Alcatel Idol 4s review: VR Gateway

22 July 2016
We first caught a glimpse of the Alcatel Idol 4s at the MWC 2016, back in February, where, in keeping with Alcatel tradition, it was piled together with another basic Idol 4 model, as well as three other POP4 devices. Still, even amid the announcement chaos that this event is, the Idol 4s still managed to stand out.

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  • Eve

LOOKIng for the old Alcatel phone calls only and messages. About 4years old

  • Bert

It's two different phones judging by pictures in your review and by specs in specifications. One has got a fingerprint and the other one hasn't got it.

  • Omid46

My goodness.Amazing that Alcatel has made a risk to go so far beyond a average midrange class!!!Something newly must have happened in Alcatel!!Hopefully,gsmArena had gone to cons or disadvantages too!!!A good news anyway!!....Justice Rights....

  • Anonymous

code to open the sim

  • AnonD-548481

Alcatel Idol 4 / 4s has the highest volume in the world of mobile phones over the next 2.3 years (maybe longer), thanks to the boom by using keys that sound volume increases to 3.6 W. fantastic, stronger than the Nexus 6p, all HTC, ZTE Axon 7 ... not to forget the beautiful screen ...

  • Anonymous

AnonD-501550, 22 Jul 2016Everything is a rip-off of something nowadays... If you giv... morehe is obviously talking about the design, not materials used duhh... and seriously... samsung copied sony's glass back? is Sony the first to use glass materials on their phones? LOL

  • AnonD-187336

Some people want better display than one okay. Go buy a low-end budget phone for your taste.

  • Anonymous

I was hoping to find out more about the speakers

  • Anonymous

AnonD-315724, 24 Jul 2016"The Idol 4s might not be gunning for exactly the same perf... moreIn my country ( Romania ) OP3 is 560$ and Alcatel Idol 4S or Vodafone Platinum 7 is 390$ so it IS significatly less expensive...

  • AnonD-315724

"The Idol 4s might not be gunning for exactly the same performance highs as the OnePlus 3 or the ZTE Axon 7, but then again at $400, it is significantly less expensive as well."

I thought the OnePlus 3 was priced at $399. How is the Idol 4s significantly less expensive?

  • Dude

Anonymous, 24 Jul 2016Leeco lê 2 max . zuk z2 . ZTE núbia z11 xiaomi... moreJunk phones. Nice try.

  • Anonymous

robogo, 24 Jul 2016Name two. None of which can be the OP3.Leeco lê 2 max . zuk z2 . ZTE núbia z11 xiaomi mi 5 is that enough?

  • AnonD-476428

AnonD-135140, 22 Jul 2016Axon 7 has stereo speakers, I repeat stereo speakers
but that fake phone, play a youtube stereo test video and put the test on the youtube, and put the link of youtube you make here in comments

maybe after that you will understand

  • robogo

divis200, 22 Jul 2016Still... phone speakers suck. You couldn't compare your so ... moreName two. None of which can be the OP3.

  • robogo

Fade., 23 Jul 2016Huge mistake putting a quad-hd display. Hinders the battery... moreMaybe, but VR content looks dreadful on 1080p. And you do get a VR headset with this phone, so...

  • AnonD-531500

Pleeease GsmArena review Honor V8 AL-20 (2k) version .. Pleeeease

  • Anonymous

Fade., 23 Jul 2016Huge mistake putting a quad-hd display. Hinders the battery... morehuge mistake putting a comment, quad hd resolution intended for VR purpose (that's why VR googles included), amoled display has efficient energy consumption.

  • Dasman

How is this a "preview"? Not an regular review?

  • Fade.

Huge mistake putting a quad-hd display. Hinders the batterylife and performance. A well balanced 1080p display is enough for 5.5".

  • AnonD-259899

Camera looks very much like a Sony phone with all that pixellation in the shots, the similarity is striking. Fine detail just isn't there.

Kudos on the clean stock like UI, makes it easier for quicker updates and less work too for the OEM. Battery life is suffering due to the choice of battery but more importantly the AMOLED panel is clearly inferior so as to cut costs.