Xiaomi Mi Max review: Hulked up

06 June 2016
Goodbye Alexander Bell, hello Tim Berners-Lee and Ray Tomlinson. The inventor of the telephone would not have approved of the hulking 6.44" but the Xiaomi Mi Max is the kind of device the pioneers of WWW and email would love it.

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  • 28 May 2024

Agoes, 28 Apr 2021What's the biggest capacity of SDCard/external memory ... moreThanks so much and sorry for so many reasons why I don't do that

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    • Agoes
    • u7V
    • 28 Apr 2021

    What's the biggest capacity of SDCard/external memory ever you guys inserted in and still works fine with this phone? Perhaps 128, or 256 GB?

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      • Campbell
      • rwn
      • 03 Feb 2021

      Perfect but how much

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        • Anonymous
        • f}I
        • 26 Oct 2020

        Can we use mi max 2 touch panel for this phone?

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          • Anonymous
          • LE$
          • 06 May 2018

          xiaomi mi max have fcc id ???

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            • diptesh mondal
            • fCZ
            • 23 Nov 2017

            this mobile in uploded the volte version

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              • AnonD-686900
              • 7wy
              • 24 Jul 2017

              I had updated my MI MAX to the newest Nougat 7.0 Update, offered on device. But the moment I applied the update after the reboot, the touch stopped working (the display works absolutely fine, but the touch isn't accepted at all). As I am out of the warranty period, I have to run to other service centers for the problem, If anyone can help? I didn't encounter a single problem before this.

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                • bugos
                • vx6
                • 11 Jun 2017

                Kennobi, 11 Jul 2016Zenfone Ultra - 6.8" screen size with 4600mAH Batt. vs Mi ... moreand compare the price then you'll see the answer.

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                  • AnonD-675523
                  • gML
                  • 08 Jun 2017

                  Every body talking about mi max
                  But anybody tell me
                  mi max prime is. Best from mi max ??

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                    • amphibiousguy
                    • pSS
                    • 26 May 2017

                    I've been using this one for nearly 5 months. Amazing device, since electronics overly priced here i though i would give Xiaomi a shot. Everyone said don't buy because its chinese and it would be not a good investment. Honestly i bought it with fear. But when i started using Mi Max i understood this device has price/performance and huge battery life which is extremely nice for me. Didnt tried quick charge yet i'll buy the Xiaomi Powerbank which supports QC 2.0. Otherwise i was almost buying the Xperia XA ULTRA but when i saw MTK chipset i rejected buying and bought mi max 3/64. It's my first phone which has 64 GB storage. I only wish i could save more money and buy 128 GB one since i ran out on storage. Best phone you can find that has performance/price equatition. And i'm a big screen lover before Mi Max i couldn't find suitable phone (since even 6" stands like a small object on my hand) after Mi Max i am very happy. 6.44" screen with FHD resolution just fitting right here. Maybe i'll buy Mi Max 3 (cant get mimax 2 no money for it atm). Maybe they dump resolution to QHD and give a size bump to 6.5 or 6.7. Bigger is better for me.

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                      • AnonD-562819
                      • KSe
                      • 11 May 2017

                      Best phone to have.Gaming-10/10, Browsing-15/10, Camera-7/10. Used it for 9 months now. My son is a heavy gamer.Handles the toughest games well.Will buy the next model for myself.Best value for money for phones in this range.The screen size is the best.Got a solid leather case for it. Essential to get the case.

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                        • AnonD-662373
                        • 3rC
                        • 17 Apr 2017

                        I saw a picture of the memory for the Mi Max. It shows 2 memories. System memory and internal memory.
                        When I install Whatsapp application. will it be install in the internal memory or system memory? and what about the Whatsapp's Media. My concern is the whatsapp's Media only as it takes the biggest part of the memory.
                        see the picture of the memories of the Mi Max taken by AnTuTu Benchmark here in this link


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                          • AnonD-434295
                          • uEC
                          • 29 Mar 2017

                          Albert, 24 Jan 2017Does this phone's connectivity work well in Indonesia ?Yes It is. Support almost indo carrier

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                            • daksh pawar
                            • uwZ
                            • 22 Mar 2017

                            it does not support CDMA/Evdo both .

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                              • xiaomi
                              • XPI
                              • 21 Mar 2017

                              Eko, 16 Feb 2017Is it correct plastic body? Are you serious?at the top of the phone and bottom are just plastic but the other part are metal.

                                is it comfortably goes in jeans pocket?

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                                  • AnonD-645823
                                  • 3@L
                                  • 19 Feb 2017

                                  Dear Sir,
                                  Is the selfie mirror option available in the setting of the 5mp front camera?
                                  Thank you so much and hoping for your kind reply.

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                                    • Eko
                                    • thu
                                    • 16 Feb 2017

                                    patel, 19 Jan 2017I m not satisfied to redmi Mex body it not a metal body it ... moreIs it correct plastic body? Are you serious?

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                                      • Aneel Bohraa
                                      • utx
                                      • 05 Feb 2017

                                      Is it available in India........ 64 GB n 4GB RAM please let me know

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                                        • A.M
                                        • Xu9
                                        • 03 Feb 2017

                                        Xiaomi mi max is the best phone with a huge display and with a big battery