Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) review: Jump start

20 June 2016
Samsung’s J-lineup may be following the Galaxy S and A-series from a respectful distance – but is in prefect lockstep in terms of upgrades. While the flagship pair and the upper midrange A-series are understandably grabbing the global headlines, the Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) was first announced for a number of Asian markets.

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I found Samsung J7 2016 very smooth and non hanging model. I compared it with Apple I phone and found better than latest Apple i phone. Thanks Samsung.

  • Anonymous

Samsung J7 smart phone found to be slower when
opending to read the content in facebook

  • Kohli

Does it have any heating and handing issus How is battery life

  • fouzia.


  • Anonymous

gie87 , 08 Nov 2016hello guys i buy new samsung j7 .they have note in the box....mi... moreI think it can because j series is more for asian market. If you still worry bout this, spend more on A series because A series offer more lte bands.

  • Anonymous

burn2hell, 06 Jan 2017my Samsung j7 only connects to H+ even though 4G LTE is availabl... moreMake sure what is your lte band in your country because j7 2016 only support least bands unlike their flagship or A series.

  • SBN

it's mid range phone with low prize , I like it...

  • samsungman

hi my j7 2016 screen sunddenly fade by when i restarted its ok now.. is it a bug or what?

  • Khan

Galaxy j7 supre phone i like it

  • Samsungnomore

Anonymous, 24 Nov 2016After all the trouble I have experienced with this phone I can s... moreI hate mine j7 within 2 weeks had to replace the charge broke $100
Impossible to remove the screen broke another100 but the store acceped it my battery last 4 hrs.. fantastic huh l made a fucked up mistake at buying this second samunk more back to LG...cant surf the net while talking on the phone added feature... 1 step above the flip phone...antiqated android outdated android... guess it was 4 yr old model... samsucks you lost my respect again

  • Camrr

Hello everyone I want to know if could any way to improve the nitrate of the Video camera? Thanks a lot and sorry for my English:(

  • nhetz_05

JRD-bunso, 05 Jan 2017Hello, for j7 i buy on Nov.2016 in k.s.a,it is also Middle East ... moreHello there, im planning to buy same like your phone for my daughter, im also a filipino, but in that case i will think of it, on your settings check the memory card if its sd card is your default saving on your pics, and then also kindly check the phone memory, you can transfer the games on sd card to prevent like that problem because phone memory will getting full, and check you phone ram, if the ram space is getting little thats the problem, release those running apps to your phone ram for smooth running, is this only my advise, thank you,

  • vijay

Now can we update for android 7.0

  • Kanchan bhandari

I want to 5000range

  • Pansota

I like this j7 6

  • Anonymous

TK, 31 Aug 2016Im using J7 and i would like to know how i deactivate or stop wh... moreJust turn off the notification of your app on the settings

  • Anonymous

sayedur , 14 Oct 2016j7 2016 versions is interrupted by bettary. is it true?No

  • burn2hell

Ammad, 06 Jan 2017My galaxyj7 6 sd card items not displayed galareycheck if your SD card is functional 1st. if the phone does not display it, then sumthing might b wrong with the card and not the phone

  • burn2hell

my Samsung j7 only connects to H+ even though 4G LTE is available on my location. Also, network mode has no option for 4G LTE. It only has 3G or CDMA. PLS HEEELP ://

  • Ammad

My galaxyj7 6 sd card items not displayed galarey