LG G5 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: A rebel and a stunner

29 April, 2016
This is a battle of innovation versus refinement. LG let the designers off the leash and they went wild on the LG G5. Samsung brought in the perfectionists to polish the Galaxy S7.

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  • 29 Apr 2016

GSMArena on LG5 and V10 audio:

There are three types of output. Normal mode (which you are testing, so you don't get more volume than necessary for the low impedance/resistance headphones you are connecting). (This protects hearing and preserves battery life). AUX Mode provides more volume from the AMP, and then High mode for high ohm headphones.

My point is, if you connect a 300ohm headphone or 600ohm headphone to the LG5 with the B&O Module, it should be much louder than SGS7. (although I don't know how well amped it is).

I am saying this because when you reviewed the LG V10 you also claimed the V10 is just above average in volume, I think you are just testing 32ohm or lower headphones. You need to connect high ohm headphones to trigger high mode.

You can also improve loudness with a trick. If you have headphones with a removable cable, connect the cable first, (it needs to be without an inlime mic/remote) and then connect it to the headphone, this way you are in AUX mode and the 50 setting will be as loud if not louder than the 65 setting in normal mode.

You are not testing this correctly and are not taking into consideration the capabilities of the amp.

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    • 29 Apr 2016

    Maan, this G5 camera is amazing, sadly that battery endurance is killing me.

    Cant you do something LG ? Like lowering 1080p and SD 625. We dont need a ferrari on our phone. We just need an awesome battery and camera in phone !

      The edge is the better competition against the g5. But kudos to lg for a great camera on their flagship. I agree with the gsmarena team though that the modular design isn't very impressive.

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        • 29 Apr 2016

        The real winner is the S7 Edge.

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          • 29 Apr 2016

          s7 is better, i think

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            • 29 Apr 2016

            nice comparison