Honor 8 review: Shining Knight

08 September 2016
Branding aside, the Honor 8 is a purebred Huawei sharing much of the P9 DNA. It was created to fill the blanks left by the P9 by reaching to markets and price tiers outside of those mandated by the Leica co-branded flagship.

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  • 39y
  • 16 Aug 2023

Never had this problem with any other phone. My Honot 8 phone has so far twice dialed the emergency services by itself and it is really embarrassing and stressful when that happens,..

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    • pwa
    • 03 Jun 2021

    I'm writing this on the Honor 8, it's an Awesome phone, but in 2021, the design looks like an iPhone with a navigation bar

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      • Bouvanni
      • nUL
      • 06 May 2021

      sayabosanhidup, 02 Feb 2020so now is this phone still worth it now that we have 64mp ... moreTotally, if you get it at a decent price. My favorite features are the IR sensor, fingerprint button and knock detection.

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        • Gfu
        • 11 May 2020

        Anonymous, 17 Aug 2019Why,what is the problem of this phone?,,Drop your comment hereit doesn't support some Apps

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          • Nue
          • 02 Feb 2020

          sayabosanhidup, 02 Feb 2020so now is this phone still worth it now that we have 64mp ... moreCompare 2016 to 2020

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            • sayabosanhidup
            • K5Z
            • 02 Feb 2020

            alexis, 24 Sep 2017Upgraded to Honor 8 FRD-L09 (the 32 GB storage model) from ... moreso now is this phone still worth it
            now that we have 64mp cameras


            i also dont play games at all n i dont
            care abt android or android updates

            all i look in a phone is the design n battery
            capacity and average specs is acceptable

            n now for the 4ram 32rom
            version is only abut us$87

            n now for the 4ram 64rom
            version is only abut us$98

            n which one is a better buy


              If you face a problem with battery fast drain, before you plan to buy new battery try to play with app launch settings in battery menu. Set all apps to manual and allow only some apps automatic setup or setup manually for each app (auto launch, secondary launch, bacground run). I replaced 2 batteries and didn't solve issue with draining untill I played with this settings. Now my phone can again to run 1.5-2 days on single charge, before it was charged twice daily.

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                • 17 Aug 2019

                AnonD-732318, 21 Jan 2018never buy honor phone again.then this my first and last hon... moreWhy,what is the problem of this phone?,,Drop your comment here

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                  • jacob
                  • rrM
                  • 06 Jun 2018

                  I have bought my honor 8, using it in Angola it doest let me to registar in HUAWEI account becuse my country is not listed on it, finding it hard to use, is there anyone who can help?

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                    • Mg Naidu
                    • rKH
                    • 21 Apr 2018

                    AnonD-424817, 15 Sep 2016Please update your benchmark. Geekbench4 please Tell me that update process

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                      • p83
                      • 05 Mar 2018


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                        • AnonD-732318
                        • Hka
                        • 21 Jan 2018

                        never buy honor phone again.then this my first and last honor phone

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                          • YQV
                          • 08 Oct 2017

                          alexis, 24 Sep 2017Upgraded to Honor 8 FRD-L09 (the 32 GB storage model) from ... moreGreat review... Helpful... Thanks

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                            • alexis
                            • ajS
                            • 24 Sep 2017

                            Upgraded to Honor 8 FRD-L09 (the 32 GB storage model) from Huawei P8 (the 3GB RAM model, not the P8 Lite). After three months of use, here are a few impressions:
                            1 - VERY beautiful phone, designed with great attention to details. Couldn't find a 2,5D tempered glass screen protector, but i`ve settled with a classic tempered glass, looks ok-ish. A must have is a bumper or something to protect its back, which is slippery. Go for something transparent, for the beauty of this phone.
                            2 - With normal use (4-5 hours of browsing, Messenger, music, Whatsapp, Netflix Youtube, a few pictures), battery lasts for about 1,5 - 2 days. It charges fully in about 1 - 1,5 hours. The phone is excellent for videos (Youtube or Netflix or whatever), even when using data connection, because it doesn`t overheat. The P8 was so hot that you could cook eggs on it after 2 hrs of videos. The only overheating problems I`ve seen are only when you are using the main camera for pictures or videos.
                            3 - Speaker is REALLY loud. Louder than P8, for sure.
                            4 - Calling experience is average. When you`re in a call with somebody, the sound coming from the earpiece lacks bass and lacks high frequencies, so it`s kinda "tinny". Still, you have no problems hearing the people and neither do they. Signal quality is great on both SIMs. You can switch the 4G/3G connection from SIM1 to SIM2 from the phone`s menu.
                            IMPORTANT: there is NO VoLTE on FRD-L09, and Huawei doesn`t seem to care about it and fix it in a later update.
                            5: Data connection: I have tested it on three different mobile operators. When you`re on a 3G connection, you reach about 7 Mbps download and about 3 Mbps upload. On 4G, the speed increases to 20 Mbps download/upload. No overheating when using data connection. No problems with Wi-Fi connection either, it`s running smooth, no interruptions.
                            6: Sound in headphones is a disaster. Actually, most Huawei phones are (at best) average when it comes to sound in headphones, but Honor 8 is really silent. If you`re a music lover, don`t buy it. Or root it, then change the sound settings using AlsaMixer or something else and you will be amazed (the sound will be twice louder). I don`t know why, but Huawei limits the sound volume in headphones to a level which is annoying. Again, I don`t think future updates will solve this problem.
                            7 - there`s no FM Radio, which is - in my opinion - a stupid decision, since not all of us have 24/24 access to the internet and, in case of a storm, earthquake or any other natural disaster, the FM Radio is the only app that could be helpful for hearing emergency broadcasts or useful information.
                            8: Cameras - main camera is really good in daylight, with rich details, crisp, colourful. Great bokeh (depth of field). The colours are a little graysh / blueish, but you can edit the pics later, there`s no problem in that. If you want to take night shots, you really need a tripod, or else the pictures taken won`t be satisfying. Huawei P8 was a better performer in night photography than Honor 8. Front camera takes really good shots.
                            9: Lag - no lag in opening / using apps, really good phone in that aspect.

                            If you are looking at Honor 8 and Huawei P9 and you don`t know what to choose, go for Honor 8. It looks better and the dual camera from P9 is better than the dual camera from Honor 8 only at night photography. Also, the P9 heats faster than Honor 8. Don`t thing it`s worth spending the extra money for P9. Hopefully Huawei will correct the headphone sound problem and the missing VoLTE feature from Honor 8, to make it a real flaghsip, though. Till then, Honor 8 is just a really good phone for the money.

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                              • ziam style
                              • fCS
                              • 24 Jul 2017

                              Nice i love this phone, but the price is at the top

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                                • Corporal Jones!!!!&a
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                                • 21 Jul 2017

                                Brilliantly,Brilliant!!!😀great phone,easy to get round,my second Huawei,the 8 is fast and user friendly,a very happy 70 year old!!!!💂😁

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                                  • Tangang Uwak
                                  • L7%
                                  • 07 Jul 2017

                                  Anonymous, 20 Dec 2016optical stabilizer missing... always something missing. And... moreWhy are you looking for OIS in a midrange phone? If you want OIS then buy flagship phone. Or better yet buy DSLR. Tangang uwak

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                                    • y0J
                                    • 23 Jun 2017

                                    Can anyone say how is the selfie camera & which device it would be comparable for front cam ??

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                                      • veF
                                      • 10 Jun 2017

                                      honor 8 is single sim or hybrid sim slot???

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                                        • XQF
                                        • 13 Mar 2017