Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (Snapdragon) review: Dragon fire

24 August 2016
There's no way you have missed the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. It's been the bang-for-buck benchmark for a while now, delivering a feature set and performance way above what its price tag suggests...

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  • Anonymous

Raj, 13 Sep 2016Is jio sim working in redmi note 3 Yes

  • myvecboy

i have some minor problem with this xiaomi note 3 32gb, i cant find a casing to suite on it,it is slightly longer 152cm height

  • Dashing guy

Awsm phone i think its world best phone

  • AnonD-619141

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is the best phone under 10000 rupees. Don't think that it is hexa core so it is slow. It has snapdragon. Too fast.. fingerprint sensor too. Pls buy it. Battery lasts long. Design is dammm goooood.... Good luck choosing your phone.... TheInvincible(can't tell original name)

  • Anonymous

Finaly official miui 8 with 6.0.1

  • Anonymous

for snapdragon version is good, but still wish someday xiaomi will use samoled screen

  • AnonD-618181

Updata my versiAn android to 4

  • Nandu

Redmi note3 overheat in charging

  • German

Androidloveralways, 04 Dec 2016The only problem I encountered in this phone is that most o... moreWhat are you saying? it might be your problem because I already burned down 4 asphalt versions of this game and never a single issue. Check your rom, you might have software problem

The only problem I encountered in this phone is that most of the Gameloft game crashes or are incompatible with this hexa core sd powered device.Only MC 5 and Nova 3 worked and other games crashes as soon as they are opened.So hardcore gamers should stay away from this phone. Also vpn apps opens as well as get connected. But it does not let me do even simple browsing forget about other other things. So miui should improve or they would lose loyal fans like me.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-613931, 25 Nov 2016Miui 7 has very good battery Charging as compare to Miui 8 ... moreMui 8 battery drain ? I finish the day with 60%+ with heavy usage. Mui handles apps that drain battery or mobile data very well. Wish other could learn from Mui.

  • AnonD-613931

Miui 7 has very good battery Charging as compare to Miui 8 plz work on it boost charging speed in miui 8 its drain rapidly .

  • robin

best phne I ever had..m usng nte 3 n I am very much satisfied..the nly problm it has hyhbrid slot in sim 2 if cld use sim 2 as well as microsd card wld have been better

  • Star

Redmi noye 3 nice one mobilephone

  • AnonD-603717

saril, 27 Oct 2016Zenfone Max or Redmi Note 3? kindly suggest.. ThanksXiaomi

  • AnonD-603717

nishan, 14 Nov 2016LenovoMy suggestion Xiaomi

  • Anonymous

VSD, 12 Nov 2016Please don't buy Redmi note3. I puchased it OnLine but whil... moreNot the phones fault that you broke it !

  • Anonymous

AnonD-611606, 19 Nov 2016I hope there is no update naugat to Redmi note 3. They not ... moreMine has Marshmallow and it runs great

  • AnonD-611606

AnonD-575296, 17 Nov 2016Best phone in best price... good camera... long battery lif... moreI hope there is no update naugat to Redmi note 3. They not even given marshmallow, then how could they give naugat?

  • AnonD-611606

My mi note 3 is still Android 5 lollipop. I purchased this because in all the websites it was given that it is running under marshmallow. What is the fact?