Motorola Moto X Force review: Handle without care

04 May, 2016
Want a flagship smartphone with all the bells and whistles but you’re not good at keeping an expensive piece of equipment out of trouble? Motorola to the rescue. The Moto X Force is a shock and water-proof flagship, with high-performance hardware, impressive camera and a clean Android experience.

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  • Goutam

Phone is not make voice call .how to solve it?

  • AnonD-88304

Got this phone for 290 us dollars 64gb very happy :))

  • Kasi

Best phone but no volte no update 6.0.1.

  • st techy

Got one a week ago, its got all the bells and whistles. I believe I may have bought the demo off them coz the box wad open and screen protector was removed and some minor blemishes'. I was ok with that but after charging the battery 🔋 it said 20 hours left apposed to 48 hours, I kicked up a stink and they are happy to replace it. Over all a brilliant phone, just wish I'd waited a week for an unopened box. I still recommend a 9h screen protector and rugged cover. Now you have an awesome phone, I would only swap for a moto z force!

  • Smudger

Yes the X force is literally a force to be reckoned with but it does heat up and with the fast charge you tend not to get 100% charge. A standard in car charger drains quicker than it charges. All said and done its fantastically fast battery doesn't seem to last as long as my Dext did but using more so it does. Gaming wise of continuous gaming that only runs on marshmallow will get 6 hours before it says 15% but that's with everything open.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 May 2016Define samsungify... *Waste bezel space with huge finger... moreYou couldn't have said it better dude

  • John

Dave, 12 May 2016Motorola do clean Android and timely updates do they? No. N... moreYes, Motorola do clean Android and timely updates. I have Moto X Force since Christmas and got two updates, once to 6.0 and another to 6.0.1. OS is clean Android, even launcher. Moto only added few extra and useful features controlled by their app and those features can be turned off. That's the only bloadware if you can name it like that.

  • AnonD-528277

Moto is offering this phone with a price tag of 50k which is not worth this phone. You can get almost the same features and experience(without shatterproof display) in moto x style which is half its price. Phones are made for normal usage and not for throwing around from 1000ft. Hence it is useless of wasting your money on just a phone with a shatterproof display. There are far more better options such as htc 10 , s7 etc which are packed with the latest hardware and software and are quite strong too

  • Dave

Motorola do clean Android and timely updates do they? No. No they don't. That's the main reason I'm no longer a Moto user. They killed both my Dext and my Atrix before their time. Never again.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 May 2016Define samsungifyDefine samsungify...

*Waste bezel space with huge fingerprint detectors;
*Make perfectly flat phones with no ergonomics whatever. Make them as thin as possible. Screw battery capacity;
*Use fragile premium materials, particularly glass sandwiches;
*Huge camera bumps, so you always scratch the lens whenever you set the phone on a desk;
*Screw android, redraw the entire interface just because you can. Duplicate everything google does. You end up needing 6 GB of RAM just to cram every crapware into it;
*Take 6 months to port new versions of android. If a user wants the last version, he should buy a new phone;

and so on...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 May 2016Define samsungifyit means Lagwizify

Anonymous, 08 May 2016it's so ugly phone and very heavyIt's no uglier or heavier than anything else with this size screen. Looks are an individuals opinion but given it is a very similar design to a majority of phones out there I find it hard to understand how it can be classed as ugly. Uninspired, maybe.

  • Anonymous

it's so ugly phone and very heavy

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 May 2016Thank you for finally reviewing this phone GSM. And for doi... moreDefine samsungify

AnonD-137610, 06 May 2016Considering that the Motorola Moto X Force, with its Qualco... moreSince when does the term 'flagship' mean it has to be the most powerful it can be? 'Flagship' is used to describe a phone that is the best the company can/want to make. Ever since Motorola came back to the fore they have always shown a restrained model when it comes to their phones favouring ergonomics and usability over unnecessary power. The SD810 does overheat under heavy strain which results in either lower clock speed or performance issues - so Motorola lowered the clocks enough to avoid most of the heating issue.
If a phone can resist water to a high degree for the above-average-clumsy user why shouldn't it be classed as waterproof? I don't know many people who purposefully leave their phones in over 1m of water for 30mins. They drop it, they pick it up. Which this phone can handle.
Plus your use of 'is an exaggeration the least' is actually countering your own argument. Saying 4 or even 6gb ram is an exaggeration.

  • Anonymous

Isn't Moto Maker available in major countries? I'm guessing it isn't available from where this review comes from. The review subtly suggests its subjectivity to its locality

AnonD-137610, 06 May 2016Considering that the Motorola Moto X Force, with its Qualco... morethis handset released more then half year ago... consider this before missing the SD820 from it.

  • AnonD-137610

Considering that the Motorola Moto X Force, with its Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 SoC and 3GB of RAM, is a flagship with all the bells and whistles in May 2016 when all the latest flagships feature Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SoC and 4GB or even 6GB of RAM is an exaggeration the least. Especially, when the specific SoC (Qualcomm Snapdragon 810) has severe overheating issues which result to a handicap in performance due to thermal throttling. In addition, stating that the Motorola Moto X Force is water-proof because its internals are protected with a water-repellant nano-coating, which means it is more likely to survive accidental dips, when there are smartphones which feature an IP68 rating being dust proof and water resistant over 1.5 meter for 30 minutes is also a huge overstatement.

  • zodiacfml

snapdragon 820 please.

  • WantItInMyCountry

I wish they had this phone in Canada. I would have bought this device if they actually sold it in Canada.