Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) review: Jump start

20 June 2016
Samsung’s J-lineup may be following the Galaxy S and A-series from a respectful distance – but is in prefect lockstep in terms of upgrades. While the flagship pair and the upper midrange A-series are understandably grabbing the global headlines, the Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) was first announced for a number of Asian markets.

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  • AnonD-506194

that battery life though

  • Anonymous

I have the same phone and I was eagerly waiting for the review.... overall a balanced phone I say

  • Anonymous

Thanks for the review.
The review says "USB Host". GSMArena's spec's do not.
No gyro and compass are not discussed. Not important?
The constant refocus in videos is annoying. Fix in sw update?
The conclusion says: "If you want more for your money, be sure to do your homework." Which phone is it that the conclusion won't name? Is it available in the western hemisphere?

  • Muse

As expected for battery life. Samsung always been good at optimized battery for their phones

  • Anonymous