Meizu m3 note review: To the metal

27 May, 2016
We guess many users have always looked forward to the Meizu Note lineup. The m1 note (also known as Blue Charm Note in China) started it all - it boasted a big screen and an overall great package for the price. The m2 note simply widened the LTE network coverage and enabled memory expansion. The latest Meizu m3 note builds upon that with a faster processor, a bigger battery and a more premium, all-metal design.

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  • Julias

hae, I have a problem with my phone(meizum3 note) its locked how can I unlock it?its written in Chinese I can't understand it,need some help please

  • jeffversace

Both simcard support 4G LTE, i dont know how you do the review... Shame...

  • swag1

Will all the Chinese writing disappear once I use the English language option??

  • Hakkim

Ali, 16 Jul 2016No its not happening for me no heat Install Mobilego apps, boost phone clear cache after everytime use it. Close unused apps. Charge as usual. Almost all china phone tend to heat during charging.

  • viki

Hw can i use guest mode??

  • amila

my meizu m3 phone too speed backing...i cant control problem is when i use that phone speedly backing to home....what i do?

  • Suryamani

It is the best phone in the world. Meizu is one of many Chinese smartphone manufacturers that have seen strong success in their home country, but have struggled to break into Western markets in the highly crowded budget smartphone space. Their devices are known for packing in a great array of hardware at an extremely low price, rivalling well-known Chinese giant Xiaomi in this regard.

The phone I have with me today is the Meizu m3 Note, a 5.5-inch budget device with an attractive price tag of just $170. This places it in direct competition with one of my favorite budget devices, the 3rd-generation Motorola Moto G, along with the mediocre Umi Touch I reviewed a couple of weeks ago.

  • AnonD-572439

GK, 08 Jun 2016Bough a new Meizu M3 note from Amezon, It got this phone de... moreyou have to install google apps installer apk, than you can install one by one all of google aplication like play store, google services, etc

  • Hennn

GK, 08 Jun 2016Bough a new Meizu M3 note from Amezon, It got this phone de... moreGo to settings then Manger app then Google play app then clean memory of this app. This but Sim card for your mobile before you use any thing

  • AnonD-569803

Rafe Firmani, 28 May 2016Thanks GSM Arena The keyword: weaker GPU than M1 I discon... moreThe weaker gpu is because the previous chip was a disaster in terms of battery life.

  • AnonD-569803

Had this phone for a week now everything seems good battery life is excellent. Performance is great. No lag etc. Have had a few reception issues but other than that great phone. Some of the points the reviewer makes are wrong though, there is international support for the flyme store including themes etc

  • Anonymous

Flipp, 01 Jun 2016Is it really true that MX5 has such a bad battery life? And... moreYea, mine was terrible and I've gone back to my note 2. The reception was really bad too, while the note 2 has really good reception. Thinking of getting the note 3 now after I stood on my note 2

  • Ali

Manoj, 05 Jun 2016Yes,while charging the phone both get heavy heat. Then all... moreNo its not happening for me no heat

  • Alemayehu Atena

Anonymous, 29 Jun 2016Really friends this phone is amazing and very slick I like it.

  • Fred

I am looking for a 170-250$ phone (or 1500-2000 RMB) phone with: 5,2-5,7 FHD, quick charging, fingerprint scanner, metal body and from a reputable manufacturer (Oppo, Huawei, Meizu, Vivo). What phones should I look at?

  • Anonymous

Really friends this phone is amazing and very slick

  • Arun

GK, 08 Jun 2016Bough a new Meizu M3 note from Amezon, It got this phone de... moreInsert sim & do

  • AnonD-547781

I am not able to find "options" .....normally we get in bottom portion of mobile.... Can some body guide me

  • Prasad

Can some body suggest how can I get options in this.... Normally we can get in bottom portion of phone, but I am not able to find it....

  • GK

Bough a new Meizu M3 note from Amezon, It got this phone delivered.
It came with pre installed Google play store but I could not connect to it. Always it shows there is a connection error with connecting to google service.

Don't know what to do, should I go for replacement or return ?
Somebody please provide me a solution.