Motorola Moto X Force review: Handle without care

04 May, 2016
Want a flagship smartphone with all the bells and whistles but you’re not good at keeping an expensive piece of equipment out of trouble? Motorola to the rescue. The Moto X Force is a shock and water-proof flagship, with high-performance hardware, impressive camera and a clean Android experience.

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  • Anonymous

GSMA's Lab PaV daylight (indoor because laboratory doi) samples has astonishing details on this

Looks very good. I actually quite like it.

  • AnonD-255623

So finally someone remembered this device...

  • Anonymous

A truly great phone, although I'd gladly trade that shatterproof screen for stereo speakers of the Moto X Style/Pure if given the choice. By definition you can't shatter a flexible plastic screen, but it can be damaged in other ways.

I always appreciate every reviews, and this one too, but why did it take you so long to make it? I mean, just like you mentioned in the article, it came out over half a year ago :(

Good review though!

  • AnonD-530807

Looks promising, aside from the "warm" chipset, everything else is appealing