Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) review: Jump start

20 June 2016
Samsung’s J-lineup may be following the Galaxy S and A-series from a respectful distance – but is in prefect lockstep in terms of upgrades. While the flagship pair and the upper midrange A-series are understandably grabbing the global headlines, the Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) was first announced for a number of Asian markets.

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  • Mickey

I have been using it for 3 + years... excellent phone

  • Harpreet jass

Surendra kumar , 08 Apr 2019Volte prablom Restart app open no mobile

  • af

in my hand 3 years good phone

  • Surendra kumar

Volte prablom

  • G

Haven't had any major problems I have dropped it several times still works excellent. It dose all the things I need I think it is very good. Had it for over 2 1'2 years.

  • Khalidparvez

J7 2016

  • Girish Tolnoor

Great phone.I am using from last three years.I have J7 (16 ), J7 (18 ), J 7 Max .Out of this This J 7 (16 ) is good to go ahead.As per my usage ,Samsung cell has life of Two yrs. J 7 (16)does not give u any error for the period of two years.

  • francis

hi! how to enable game tools. my game launcher

  • Bernd

I want to buy it but I can't find it...where will I get the new j7

  • abdul Rehman

samsung j7 2016 oreo update date ?

  • Md firoz

SIM card save contact number block please unlock code or unlock presses

  • Anonymous

I only have 4 games or apps here in my compare the time when i bought my phone... why is it always full.. i cant understand... how can i fix it... why is the system 5gb? Where does it came from? I cant put some application. I cannonly store 3-4apps games depends on the size... Pls help

  • Alyson

Please how do I change the storage of my phone to sd card?.The internal memory is full. How do I delete some inbuilt applications because they occupy a lot of space. How can i also move files to sd card to free internal storage. Thanks and God bless as i eagerly wait for your kind response.

  • Bullginch

Hello I'm trying to find out how to tell of my galaxy j7 is Qi compatible for wireless charging. And if not what I might have to do. So I can use this fantasy wiremess charger. I think im missing a part. That thin reciver it plugins to the miny usb charging port.about as thin as a credit card. Thank you. Paul

  • Bras

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2017NoYes.mine has a battery issue after update.

  • AnonD-691880

When update nougat j710f

  • Anonymous

J7 2016.just wont send message


I found Samsung J7 2016 very smooth and non hanging model. I compared it with Apple I phone and found better than latest Apple i phone. Thanks Samsung.

  • Anonymous

Samsung J7 smart phone found to be slower when
opending to read the content in facebook

  • Kohli

Does it have any heating and handing issus How is battery life