Moto Z Droid review: Birth of a new successor

29 July 2016
Lenovotorola. Motonovo. Motorola. We should stop dwelling on what to call them as it really doesn't matter now. Since Lenovo's acquisition of Motorola has been completed, Lenovo has developed a successor to the Moto X lineup which had a great three-generation run.

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  • LucaZ

hi, I have many of them (z, z play, z force) they all works great in a different speed, sorry to say but most of negative post on it are because I guess most of them don`t use the right cover when unplugging the phone, I had the same problem but I realized that the hardware -20 gold plated pins are naked hardware so don't put uncovered up to steel, simple like that ;)
for the rest mods are great: Hasselblad is a technology of thousand euro and thanks lenovo to bring it to the people even if was not their intentions, Jbl speaker mods are clear and juicy plus pad-game.... uhuhuh! If in need a power bank 0f 4000mAh can cover your phone and now you can stay 1 day out of home with no problems, I miss the projector because too expansive for the rest folks I`m use this droid -have a look at the droid means in wiki- and I`m sure to uset for more 10 yrs with no problems, please remember is not the hardware inadequate bus us. a machine still a machine, cheers, Luca

  • Anonymous

AnonD-560664, 02 Aug 20165 years? What do you think this is Amish fashions? Once the... moreZ4 has a 3.5mm jack who was right?

  • Stihy

DrewNYS, 25 Aug 2018The Droid Moto Z should be avoided. The battery life is p... moreAfter using this phone for 8 months this is what i know.
-Phone i fast
-Camera is good
-Durability is not good
-Batery is horible.

U can't use phone for 4-5 hours withouth charge.
For a price of battery pack addon you can buy Xiaomi A2 Lite 4/64.
So bye bye fake Moto-lenovo-rola

  • DrewNYS

The Droid Moto Z should be avoided. The battery life is pathetic so I bought a moto mod battery which worked well for for a few months. After that, the phone will turn on but shuts off on its own and repeats this over and over. I REGRET buying it and will never buy another Motorola phone again. I'm going with Samsung as they highly rated.

The Droid no go Z is, at best a paper weight.

  • very disappointed

biggest mistake i ever made purchashing this phone. locked me out my password wouldn't wotk. every troubleshooting tactic suggested didnt work. Ended up having to do a factory reset and lost all my data. It comes with no adapters to hook it up to computer and no storage card to save anything. Never again will i waste money on a motorola phone. What happened it used to be the best brand. Back to Samsung i go

  • Malik waqas

Vib Motorola device

  • soul

i like everything about the moto z except the fact the screen is crap it fell from my coffee table to the floor barely 2 and a half and the screen was shot no serious cracks or damage that you can see but the screen went black and no longer works

  • Anonymous

It's not the carousel, but the right edge what is blurry on Moto Z phones. You can notice it on ALL photos. It is probably due to bad quality lens.

  • Anonymous

Today I bought Motoz mobile. It is getting heat while charging? oh my god

  • Levy

Lenovo would've probably created a mesmerising device had they had the wherewithal to imbue it with more character.

  • AnonD-582090

ithehappy, 30 Jul 2016Read the review once more, and saw the samples again. I hav... moreWorst phone I have ever owned. Had to forward my business phone to a track phone to get better reception.

  • AnonD-582090

AnonD-566383, 31 Jul 2016Why? Why is it one of the worst phones to ever be released?... moreWorst phone ever. I bought this phone for my business. It sounds like a walkie talkie. I can't understand a thing my clients are saying. It drops calls all the time. I was sitting in an open parking lot in the middle of my city And it said "no cellular service available. Do not buy this phone. It's a lemon.

  • AnonD-557654

Bummer on the battery. Battery mod to get an extra 60%? Lol
Your going to have to tote around a fanny pack for all your mods.

  • AnonD-505698

Wonderful phone. Best design. Good color black and gold. But, nothings perfect right?

  • Anonymous

Guys lookup allview x2 soul pro. It is 5.5 mm thin and still has and 3.5mm audio jack so take that lenomoto !

AnonD-560664, 02 Aug 20165 years? What do you think this is Amish fashions? Once the... moreYeah and I will wait for that. Best of luck, you will need it.

  • AnonD-560664

ithehappy, 02 Aug 2016Yeah yeah I hope we both will be alive for next 5 years, so... more5 years? What do you think this is Amish fashions? Once the trend starts and USB headphones start appearing in numbers the phones will change with their next update.

I'll be right here to remind you.

  • Hector

I stop reading at 2600 mah battery. This phone born dead

AnonD-560664, 02 Aug 2016That's what they said about the floppy drive and endless ot... moreYeah yeah I hope we both will be alive for next 5 years, so then I will see. Of course you will be hiding by then.

  • AnonD-560664

AnonD-237381, 02 Aug 2016Noise canceling earphones do have batteries, on the case of... moreGreat, you don't have a problem with it. I'm happy for you. But having a battery on/in your headphones is a clunky and awkward solution. USB C makes headphones more elegant and flexible.

It's called progress and innovation. Google it if you don't understand what it means.