have more resolution, the processing have more room to work. Second, for me the 16:9 aspec is way better!
                        Until now is the only complain I have about the GS7 edge. The phone is great.

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                          • 06 May 2016

                          Sammy Boy, 06 May 2016Hahahahaha... tell you them that the S7 has a better camera... moreUm....you must have missed it. The s7 has many camera advantages. The g5 was given the edge becausw though the s7 has more proper and advanced processing, sometimes its too much. And colors are usually more accurate on g5.

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                            • 06 May 2016

                            Bentham, 29 Apr 2016I thought the g5 was more expensive than the s7. ( certainl... morePhone shops have the S7 at a higher price - storage for storage.
                            I always only speak for myself but also I read other people's comments from various websites before including 'most people'. If you do the same you'll see a majority of the comments are in reference to the battery or how people are worried about running out of battery. I saw a comment on here about how someone can't carry a spare, they have no room for a 2"x3"x0.3" battery in their pocket/wallet. Apple and Samsung are leaders because of their software and paper specs which do translate into every day specs unlike some companies not because of their non-removable batteries which is a huge con on their phones - again, read the comments of various reviews before i said that.

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                              • Sammy Boy
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                              • 06 May 2016

                              Hahahahaha... tell you them that the S7 has a better camera ?..hehehehe..a joke of april and may month...The G5 is KING of smartphone cameras.

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                                • 04 May 2016

                                Innovation vs refinement...

                                Hmm, innovation is a double-edged sword when nobody follows your lead. LG needs support, thus they must encourage.

                                As for Samsung, it's more of redemption than refinement.. i think.

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                                  • 04 May 2016

                                  AnonD-404798, 30 Apr 2016I can't see anything innovative in G5 besides the option to... moreYou should stock thinking that your opinions represent everyone. You might think it's useless but every thing has its use. Take the dual edge screen of the galaxy S7 edge/S6 edge/S6 edge+: Unlike the amazing side screen of NOTE edge, the current dual edge screen is absolutely useless to me but some people might really put their smartphone screen down and check the light that flashes when they receive a call or something. The G5 is the most different flagship in the past few years, and that is as closed to innovation as we get

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                                    • 03 May 2016

                                    AnonD-442781, 29 Apr 2016Hey, you're the one with the totally baseless opinion that ... moreSo you have no data to back up that claim, that's what I thought. You claimed there is quantified data. Your speculation and opinion are just that, personal opinions, not data. I want to see actual data.

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                                      • 03 May 2016

                                      Anonymous, 02 May 2016Lol. Only feature is the camera? Hahaha. Nice try. And the ... morei won't say more since i don't have those both phone.. in fact i don't really care about who the winner or loser what i care is when i can buy them or atleast have one of them...

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                                        • 03 May 2016

                                        AK, 02 May 2016.. Poor judgment there...I work with a telco and I can tell... moreCar analogy hardly applies to smartphone market. You gotta think of it this way. Everyone sells a "BMW" (just naming a mid-to-high tier) but everyone offers different options for that "BMW". SUV, or convertible, or sunroof, or winter tires or, leather interiors what not. If you've noticed, hardware on phones make almost no noticeable difference unlike a Porsche and a Toyota would show in terms of performance.. This is probably closest car analogy that can be applied to smartphone market.

                                        Apple and Samsung are selling the M4 series full option (you could say Samsung bmw apple mercedez or whatever), LG selling the convertible version of the M4... of course the convertible isn't going to sell as much.