Moto G4 review: Lenovated

01 July 2016
The Moto G became the go-to phone for many people that wanted no fuss and guaranteed quality at an affordable quality. Now the line is under new leadership, with new branding and retooled design.

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fingerprint overrated. guys, learn to use the phone. battery not needed to plug and play. the chipset, is the only bad thing. only noobs don't know how to fix their phone, if it locks.

  • AnonD-230457

I have a doubt. What combination gives a better graphics performance: an Adreno 418 (Snapdragon 808) with 1440p display or an Adreno 405 (Snapdragon 615/617) with 1080p display. Anyone's guess?

  • AnonD-100780

Perfect contender as for a budget tier Featured phone.

  • AnonD-432143

Looks good.. Hopfully the price will be too